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BLM decides to scare shit out of wild horses with sprinklers

In what can only be the second most idiotic alternative (other than letting the wild horses suffer in the heat), instead of installing any type of SHADE, the BLM, in Nevada, where wild horses have had to be rounded up because of drought, has decided to cool the horses in some pens in the Palomino Valley holding facility using SPRINKLERS.   Yes, the ones that make a lot of noise.   Besides the water shortage issues, we all know there are sprinklers out in the wild so the wild horses won’t be skittish when the sprinklers go off, right?   Also, how might these sprinklers solve the problem of the wild horses with no protection in the snowy winters?  This coming winter, will the BLM decide to install a ski lift (or some equally ineffective solution) for them?” ~  Debbie


BLM Installing Sprinklers to Keep Horses Cool

By: Staff  Email
Updated: Fri 11:58 PM, Jun 28, 2013

Courtesy: BLMCourtesy: BLM

(BLM) officials say they are installing water sprinklers at the wild horse enclosures in Palomino Valley in an effort to protect the horses from record-breaking heat.

On Friday, June 28th, the official temperature in Reno hit 103, breaking the previous record by three degrees.  Record-breaking temperatures are expected to continue throughout the weekend and a Heat Advisory is in effect from 1pm Sunday to 10pm Tuesday.

The BLM says crews are installing the sprinklers in three of the large, outside pens and five mare/foal pens.  The sprinklers are meant to reduce the heat levels inside the corrals.  In addition, BLM staff will closely watch the horses react to the sprinklers to make sure they remain healthy.

In a press release, officials say shade shelters have been considered and the current policy is based on a number of things, including:

“- Wild horses and burros are accustomed to open environments and when their nutritional demands are met, they do well against the natural elements, including sun, rain, snow, and hot and cold temperatures.  At Palomino Valley, the animals are fed hay each day; mineral blocks are available in each pen; and a continuous supply of water is available via automatic waterers.

– Open corrals with plenty of sunlight have proven to be the best way to minimize disease-causing organisms.  The BLM’s open corrals enable the drying effects of the sun and wind to take effect.  The corrals are sloped to minimize the pooling of precipitation in the pens and to allow it to channel to the exterior of the facility.

– Due to the temperament of the animals, the social hierarchy between the animals, and their unfamiliarity with shelters, the BLM feels that corrals without shelters are the safest approach.  Shelters could create a potential obstacle for animals running and playing in the corrals, and cause significant injuries. The BLM has wind breaks and/or shelters for sick animals.  The “sick pens” do not have the same safety issues because the animals are in a smaller area with limited pressure from other animals.”

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  1. Horses normally have to have excess water whisked off of them so they do not become overheated when wet. Shade is much better than wasting water with sprinklers that they’re afraid of in the first place. Am I wrong?


    • I believe you’re right. Using sprinklers in an area where horses are already extremely hot and scared of the sprinkler only ads insult to injury. If they’re frightened, they’ll stay away. What’s wrong with using the burlap camo or something similar like the Air Force uses to conceal items on the ground. Would filter the sun and be cheaper than wasting precious water.


    • I typically hose my horses off during the peak heat time. It’s like wetting your head or forehead with water. Does some good, can reduce internal temp a bit and may be the difference of surviving heat stroke or dying, but will evaporate rapidly. Sprinklers water the ground with a temporary relief and will evaporate rapidly also. Shelters with enough sides open for a breeze would be the best, closed up shelters offer sun relief but no breeze. Misters would be nice, I have them for my horse coming off the top of their open shelters. Ridgecrest has built shelters, open on all 4 sides and very large so a number of horses/burros can get under them. The sprinklers is an attempt, but I would be very suspicious of the water.


  2. This has been posted before but here it is again, the BLM REQUIREMENTS for horses and burros: “You MUST provide shelter from inclement weather and temperature extremes for your adopted wild horse or burro. Shelters must be a two-sided structure with a roof, well-drained, adequately ventilated, and accessible to the animal(s). The two sides need to block the prevailing winds and need to protect the major part of the bodies of the horse or burro.”

