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Poll: Oklahoma Voters Strongly Oppose Horse Slaughter

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A strong majority, 65.1 percent, of respondents in rural counties opposes the legislation, despite claims by the horse slaughter proponents that rural communities support it.

A strong majority (66 percent) of Oklahoma likely voters opposes passage of proposed legislation allowing for the slaughter of horses here in Oklahoma, and of those that oppose, 88 percent strongly oppose the legislation, according to a new poll.

The Oklahoma legislature is currently considering two bills, House Bill 1999 and Senate Bill 375, which would allow for slaughter of horses here in Oklahoma for human consumption in other countries but would maintain a ban on the sale of horsemeat in the state.

A strong majority, 65.1 percent, of respondents in rural counties opposes the legislation, despite claims by the horse slaughter proponents that rural communities support it. Counties within the Tulsa MSA, 69.6 percent, and counties within the Oklahoma City MSA, 64.3 percent, also have high levels of opposition to horse slaughter.

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Significant majorities of all political parties also oppose horse slaughter: 72.5 percent of Independents oppose this legislation, followed by 67.6 percent of Democrats and 63.4 percent of Republicans. Another strong majority, 60.5 percent, of conservative respondents, who make up more than half of all likely voters, is opposed to the horse slaughter legislation, as well as 74.7 percent of moderates.

When asked about having a horse slaughter operation in their community, an overwhelming majority, 72.3 percent, of likely voters is opposed, with 91.9 percent of these likely voters in strong opposition. Sixty-eight percent of rural likely voters oppose having a horse slaughter facility in their local community, followed by 74.6 percent of likely voters in the Tulsa metro area and 75.8 percent in the Oklahoma City metro.

A majority of likely voters, 54.1 percent, would be unlikely to vote to re-elect their senator or house representative if he or she voted in favor of this horse slaughter legislation regardless of whether or not it becomes law.

Voters were also asked about particular organizations. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and The Humane Society of the United States, two groups opposed to horse slaughter, received combined favorability (strongly and somewhat favorable) of 69.5 percent and 64.4 percent, respectively, from likely voters. The Oklahoma Farm Bureau, a group advocating for horse slaughter, had combined favorability among 63.4 percent of respondents…(CONTINUED)

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  1. Stop the greedy horse breeders and you stop horse slaughter! Over 98% of the horses are healthy when they arrive at kill lots. The only humane way to kill a horse is via injection, proven fact! Make the horse breeders accountable! They must humanely euthanize their horses, not sell them to a kill lot. Stop the transport to Mexico and Canada. In transport all horses are injured and many killed. There is no such thing as “humane slaughter”!


  2. Everyone keeps saying we need a humane way of disposing of the elderly and sick horses…How can we convince the slaughter is NOT human euthanasia? Many of us have written and tried to explain but they seem bent on being ‘Studiously Ignorant’ like some other folks we all know and do not love.


  3. Now how do you think with such high numbers AGAINST slaughter this bill passed Oklahoma’s lawmakers???? I don’t know how to trail the money–and I think its illegal to dump a boatload of 20’s into Congresspeople’s checking acct… but how about making it easier for their kids to win scholarships, getting into the college of their choice stuff like that???

    These Congressional people actually think that snuff film is a more appropriate death than calling in a vet???? Perhaps, IF Tim hadn’t cursed us, had correctly ID his video. It was one shot. But cursing us, and then saying good on his way of the view of the camera gives an ugly sight of what Oklahoma really voted for.

    It wasn’t a taunt. At least as someone who has been assaulted by a PSA, I don’t consider his words to be an idle threat. He cursed us and followed up his words with the most heinous vile crime man can commit. No where in the video does it say anything about killing the horse for human consumption. If it were truly that, why did he curse us and then say good.

    Well Oklahoma we desperately tried to warn you. Can’t say we didn’t try. Again as in the past we were ignored and vilified. What you saw from Tim Sappington is only the beginning. The crime rates will soar, toxic blood will fill your ground water. Ask Paula Bacon. She knows EXACTLY what lies ahead of you. She’s seen it and done it.

    If I had a vote I’d vote no Fed money for you to clean up the toxic dump your state is about to become. We warned you. Repeatedly. And you chose to believe that we were radicals. I’m radical about wasting government dollars–inspecting meat for foreign countries when our own food chain can’t be inspected. I’m radical about wasting money cleaning up your state because you chose to ignore all the reasons sent forth to you.

    At this point I have three states on my boycott list. NV, NM and Ok.


  4. Leslie Wolfe-Davis
    March 23, 2013 at 11:38 pm

    So, let me get this straight, the majority of Oklahomas voters oppose horse slaughter and the majority of the nation opposes horse slaughter? Then why are the legislators in Oklahoma pushing this atrocity through? Someone’s pockets are getting lined! America has spoken! We don’t want horse slaughter!

