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SoonerPoll’s Bill Shapard Writes Open Letter to Governor Fallin over Horse Slaughter Poll Results


“It is my hope that you will…carefully consider the public’s collective opinion on this legislation…”
Mary Fallin ~ in her own words!

Mary Fallin ~ in her own words!

Dear Governor Fallin,

I write to you today to share with you results of our most recent polling regarding legislation to repeal the ban on horse slaughter in Oklahoma.

Given the rather fast pace this legislation has made its way through the legislature, my intent is to make sure that the collective voice of the voting public is heard and taken into consideration on this issue.

As Oklahoma’s public opinion pollster, it is NOT my mission, directly or indirectly, to advocate for or against any particular legislation or public policy. While this particular poll was commissioned by two organizations that have taken a position on the legislation, I wrote the survey instrument with the full intent to ask a probability sample of likely voters unbiased questions and present both sides fairly.

PDF of the letter to Governor Fallin

I would also like to note that has provided complete disclosure of the poll results, instrumentation, and a Call Disposition Report including rate calculations, some of which exceeds the minimum disclosure requirements of my profession. Our survey methods are also provided with complete transparency with the public on our website.

There has been mention in media reports of another poll conducted by an out-of-state firm with conflicting results. I would like to point out that this organization has not completely provided their results for review, or met even the minimum public disclose standards outlined by the polling industry. The results of this poll, therefore, should NOT be considered until complete disclosure is provided.

It is my hope that you will, in your capacity as governor of our fine state, carefully consider the public’s collective opinion on this legislation as you decide whether to sign this legislation or not.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

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  1. The ‘other poll’ referred to by Mr. Shapard was outlined in an article on “The McCarville Report” titled “Voters Side with Farm Bureau,Vets on Horse Slaughter”:

    The McCarville article has this to say about the survey:

    “While it had a 14-point disadvantage when originally asked, the support flipped in favor of horse slaughter and processing after the survey respondent “heard the opinions of Oklahoma agricultural experts compared to those of national animal rights groups” (emphasis, mine). The issue was then a +7.3 for horse slaughter.”

    “The survey was commission by Protect the Harvest, an Iowa group dedicated to opposing animal rights groups like the Humane Society of the United States. The poll, with a +/- 4% margin of error, comes in response to animal rights groups claims that Oklahomans overwhelmingly oppose horse slaughter. Local political experts say results can vary widely “based on how the question is asked” (emphasis added).”

    (Comments to the article on The McCarville Report indicate a marked lack of support for the Farm Bureau’s poll.)

    Mr. Shapard’s poll covered a wide range of people, political affiliations and demographics, and SoonerPoll provided every detail on how their poll was conducted.


  2. Thanks for explaining that Lisa. I am grateful that somene with this type of expertise has intervened. Hopefully, the voice of the people will come through loud and clear.


  3. She has already said she will sign this Bill and is for it all the way so, writing her a letter seems pointless. The people of Oklahoma need to show her how they feel by putting her OUT OF OFFICE …..They have already voted for this without lettng the public vote so this to me shows what they will do if they want…………………….with NO PUBLIC SAY………………………


  4. I believe she would sign the bill, even if she knew the plant would never open. She’s made a back door deal with someone and she intends to keep her end of the deal. My suspicion is that she’s not only received payoffs already, she has promises to get something in the future.

    It also disgusts me to hear the word “harvest” used in place of slaughter. That has come from big ag companies and organizations. I think they’ve all hired PR consultants and this is one of the words they believe will improve their image. But then, I’m disgusted by what they’ve done with plants as well as animals. I have a whole other rant about the industrial complex that big ag has become, but I’ll save it. Today I’m just disgusted by these people, they are the lowest form of life as far as I’m concerned. And she is their governor.


  5. I thank him for his comments, but as everyone has said, it appears she has accepted the “Blood Money” already. Very sad that the voices of the citizens of her state have not been heard. This unfortunely goes beyond the state of Oklahoma – It effects every state where horses reside. How very selfish the Oklahoma politicians and ignorant for that because if they had done their homework they would know the facts just as they did in Illinois. Sad, very sad that these woman have chosen this avenue. It sickens me especially in light of contamination in the beef. The meat producers should really be worried now. All the people I have been talking to lately are rethinking their cconsuming of ANY livestock products. The meat industry has done this to themselves. If the consumption of meat products goes down they can only blame themselves. They should have left our equine friends alone. I have not consumed any meat in years because I knew this was coming.
    God save our horses both domestic and wild plus all our other equine friends. One can only hope that Rep. Jim Moran can work some miracles.


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