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Oklahoma Horse Slaughter Plant Would Be Years Away

Source: | Yahoo! Contributor Network

Fields, Senate author of HB 1999, explained that should the governor sign the measure into law, any horse slaughter facilities within Oklahoma would likely not be in operation for another two to three years

Oklahoma House Bill 1999 , a measure that would allow horse slaughter in the state but maintains the ban for consuming horse meat in the state won approval from the Senate today and will be making its way to the desk of Republican Gov. Mary Fallin for consideration.

HB 1999, first introduced in the Oklahoma House of Representatives on Feb. 4 and authored by Rep. Skye McNiel , R-District 29, received approval by a vote of 82 to 14 in that legislative body on Feb. 20 and referred to the Senate for consideration. In the Senate, Sen. Eddie Fields , R-District 10, picked up the gauntlet, with a vote on the measure passing by a vote of 32 to 14 yesterday.

Fallin’s office is set to receive HB 1999 in its final form , and reported that the governor had indicated in the past that she would sign the measure into law. If so, the ban on the slaughter of horses in the Red Man state that’s been in effect for 50 years would be eliminated.

Meanwhile on the federal level, both legislative bodies are working on bi-partisan measures that would outlaw horse slaughter throughout the nation through the Safeguard American Foods Export Act (SAFE Act.) The Senate’s measure is S. 541 , sponsored by Sen. Mary Landrieu , D-La.; the House of Representatives’ measure is H.R. 1094 , sponsored by Rep. Patrick Meehan , R-Pa.

Fields, Senate author of HB 1999, explained that should the governor sign the measure into law, any horse slaughter facilities within Oklahoma would likely not be in operation for another two to three years, according to The law would not force horse owners to take their animals to a slaughter facility, but instead provide another option for such owners.

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    • Thank you for an excellent, on the ground observation.

      I suspect the “2-3 year” delay in start up is a big fact lie to lull antislaughter into passivity.

      Interesting to see some tiny signs of back peddling by a few quoted in the article.


  1. I guess it’s good that we have time to put a stop to it on a Federal level. And I suppose it’s also a good thing that we know who are enemies are. They seem to be coming out of the woodwork lately, like cockroaches.


  2. Even if this is two or three years away, the representatives and Senate did not listen to the constituents they represent, which clearly stated, No Horse Slaughter in their Oklahoma. So, who is representing the constituents in Oklahoma?


    • We cannot afford anymore negativity here! Once horse slaughter has been banned it will be banned from all states we need not worry about Oklahoma. they will only feel the backlash of what is to come, no matter what the governors stupidity.


  3. Our Oklahoma legislators have proven that they will conduct business according to their own greed, not according to the will of the people. If Gov. Fallin signs this bill into law, we’ll continue to fight horse slaughter on the Federal level through the SAFE Act. In the meanwhile, every single legislator who thumbed their noses at the people they’re supposed to represent needs to be voted out of office.


    • Funny thing is, a majority of non Oklahomans believe that any name such as Red Earth festival is referring to native americans. They dont understand that OKs soil is indeed red. Im Cherokee, and Choctaw, but it doesnt irritate me. I just explain the meaning. Btw, Choctaws were known for the quality of their appaloosa horses.


  4. Some more bull crap handed to us. Its like a disease, once you have it, you will always be prone to it. Whose handing this guy this bunch of crap? Do they really think we are all going to fall for this? The only reason the facility would not open is because there would be massive legal ramifications filed against the company, in which case it would delay the opening. The citizens of Oklahoma will be paying for all the legal fees. Is this what they want? Wouldn’t it have been better to use the money and come up with an amiable solution other than slaughter? Its unreal!! Isn’t enough to hear from the people who had the opportunity to have one in their state. They are a bunch of very selfish and greedy people because this effects everyone that owns a horse(s). The only way that this will be totally squashed is by the passage of the “Safe Act” as been stated. Horses have served us through history. They help the disadvantaged and the handicapped. Each day the bodies of our service men and women are taken to their final resting place at Arlington Cemetery by none other than horses. I guess these legislators have never been to a funeral in which this ceremony takes place.. Just shameful!!! I hope that idiot sicko in New Mexico goes to jail…he deserves it..


  5. I don’t believe his comments are accurate. These companies are nothing more than diseases that are hard to be rid of. I don’t think anyone is going to fall for this. I believe if the plant moves towards opening, it will be challenged in court, which could take a couple of years at best. The cost of the legal fees would be born by the citizens of Oklahoma whether they liked it or not. I think as we have said before, these legislators have either not done their homework or just have no moral values. The only way we will have total closure on this is if the “Safe Act” is passed by Congress and signed into by the President. However, once passed, we all have to be on the look out for Legislators who sneek additions to bills or amendments to those in place, Its just shameful..I certainly hope that sicko in New Mexico gets what he deserves!


  6. Senator John Cornyn a TX senator that is very powerful in congress is the only senator that bothered to send me a letter after I sent him and a large number of senators the CD of what happens in the horse slaughter plants in Canada. This man is also the senator that seems to get thousands in lobbyists donations to not pass any anti-horse slaughter bills. He just flat out told me that he will not sign any bill that stops horse slaughter because it takes away the right of a horse owner to dispose of their “property”. This was when the last two bills were introduced and of course died in committee. This man had at that time over $300,000 in his coffers. With lobbyists turning up with $ 50,000 in just one of their offers to these senators this is the reason the new bills, especially the senate bill S.541 never gets past the committee. These senators are the direct danger to any bill that is offered.


  7. So my question is: If it is federally outlawed then does Oaklahoma still have the right to slaughter horses, or have they seceded from the United States?


    • Meat commerce is regulated by the Federal Government; no state will be able to sell or export processed horseflesh without Federal authorization, to include inspection (sloppy as it was).

      BTW, equines are still slaughtered in the US, but NOT for human consumption. Exporting live equines got around the USDA kill floor requirements; USDA and states are still charged with transport and holding enforcement (that they don’t do).


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