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Name the Super Bowl Clydesdale Foal: Declan

by R.T. Fitch ~ co-founder/president Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“Feel Good Sunday”: Speak for the Horses During the Super Bowl

Declan in D.C. with Author/president of Wild Horse Freedom Federation R.T. Fitch (R.T.'s favorite photo) ~ by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Declan in D.C. with Author/president of Wild Horse Freedom Federation R.T. Fitch (R.T.’s favorite photo) ~ by Terry Fitch

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and people around the world will be tuning in, not necessarily for the game, but for the multimillion dollar commercials and being horsy types, we love the Budweiser Clydesdales (hey, a drafty lives at our ranch too)

This year, Budweiser is conducting a contest to name their newest foal and regardless of gender we at SFTHH and WHFF think that the name of “Declan” for Declan Gregg, the ASPCA Equine Humane Kid of the Year is the PERFECT name (Declan is Gaelic for “full of goodness” and is used as a boy’s and girl’s name in Scotland)

You can vote for Declan by either Tweeting this “@Budweiser name the #clydesdales foal Declan for Declan Gregg the #ASPCA Humane Kid of Year for protecting #horseshttp://tinyurl.co/aarsn9w” or going to the two Facebook pages and likeing AND commenting on your name selection:



Let’s utilize the Super Bowl as a tool to build the message for the horses through one of our most outstanding young advocates.

Vote DECLAN!!!

Then tune in the Puppy Bowl…can’t wait.

Vote "Declan"

Vote “Declan”

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  1. Yay for Declan, not for Budweiser and Anheuser-Busch. While they harness, hook, and trot out great teams, they also gave five figure campaign donations to then Senator “Burns Rider” Conrad Burns of MT, in the election before he secretly added Rider 142 to the Omnibus Spending Bill at the end of 2004, allowing the slide towards immediate sale and slaughter of BLM Wild Horses and Burros. Anheuser-Busch is also a corporate rancher in the Great Basin. Burgers ‘n beer folks. Just TWO of the reasons I don’t drink Bud anymore….

    Yay for Declan and the Clydesdales. Anheuser-Busch can stick it. No matter how cute the foal$ and commercial$ are.


      • Gma –They don’t just make beer. They buy ranches, have them managed, and run cattle. Like a land&cattle company. They have holdings. Rob


      • Not surprised – just wondered if you had “connected” any of the dots that you wanted to share with us?

        Example: Per the BLM RAS, the Hiltons have a grazing allotment in Nevada called Garfield Flat with 3,516 active AUMs for 694 cattle from October 25th to April 15th and the Garfield Flat HMA has only an AML of 83-125 wild horses and about a year ago they captured 84 and then returned only 24. Do you think there are many more than those returned 24 out there? Not.

        PS I’m not picking on famous companies – some of the most damaging livestock welfare ranchers are names we would not know.


      • Let me understand this….the Busch Family has vast western land holdings, especially for grain (beer), run cattle (land, water issues and MORE grain) and remove wild equines?….or do the Belgian Butchers, IM-Bev that currently own A-B do this?


  2. Help honor a wonderful horse advocate who passed away suddenly this week.

    Nancy Mcmillan worked tirelessly for our horses. She did so behind the scenes, without fanfare. For Nancy, it was truly all about the horses.

    If you are so inclined, please tweet the following:

    “@Budweiser name the #clydesdales foal after NancyMcmillan a horse advocate who passed this week and who was a great champion for our #horses”
    (please remove quotation marks before sending)

    To promote whatever selection you make, visit:

    Her memory will live on, whether or not this foal is named after her. But what a lovely way to acknowledge her contributions to our horses.

    Thank you for your consideration.


    • I never drank Bud, but I always loved the horses. I know we have to hold the employees of the corporations responsible also but the Clydesdales are not political. They are fortunate to be where they are. The people who write the commercials could be asked if they know about the wild ones… bet they don’t know… but they should!


  3. I think Nancy would be honored to have the horse named after Declan that’s who she would vote for! Declan is an awesome youth advocate – sometimes doing even more than adult advocates. A vote for Declan is a vote for Nancy. God Bless the horses!


    • I agree Denise…from what I’ve heard today it seems Nancy would have wanted the torch passed on to the advocates of tomorrow. The foal represents our youth and Declan is setting a fine example for all our children who will someday fill all our shoes.


      • I totally agree with Denise & Steve! Declan is an amazing young man and a true advocate for all horses!! The residents of Greenland, NH, and the NHSPCA are so proud of this young man and his accomplishments. Especially his award from the ASPCA!!! Declan is a perfect name for this Budweiser foal! Gender does not matter at all! But if some people object…she could be named “Declana”…Either way, Declan, Nancy, and the horses win! Thanks RT & Terry!


  4. The foal is a filly, nor a colt. Nancy did so much behind the scenes and supported Declan in all of his attempts. However, I believe it’s time to honor someone who spent all that time working, was a tireless supporter, a true horse owner and advocate who never asked for any accolades yet was deserving of them. Her family is very touched by the support shown Nancy and would be comforted with knowing she was honored in this way.


  5. When you watch the video above, you will note the spokesperson refers to the foal as both a “he” and a “she”. Either way, Declan works, and it would be wonderful to have him honored, that would once again give him the spotlight to speak on behalf of American equines, about the injustices of slaughter and the WH roundups. Go Declan!


  6. Let me clarify something, I have supported Declan all along in everything he has done, we seemed to have started to campaigns on the same day for two names. Nancy was a very dear friend who we, without any notice lost very suddenly. My intent was not to belittle Declan’s efforts, but to honor a friend who was a great advocate. Nothing more nothing less.


  7. In further clarification, I was asked by Nancy’s family to honor Nancy’s name by suggesting it as a name for the filly. I do apologize for posting this on RT’s blog about Declan’s name. I


    • There is nothing to apologize for, we had been working on getting Declan’s name out on the foal prior to Nancy’s passing.

      And Declan is Gaelic for “full of goodness” and is used as a boy’s and girl’s name in Scotland so we felt that it is appropriate for a filly.

      We honor Nancy’s work.


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