Proof: Canadian Food Inspection Agency Allows Tainted Horse Meat into Human Food Chain

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The CHDC provides evidence of phenylbutazone entering the human food chain in Proof of CFIA Failure

Silky SharkOn December 11, 2012, Jack Rodolico of Latitude News reported on the story of Silky Shark, a Standardbred racehorse who was slaughtered and slipped through the system to dinner plates, when his carcass should have been condemned.

The CHDC provides evidence of phenylbutazone entering the human food chain in Proof of CFIA Failure.

The report ends with a list of emails for concerned people to contact within various Canadian government organizations.  Here are some talking points when you write with your concerns:

– Horses are not raised as livestock for human consumption.
– Horses come from unknown points to auctions and feedlots and, therefore, cannot be properly traced.
– The majority of pleasure and sport horses have received banned veterinary drugs during their lifetime.
– The EID program does not ensure reliable tracking history for horses.  Owners are only required to declare “to the best of their knowledge” that their horse(s) has not received banned drugs for the previous six months.  However, there is a long list of drugs that are banned for life including phenylbutazone and clenbuterol.
– The CHDC has evidence in their most recent reports of the failure of the EID program for North American horses.  These reports include “Proof of Failure” and “Pasture to Plate“.
– The CFIA only does random testing on less than 1% of horses.
– Despite the CFIA’s weak safeguards, the CHDC’s “Proof of Failure” report provides compelling evidence that a Standardbred racehorse received phenylbutazone and entered the human food chain.
– There is no scientific evidence that phenylbutazone ever leaves the body and it has proved fatal to humans.

Click (HERE) to read the full report!

8 comments on “Proof: Canadian Food Inspection Agency Allows Tainted Horse Meat into Human Food Chain

  1. Well, USDA and state ag agencies can also be proven….they don’t test, they don’t enforce and they don’t care about equine slaughter treatment and or lack of production records proving safety, standards and results. In fact, traditional meat production in the US ain’t far behind in similar abuses and looking the other way with regard to animal welfare and consumer safety.

    We can throw the AVMA/AAEP, breed orgs that support HCHS and the FED tax laws that don’t encourage retirement, longer racing and performance careers (hobby v biz), etc.


  2. I know I made a remark about the owner of Silky Shark in an earlier blog – but have to take it back – I read an article by him that told the entire story. And after reading that – realized the blame didnt lie on his shoulders. Easy to jump to conclusions, isnt it?


  3. i am in shock Gosh , all these months we are fighting to end this in US and now CANADA allowing it ? how sick we humans are ? are we still living in a cave era ? there is plenty of food in the world .. i am outraged disgusted … disappointed ………

    pls leave this magnificent beautiful royal animal alone ……..


  4. Woodbine and Ontario Race Commission are silent regarding racehorses sent to slaughter, this is not only appalling but disgusting and 100%unacceptable! The all of a sudden feeling ill Dining Europeans,and Canadian Food Inspection Agency are welcome to my vet bills.BUT NOT MY HORSE! A while ago,The National Thoroughbred Racing Association(NTRA) withdrew its support for a ban on horse slaughter.NTRA membership includes Racetracks such as Woodbine,Belmont,
    and Santa Anita etc. Also, Under the PEDIGREE ACT, a horses papers must follow the horse,provided that a PROPER BILL OF SALE STATES: On this date,the Free and Clear Registered Thoroughbred known as blank (the horses name) with Jockey Club # or Tattoo # has been purchased by blank(name of buyer) from blank(name of seller) for the exact sum of blank ($$)
    and has been Paid in Full. Sellers name and signature, Buyers name and signature
    Witness name and signature. Perfect if notarized.

    In other words,try not to pay cash for a horse with no papers! Always take pictures of your horses.
    Protect them. Checkup on them very soon after a sale. Any horse is always ineligible to race at any track in America, if those foal papers are NOT on file.


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