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Source: New Mexico Equine Advocates

Ask President Obama to Sign Executive Order to Ban Inhumane Horse Slaughter

Horse slaughter is an inhumane industry which creates the problems it claims to solve by fostering irresponsible breeding. The FDA states horses are not raised as food animals and are treated with chemicals toxic to humans. It poses a threat of contamination to the US food chain.

Horse slaughter is subsidized by taxpayers-USDA inspection of plants and product, tax incentives to breeders. The sequester prompted budget cuts which poses additional threat of exporting unsafe meat to allies and unsuspecting victims.

Waste water and blood from horse slaughter are notorious for overwhelming local waste water infrastructures and poses a significant threat to the environment, especially since numerous drugs with which horses are routinely treated are not safe for humans.

Click (HERE) to sign Presidential Petition

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  1. I’ve tried to sign until it locked me out. Will do it again until either i get in or Gerry locked I’ll get it though!


  2. This came around last night and I signed. I looked again just now and I hope some more publicity will get many more signatures because right now the number is paltry. Once you sign don’t forget to tweet it and post it on Facebook…we need to get the word out far and wide.


  3. As I have said LEAVE OUR WILD MUSTANGS AND DONKEYS ALONE!!!!!! Man will not be happy till he has killed every animal on earth. Just one question, what are you gonna hint when all the animals are gone? Man?


  4. Thanks R.T. for posting this. We just put it up yesterday about 6:30 PM. We have a long way to go but had 216 this morning and are just getting the word out. Yes, as Steve says we really need to have everyone Tweet and share on Facebook.


  5. We need to have our elected officials that claim that they oppose horse slaughter to stand up and take the necessary steps to ban it. President Obama had to sign the order to re-instate it but, now he can sign the executive order to ban it. We need to remind them of their obligations to “We the people” and end the hypocrisy-policy of say one thing and do nothing. Now is the time before we waste any more of our valuable resources and standards allowing an unethical and immoral disaster like horse slaughter back in this country.


  6. I have written to the President twice to give an Executive Order, I just signed and sent it to my facebook begging my friends if they care about horses at all to sign this, lets hope they listen (all our friends will listen) that would certainly help with the numbers…. I must say I have sent stuff before to my facebook and only had a few sign some petition’s and I have quite a few friends that own horses so I don’t know what people are thinking??? I will keep my fingers crossed……. I can’t believe this is happening honestly with all the meat scandal and past slaughter plants here what happened with those with the whole nature of slaughter WHAT is going on???? REALLY??


  7. 90% of “we the people” also want there to be background checks on gun purchases, but a handful of Congress people won’t go along with us. Why would the horse lovers, a small minority compared to the 90%, have any significant power?


  8. I started the same petition in January on the White House Gov site and checked it every day, I was really angry when I noticed instead of increasing the numbers were going backwards. It was suggested that the pro-slaughter connections were using their pull to change the numbers of signors. I believe it. So we went to using the Change.Org site. Since January I have asked Obama to sign an Order or to cut funding so we can stop this non-sense, they have been very good at stepping up to the plate and I noticed that’s when we started getting positive feedback from the White House. I sent them data on the Tribal Nations and how many of them are utilizing their horses, barter or auction horses as native animals to get better prices and better homes. I also sent a few articles that show the Yakama Indians have ALWAYS been pro-slaughter, well before the closure of the plants and the drought, they were interested in killing horses, whats interesting to note. They purchased many horses that are now so-called feral animals. Wasn’t long after that the Safe Act came into the light. I pushed all last year off and on, sending emails to the White House but this year is when so much more proof came up-I really wanted to get the petition I posted in January signed and when I noticed number decreasing I contacted the persons handling the petitions, and was given the following response: Some times there are glitches-or human error. In this case, several times human error. Ponder that one!


  9. I think many people are turned away from signing the petition on the website due to the fact that you have to create an account at and many people are extremely untrusting of the current white house for many, many reasons and do not want to create an account via the goverment website. Is there another petition that can be circulated via email or paper?


  10. Please then go to Change.Org and sign the petition I have been pushing and its highly visible to the White House, I update them weekly on how many people are against this on just this one petition. If you haven’t signed please do. Petition to Overturn the Legalization of the Slaughter of Horses for Human Consumption. Its listed under animals, and it currently is nearing the 55,000 mark


  11. Duquette and Wallis and their cronies and Tribal leaders went to Washington this week. We need to implore the Federal Government ALL this week to STOP slaughter, it doesn’t matter what we do in any other state if we cant get through to Washington, they went there this week, we need to be pushing this last push forward!


  12. he recently signed an order giving service dogs equal rank with soldiers. Horses have been fighting and dieing next to humans for thousands of years…I think they’ve earned their right to be treated as heroes.


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