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Chemically Tainted Horse Meat Unfit for Consumption


NM Attorney General: Meat’s pedigree would have to be proven before slaughter

PhenylbutazoneROSWELL, N.M. —The attorney general’s office said there is another hurdle that could stand in the way of horse slaughter plans in Roswell.

Horse meat, fitting the legal definition of an adulterated food product, may not be manufactured, sold or delivered anywhere in New Mexico regardless of where the food is ultimately consumed, said the state’s Attorney General Gary King.

Sometimes it is difficult to know the pedigree of horses, he said, citing the Federal Food and Drug Administration, and chemically tainted meat is unfit for consumption.

A number of horses are treated with chemicals in horse racing, for example.

King said if the Roswell plant cannot prove meat has not been tainted with chemicals then that meat would be illegal under New Mexico law, adding the slaughter plant would have to prove the pedigree of the meat before a horse could be slaughtered for consumption.

Failure to comply with the New Mexico food act can result in criminal charges, fines and or seizure of the food product.

It would be up to the Environmental Improvement Board and the Livestock Board to assist in enforcing this law, he said.

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    • You have that right!!! Really, the Livestock Board? Although it appears to be heading in the right direction, thanks to Gary King, to end with their assisting in enforcing this law is concerning, to say the least. Is there a hidden agenda? I certainly hope not!


      • The livestock board is a PROBLEM….they are Pro Slaughter……They would offer no benefits to
        save horses from Slaughter???


  1. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. This is a political move for King I think because he wants to run for Governor. If it stops de los Santos from opening I’m all for it.


  2. It is SO EXCITING!!! BUT I read in an article that this does not mean a thing to ATT. Dunn in a interview and that they have an approved testing regimen, this will NOT effect the opening of the plant, WHAT GAUL right??? I am so relieved but at the same time leery Valley Meat and their backers will stop at nothing…… THANK YOU Gary King for being the one to step up and take a stand more than I can say about ANYONE else, it is the only responsible thing to do…… 🙂


  3. I am hoping and praying that Valley Meat will close forever. Thank you King for at least stepping up to the base and giving Valley Meat more troubles.


    • Though I am concerned about any legal angles and mumbo jumbo from Valley Meats Attorney……they’ve been fighting a losing battle from the beginning while his attorney is getting richer….De Los Santos needs a new brain………….duh!


  4. Good going King! Those people can’t understand that they are fighting Americans over this horse slaughter issue.


  5. This is great, it is about time someone took a look at the EU and why they have ban US horses and horses meat from being imported into the UK. Since the US does not have a tracking system in place to track each and every horse for birth to slaughter there is no way to tell what type of drugs have been given. The FDA should have been on top of this a long time ago and ruled out horse meat as safe for human consumption no matter what state it is slaughtered in.


  6. I am trying to list the members of the Judicial Committee who will be asked to vote on the Moran Amendment to stop horse slaughter inspections, but my comment is apparently too long. We need to call asap to the Capitol line at (202) 224-3121 and speak to each member regarding approving the amendment. I will try to do this in two or more comments.


  7. Ok so I think it’s time to tell Santos and Dunne to please step into the light, wearing the horse killing clothing will help them fit into the appropriate time period as the Roswell Aliens take them on a trip back in time, pre-dating 4 score and 7 years ago when the slaughter of horses didn’t require drug tests cause drugs for horses didn’t exist, and before the USDA was in charge of the food supply to save us from each other, because that’s where these two men think they are today anyways. They think that they are above any and all government authority of agency and have delusions of grandeur believing they are NOT going to be stopped. Unfortunately, I have some information I waiting confirmation of that insists the backer behind the Dunne/Santos freight train is a foreigner living in Texas waiting to circumvent the Texas law against slaughter houses. I am amazed that Dunne and Santos keep hanging in there stating that no matter what they know more than all the experts in the horse industry. The horse industry is being torn to shreds on one hand by the Killers/Predators and on the other hand prices of horses are jumping up and selling horses is occurring more frequently. So we are steadily changing the perception the killers don’t control the prices the private persons involved do. So lets understand they are going to bring in half scared/half crazed animals and they are going to test the horses before they kill them? or they are going to process them and then test the meat after they are dead? I am sure once they have the meats ready to ship, they will ship regardless. They will do the token testing on the meats at first then when no ones looking its all gonna go-Santos and Dunne have been screaming money too much-so if they are desperate for the money to the point of ignoring the questionable safety of the meats and the fact the horses are definitely in pain and harder to put to death they will do whatever it takes to make the money off the meats. Can you imagine if they come in and test the meats and they don’t pass the tests-Dunne and Santos is going to yell you planted it! Can you hear them now? Yes, I believe the Roswell Aliens should return these two to the time period they are from. Just step into the light……they won’t hurt you…..but if you feel a little pain, it could be a captive bolt gun…..


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