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Video: Chavel My A** – Breaking Through Horse Slaughter B.S. with Journalists, Lawmakers and the Public

2013 American Equine Summit: Vickery Eckhoff

We will be featuring key presentations, everyday during this upcoming week.  The information contained within each is invaluable in fighting the horse-eaters and their propaganda.  Direct YouTube link for Vickery’s presentation is:

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  1. Gotta love Vickery!!! She hard hitting, no nonsense, honest in her reporting. Ages been a great advocate for our cause!


  2. You know there is plenty of meat already on the market. Leave our HORSES ALONE!!! This is disgusting and a disgrace. We are not in that need of meat in this country, or any other that we need to eat horses.I am very ashamed that the american people would allow this to be.


  3. I can’t continue to watch these slaughter videos of such a beautiful animal for human consumption, to know these animals know their fate even before they step into the slaughter room..the terror and the confusion they must feel and knowing their fate is sealed. I cannot comprehend the ideology of people who think this is acceptable and have no qualms about eating an animal, that has been right throughout history a symbol of strength and dignity from carrying war heros to wounded soldiers to safety…working in the coal mines with extremely heavy loads upon their back for humans to go forward in their quest..what kind of country allows laws to enable the inhumane act of such brutality..upon an animal they relied on through the hard times…please stop all horse slaughter and bring back your compassionate side to animals that truly need your help, not your hindrance.


  4. Thank you Vickery for all your hard work and continued support for helping to disclose the truth of horse slaughter. It is invaluable information that we can use to educate and demonstrate why horse slaughter needs to be banned once and for all.


  5. Let the truth of horse slaughter be know to all. Thank you Vickery for your hard work and dedication to reporting the truth about horse slaughter.


  6. Vickery is tops. And I am so glad that all the videos from this conference are together and available. Thanks much RT and Terry. RT’s talk was great, too… and funny. It would be a good one for a Sunday post here!


  7. Horse slaughter + Politics = Political “suicide” in the long run. Things are changing fast…not as fast as they should, but they ARE changing. People are NOT going to accept having unwanted legislation shoved down their throats…and the People are NOT in a good mood.

    OK senator will have BACKBONE & be our next governor – NO more OK politicians….


  8. The act in this video is receiving national and international attention, and will adversely affect your economy and tourism (which supplies many more jobs than a horse slaughter plant).


  9. FYI Everyone “At the International Equine Conference in Alexandria, Virginia in 2011, Bacon described the economic and environmental devastation her town endured because of the operation of the Dallas Crown slaughterhouse there:

    The stench that permeated the town, the waste and blood that clogged the sewers and overran the town’s wastewater treatment plant, the cost to the town in trying to enforce the innumerable violations, the few low wage jobs created,the lack of tax revenues, and general poor quality of life. She explained the town could not attract business because of the horse slaughter plant. Bacon said a community would be better off with a “lead smeltering plant or a sexually oriented business than a horse slaughter plant”.


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