    March 24, 2013 at 3:04 am

    Leslie, you make a great point. With the ban in place for 50 years, horse meat had little to no value. With a repeal, horsemeat will suddenly have a value, and this will not only create income for some but create other problems that legislators seem to be overlooking, like increase of horses being raised specifically for slaughter, higher chance of horsemeat entering the food supply, and horse theft. Supporters identify some current problems such as over breeding and horses being dumped in others pastures. If legalized, it may only trade some problems for a host of others.

    Now then where is the voice of the people? If what you say is true with these two above comments I have listed, then why is horse slaughter going to happen in Oklahoma? It sounds like something illegal is happening here and that really frightens me. Shouldn’t the Oklahomans know something like this may pass without the majority having a say? Who will have those new jobs? Is it fair to generate new employment with such a horrible inhumane type of business? Is this all they have to offer their people for work? I bet the only workers they will find to be employed will be illegals.


    • I agree, there is something very sinister going on. The lawmakers have to know how much opposition there is to this slaughter plant. I don’t know how difficult it would be to find out which lobbyists are behind this. There have been too many laws allowing them to cover up their activities.


  5. The very people that were voted in are taking the word of Cattlemen’s Association, American Quarter Association, & the racing industry, over their own people. Its what they want, not what the people want. The next time you have an election, vote out all the incumbents until they are all gone, & make sure they don’t have a conflict of interest. Then you have BLM lurking over in the woods behind a tree. That is another whole can of worms.


  6. The BLM wouldn’t be so agressive at rounding up horses they can’t sell to killbuyers for low prices. The whole thing is a scandal. It stinks and we know some government officials are becoming extremely wealthy. Where’s the Attorney General? Oh, he’s busy prosecuting bankers.


  7. The Oklahoma House and Senate pushed this horrific horse slaughter legislation through secretly because they know the people Oppose Horse Slaughter. They never want to do what is right or what the people of Oklahoma want. GREED is in control. STOP this vile legislation. KILL the slaughter bills. Save our Horses and environment. Don’t let the greedy, heartless few kill our horses! I shudder to think what type of subhuman monster can torture and butcher a horse. Sick, vile. We need to vote out all those responsible for this vile, evil horse slaughter legislation. We must fight and defeat this Horror!


  8. The proponents of horse slaughter continue to grasp at straws to support their circular thinking. The GAO reported an increase in “abandoned and starving horses” in 2011 – the year that marked one of the worst droughts in US history since 1950s. This drought still persists. ALL livestock has been affected. I suspect it was the reason that an alarming number of horses were shipped over the border to Mexico and Canada Here in Texas that year, it was more than a challenge to procure enough hay to support the horse industry. With hay prices sky-rocketing – sold at exorbitant prices – and the financial burden imposed on a struggling economy – all forced many horse owners to relinquish and sell their horses at auctions. In my town, on one sale day alone, over 750 horses were sold at auction. I suspect the majority of them were sent to the “kill pen”. I wept that day. De Los Santos is using an obscure law to support his right to open a horse slaughter facility. Hey – if I was going to use the same philosophy, I would be within my rights to hang a horse thief (still on the books in Texas). Not realistic I know, but I’m using it to make a point. They – the proponents of horse slaughter – cannot come up with any reasonable explanation for horse slaughter. It’s all about greed. There is something really fishy going on here. Where is the money coming from for the USDA inspectors? No transparency means lies layered upon lies. I know what a rendering facility is and when my horses either die naturally or are truly euthanized (literally a good death) that is how I will dispose of the remains. Hey – if I can donate my organs and body parts, I can do the same with my animals. I’ll continue to lend my voice and objections to horse slaughter.


  9. It is a sad day when Governor Mary Fallin signs a bill for horse slaughter houses to be opened in Oklahoma. Slaughterhouse Sen. Skye McNiel and Rep. Eddie Fields are having their palms greased as well. With over 80% of the population against slaughter houses, why would Governor Mary Fallin pass such a bill? She held up a sign when she was campaigning that she would “listen to the people.” Well, we are talking to you right now, Governor Mary Fallin, and we don’t want barbaric slaughterhouses unless you set one up right next to your governor’s mansion (and we know you would never allow “trailer trash” next to your own home.) Something very rotten and sinister is going on for this horse slaughtering to be re-entering the United States after being banned for so many years. Greedy people, greedy corporations and a few select few will be profiting. The main losers, those poor, poor horses. May all you pro-horse slaughter lovers be reincarnated as a healthy Oklahoma horse headed for the soon-to-be built glue factories. Hopefully, by the time these factories are built, Governor Mary Fallin will have lost her next election to her opponent who really cares about wildlife and horses and this oppenent will shut down Governor Mary Fallin’s legacy; what Governor Bloody Mary will only be remembered for; that she cares more about money than about the lives of these beautiful horses and that she passed a bill to build slaughterhouses. That’s quite a legacy to leave behind, Governor Fallin.


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