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NFL Disrespect Drive the Budweiser Clydesdales Away?

First time in recent memory; the horses give the Stupid Bowl the cold shoulder

I don’t watch the game; (just a bunch of bulked-up, overpaid males running around a field playing with their balls) but I always look forward to previewing the commercials that are played during the event and of course, the tales told by the Clydesdale’s mini-movies are always the favorite.

Be they patriotic, remember the 911 one, or about being more than you thought you could be; they almost always bring a tear to your eye…but not in this year of gross disrespect and inflated egos, no ponies.

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Name the Super Bowl Clydesdale Foal: Declan

by R.T. Fitch ~ co-founder/president Wild Horse Freedom Federation “Feel Good Sunday”: Speak for the Horses During the Super Bowl It’s Super Bowl Sunday and people around the world will be tuning in, not necessarily for the game, but for the multimillion dollar commercials and being horsy types, […]

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The Super Bowl Means Clydesdales in America’s Heart

As an adult I never had the time nor the inclination to sit down and watch a group of grossly overpaid men play with a ball on a field of green grass on a Sunday afternoon; there always seemed to be something more meaningful or important to do. But never the less, regardless of what part of the world or what strange country I might be in I would endeavor to get before a computer keyboard, the following week, and attempt to find online the Clydesdale commercial that had played during the game. That has become my Super Bowl tradition and one that I look forward to with great relish.

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