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Pam McKissick – Speaking out against Horse Slaughter


Vickery Eckhoff, Mayor Paul Bacon and Stephanie Graham join Pam on the Issue of Horse Slaughter in Oklahoma

Warning: Graphic Images

Mass slaughter of horses tilts the economic scales to the demand side as supply diminishes. This commoditizes one of the smartest and most useful animals on the planet. Last year, 160,000 of these young, healthy horses were shipped across the border to Mexico or Canada for slaughter-deaths. Ninety-two percent of the horse were reportedly in “good to excellent condition” (Chinese and Europeans don’t eat, nor do they want us to ship them, old, diseased horse meat. Horse slaughtering is a meat factory.)

We incent the very problem we’re trying to eradicate! Federal government subsidies encourage a market where the horse is most valuable during the first two years of its life earning tax advantages and write-offs. After that, the breeder has to breed more horses and get rid of any horse over the age of four who can’t race, show or breed and/or gets in the way of a cattle operation.

Pam McKissick and her three guests uncover the dirty truth about horse slaughter and give voice to “the other side” on behalf of 80 percent of the voting public.

Click (HERE) to visit site and listen to the Radio Show

How to Help

Not sure who your legislator is and have yet to contact them? Click on this link, plug in your address and you will be given your State House Representative and State Senator. Call AND email to urge them to turn this around and vote NO on HB1999 and SB375.

Contact Your Oklahoma Legislators          Email Governor Mary Fallin

To contact the Governor via phone and fax

Local: (405) 521-2342 (press 1 to reach her Secretary)               Fax: (405) 521-3353

Humane Society Facts Link:

The Humane Society of the United States discusses in detail the facts on horse slaughter

Forbes Article About Texas Mayor Paula Bacon

Letters to Legislators

Letter to Oklahoma Legislators

Letter to Oklahoma Legislators: 2nd Vote

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  1. Pam, Thank you for your accurate reporting and getting the information out to the American People. If the slaughter houses for horses are allowed to reopen in the United States again, “I will know that I live in a totally corrupt country. There is no other way that these slaughter houses would open again because a majority of Americans are against horses being slaughtered. We have the reports from the former Mayor Paula Bacon who fought long and hard against the slaughter house in her town. We all know that horses made this country and without them there would not have been the United States as we know it today. For their reward of their loyalty and hard work the equines are sent to their brutal end. Even the transportation of these large animals is abusive.


  2. Wasn’t exactly the video I thought would start my day but I’m glad it did. The rage I feel when I see these bottom feeders looking to profit from pain. The lividity I experience when I watch stupidity in action. The complete heartbreak I go through when I see a defenseless animal terrorized and abused.

    We have to face the enemy and they may not be who you think they are…No we’re not talking pro-slaughter civilians i.e. ranchers and farm bureaus nor are we talking about the breed associations i.e. AQHA…We’re talking about CONGRESS!

    The troglodytes in Washington D.C. can’t make a damn decision to save their lives. My God we had 20 babies and six adults charged with their safety murdered in their classroom and Congress sits on their thumbs and quotes Wayne La Pierre (NRA) like he was some sort of scholar and refuse to enhance gun controls or better background checks to see who is buying a gun or restricting further the type of gun you can own. I think they should have all been made to go see the blood and gore at Sandy Hook. Do you think they might have done something then?

    Congress for years has been dealing with the horse slaughter issue and again cannot make a damn decision. They put a band-aide on the problem be de-funding USDA inspections for a few years rather than pass the law to stop it completely. Then through a loop-hole a few Congressmen changed the wording and secretly lifted the ban.

    In 2011 the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act was presented to both houses and both promptly sent their respective bills to committee where they finally died in 2012. Now a revised version of the bill has been presented. Will Congress do anything different? Will they finally make a decision? They are full aware of the 80% number of American’s in opposition due to the efforts of Jim Moran D-VA and Sam Farr D-CA.

    I fear rather than tick anybody off they will kick it down the road by once again de-funding inspections or into committee again to die or just never bring it to a vote.

    It is Congress and their inability to do their job that is our biggest enemy. We can’t let this be another ‘do nothing for the horses’ Congress. Maybe the ‘nice’ emails to our representatives need to be heated up a bit (or a lot). Maybe we should make them all take a trip to Mexico to see a horse slaughterhouse in operation. Let them see the panic on the horse’s faces, step in the massive pools of blood letting it splatter over their polished wing-tips. Let them watch as a stunned horse regains consciousness just about the time the knife goes to work hacking off a leg.

    Whatever they see it won’t be as bad as what I see watching them do nothing on C-Span. We pay them exorbitant salaries, give them (or I should say allowed them to give themselves) lifetime benefits and for what? Are they earning their money? If you were their boss in business would you not have fired them by now? They are hacks…thieves…they take our money…they don’t even have the courtesy to wear a mask.

    Congress is the enemy!


