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Video: Understanding the Forces Behind Horse Slaughter

John Holland ~ president of Equine Welfare Alliance as presented at the 2013 American Equine Summit

“Understanding the Forces Behind Horse Slaughter”

John HollandWe will be featuring key presentations, everyday during this upcoming week.  The information contained within each is invaluable in fighting the horse-eaters and their propaganda.  Direct YouTube link for John’s presentation is:

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  1. I’ve known John Holland for several years, as long as I’ve been involved in ending horse slaughter. He is such a witty man with his sense of humor that had captivated people for such a very long time. His ability to gather facts and report them is key to our success. Thank you John Holland and the EWA as well add all who have been involved for so long and fought so hard to make sense of this catastrophy called horse slaughter. Thank you RT for bringing this man to the forefront. As is everybody else, I’m praying fir an end.


    • I ditto Terri, for I can’t thank John, the EWA, and R.T. any better than she has.

      Speaking of praying for an end to the treacherous treatment of God’s horses, I take heart in these simple words spoken to the prophet Isaiah by our Maker:

      “And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer…” (Isa. 65:24).


  2. Thank you,,Thank you John Holland and everyone involved….can’t watch it all this am …but seen the beginning w John… Will catch up later,….Excellent information…………..


  3. Thank you so much John for your tireless and continuous support for helping our horses. I sincerely wish you much success in the publication of the updated and accurate research to counter the GAO report. I will anxiously waiting to hear the follow up with that and the reaction by the GAO. We have got to put an end to slaughtering horses and the blatant corruption that is so prevalent with it. It is very true that we are at a cross road in the United States and we must insure the ethical and moralistic standards that this country once stood for.


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