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Dept. of Interior Responds to Congressional Letter on Wild Horses

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Ken Salazar may be gone but the damage he caused the wild horses and burros still remains.

Ken Salazar may be gone but the damage he caused the wild horses and burros still remains.

You’ll have to click on the link above to read the article, since AP is not allowing this copyrighted material to be published or redistributed, we cannot copy the text here.

Just as BLM set a very narrow scope in the parameters of the study by the National Academy of Sciences, after 30 Congressional representatives sent a letter to Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell, to ask for the reform of the Wild Horse & Burro Management Program, it seems the Dept. of Interior will only be responding to “additional opportunities for population control.”

But, it’s a big deal they even responded.  Ken Salazar didn’t bother to respond.

It is our hope that the Department of the Interior doesn’t omit reform issues like humane handling and BLM’s fraudulent Environmental Assessments that blame degradation of the range on only the wild horses, while there is an increase in oil and gas development (AND FRACKING), mining, livestock grazing and other uses.  We’re tired of wild horses getting the short end of the stick, and we just won’t stand for it.  No more “You have to go slow to go fast,” as Senior Consultant Dean Bolstad kept using as an excuse at the National Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board meeting.

Many wild horse advocacy groups are going over the National Academy of Sciences report with a fine tooth comb, and we will give you, as well as CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVES AND THE MEDIA, our assessments.

The heat is on, thanks to so many of YOU who have been making phone calls and writing letters.  Keep it up!

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  1. It’s pretty clear that the BLM and Dept. of Interior have been dragging their feet these many years in order to decimate the wild horse and burro populations to the point of unviability to ultimately eliminate their rangelands. When municipalities are willing to sell their bridges and states are willing to sell their coasts to private entities, it is not difficult to imagine that selling/leasing public lands to energy and ore extractors is part of the overall plan. This is what is really behind reducing the deficit and imposing austerity on the American public… in fact it is happening world wide. Constant pressure from public resistance to these takeovers is the only thing that will save us.


  2. Am I not just understanding the scoop of this mess?? What Sally Jewel needs to do is fire the people who have ordered this treachery on our horses, then set them free on their land WHY is it taking SOOOOOOOOOOO LONG?? It is a no brainer plain and simple, but maybe I just don’t understand it all, BUT one thing I do know is the horses need to be set free FINALLY FREE…… I did write on the channel 4 web site also, the more commits the better……..


  3. There are few places in the United States where you can view wild horses. Due to their complex social structure the Assateague horses display a wide range of unique behaviors. Take advantage of the opportunity to view these horses in a natural habitat. With careful management, the wild horses will continue to thrive on Assateague Island and provide enjoyment to thousands of nature enthusiasts, photographers, and people who just love horses!


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