    • Thank you Steve, &, well said! I agree with you. Our own government is too stupid, scared or weak to actually take a stand, do what the majority of people want, & take charge over the situation, instead of blindly following the few, but powerful, corrupt idiots! If the government is suppose to be in charge, then they need to take charge of things, or, we, the people, need to kick them all out, &, take charge ourselves!


  3. How long will we have to keep fighting and repeating the cruelty and injustices against these beautiful, loyal, and precious souls. Words seem to fall on empty ears, trying to reach people who say they are christians yet support the horrid industry that goes against the bible as well as all the is decent. The world runs red with their blood and suffering and those that consume them have willing put their lives at risk. Heartless government elected officials who put greed and shady businesses in front of the will of the American people. STOP


  4. The above comments, have said it all!!!! Heartless Government Officials, yes. There are a few exceptions!! Thank God. Those few, do their best to attempt to protect our horses, etc. A sincere Thank You, to those politicians, who care!.


  5. First of all, I sincerely say to you ‘I’m sorry’, because I March 14th message to bring you unhappy.These two days I felt very uncomfortable, very guilty.In fact, I did not mean you want to be, because I like spiritual and human nature of the horse, horse meat ingredients news events found the beef, I paid attention to this website.But I do not understand English, I can only use translation software to read the website content and express what I want to say.Possible error between this accidentally caused the mistake.Again to say ‘I’m sorry’.This time I want to correct the translation software and express my intention.


  6. I was afraid to watch this video, however it was done tastefully and I was able to click it off at the end. The video shows how hard the horse works for us in the past and now. The video demonstrates how horrible it is for horse to end up in slaughter and how cruel and corrupt humans are.

    The U.S. wonders “why” violence is so out of control; the U.S. is a country where the legislators are promoting cruelty for hardworking, intelligent pets to be brutalized. The U.S. is promoting a throw away society. I believe studies have shown that if it is o.k. to brutalize pets that it then becomes o.k. to brutalize humans. The studies have shown 80% of Americans don’t want horse slaughter. The legislators are not listening. They are on board with the 20%? The legislators are showing Americans that they can run right over American citizens and this will plant more seeds of dissatisfaction, which eventally will lead to more American violence.


  7. listening to the show now. Excellent interviews. I hope every Oklahoman listens and then takes a close look at the politicians that fast tracked this despicable business.


  8. I weep at the carelessness that our Government puts on blinders to hide the fact that they just don’t give a dam what is being done to our nation.If they have their way there will be nothing left-then what animal are they going after then? I ask myself a thousand times whyis the human race so cruel to horses that have gone into battle with us-pulled wagons-pulled plows-have help the disabled by their patience and understanding.The horses were here before us long before our time just as all animals. But yet you like them to win races for you you like seeing them in rodeos you run them literary into the ground.They break their legs yet you make them keep going long as possiable. So why do you do this to God’s creatures-the wild mustangs are being slaughtered by the thouands for meat-do you send an elderly person there too when they are of no use-these horses have hugh hearts they will do anything to protect their band I even have seen what the Indians call the Medicine Hat Stallion being run into a pen for slaughter they were considered sacred.But all are sacred in my heart-they don’t deserve the pain and cruelty you put them through. It makes me ill to see the incompetent people you have in these slaughter houses.They laugh and say things-the BLM and just about all Government officials including the President are destroying these magnificent horses that time and time again they helped us in need,be it racing to deliver mail-going into combat-winning you money-and giving a little child the love and patience of being there friend. You make me sick the ones that vote for more slaughter houses will get pay backs in the end-be it by having your back turned on or the most important time Judgement Day!


  9. The show was great – All 3 gals did a great job & I was very impressed by Pam. I don’t think they left anything out – hope there were lots of uninformed people listening because they sure could have learned something. Wrote an email to the governor – took me several tries to get it to go, But I recommended she read some of Vickery’s articles AND do some research unless she wants Oklahoma to be known for horse slaughter! (I was polite & respectful!)
    Sounds like its up to the governor. And got the impression from all 4 women that they expect it to go through. Steve – the troglodytes are alive & well in Oklahoma as they are in Washington!!!


  10. The face of the enemy is the US Senate, the lobbyists, with their open checkbooks are their gods.
    The House of Representatives would have passed any of the bills if it had been left up to them.


  11. Words & tears are not enough. The only way to make them stop, is to STOP them ourselves! By any means necessary. I do NOT condone violence, nor do I condone horrific, blatant animal abuse & cruelty, especially against any helpless, defenseless animal, especially against our beloved companion animals! I would protect an animal like I would protect a child. We have got to take up “arms” & fight these scumbags until they are gone, once & for all. Keep spreading the truth & screaming it out loud for all the world to hear, but, we have to do more. We have to somehow, physically, stop them. I’m not even sure that all the horrid news going on all over Europe has even sunk into our government’s beady little brains yet. What does it take for them to wake up to the exact same, potential, problems happening right here, if they are so stupid to allow horse slaughter to start back up in America? The European issue has slapped them right in the face, but, has brought them to their senses? Money & greed, are the roots of all evil. It’s up to us to be the light, & shine down on them with the truth.


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