    To BLM – You have been asked to do this over and over for Palomino Valley and Broken Arrow and Litchfield and other facilities and you have ignored it. Horses and burros in the wild have the opportunity to move under trees for shade – the key word here being MOVE. The wild horses and burros at the BLM facilities are forced to try to endure an “oven-like” existence in the corrals during the summer. I have seen this with my own eyes.

    For heavens sake … just put up some shelters!


    • YES!!!!! Shelter needed, the BLM wrangler’s horses have plyboard roofs for shade over their corrals. Go to the FB BLM Hell for Horses page to see photo of this and lot’s of photo’s of current 2,000 horses in Palomino Valley facility. The water used is mineral springs sulphur water, stinks like rotten eggs but won’t hurt the horses. This water is better than nothing for helping to cool them. Remember, horses love to roll in the dirt and they instinctively will do this for their own natural fly and sun protection. With the water, the horses can actually get a coating in this desert like gritty dirt. Unfortunately, most of the corral dirt will be full of horse manure.


      • And they will suffer from fungus growths, bacterial skin infections, and a disease called scratches which can cause lameness. In the wild, the horses can roll on grass and go into a pool to get refreshed when they are too hot and then stand under the trees to keep cool. They should have shelters, at least a roof under which to stand for shade! What would be the harm in purchasing a few cheap car port type structures for them? Its sure a lot cheaper and easier than installing those sprinkler systems! Oh, and i have a much better idea! Return them to the wild and let nature care for them, the way it was intended to be!!!


    • And now it’s too late for several wild horses at Palomino Valley Facility. This one dead horse was caught on video surrounded by comrade horses saying good bye. How many more have died that we have not seen. We need a FOIA request to give us the Tag #’s and inventory of these wild horses:


      • This looked to be a young horse. Other horses say good bye to fallen comrade, touching. Heart breaks. The horses licking water trough appear to need a salt/mineral supplement. Their sweat contains 30 times more salt than ours and needs replacing. Several horses feet look swollen and standing w/feet spread/laminitis?


      • You will want to read the entire letter but here is some of it:
        “This filly was no longer sweating, down and thrashing, her tail wrapped around her body on the under side like she had collapsed, her anus and vulva was prolapsed, and the look on her face was one of despair. I immediately called PVC BLM and told them they had a filly down and was in distress in the yearling pen. The woman on the phone argued with me…”


      • Tragic, painful, unnecessary, prolonged death of this young horse. Where are the damn salt/mineral blocks. The video showed horses licking the plastic and metal tubs. They were not playing, they are desperate for salt… Tears…


      • Many have died and they will never tell you the truth!!! BLM and U.S Fish and Wildlife service do nothing but lie to all of us!!! All their secret roundups and many dead carcasses found laying near fresh dug holes near their stamped roundups!! I tried yesterday to post a photo of the roundup this last roundup of the Sheldon herd to U.S. Fish and Wildlife services page to show their fans of their page what they are up to, that all they do is not good and letting them know about the horses of the Sheldon herd that were slaughtered and how they laundered money. And U.S.Fish and Wildlife service removed my post and other comments which had nothing to do with that, and banned me from commenting on their site, and blocked me from their site then also! All they do both BLM and U.S.Fish and Wildlife service do is lie to the public and blame the Wild Mustangs for destroying the refuge and say they are Ferrel horses that were previously owned and became Ferrel in the wild is a lie. They were never tamed horses that became Ferrel in the Wild, they have been there on that refuge before it ever was a refuge, they are Native Wild Horses that were here even before the Indians, my ancestors! And it is the cattle that are destroying the grazing land not the Wild horses!!! Cattle stay in one spot and eat until all the grass is gone they even pull it out by the roots! Horses only take a bite here and there and keep moving while eating they do not take the grass out by the roots, they also migrate and do not graze a pasture down to nothing as cattle do! The reason they want the Wild Horses and Burros gone is because the Welfare ranchers want to be able to graze their cattle on it and not have the horses eating any of what their cattle could be eating! Here’s what will happen, they are going to rid the land of all of our National Treasures our Wild Horses and Wild Burros, then the ranchers will grazr their cattle and sheep even more heavily than they already do, they already have out numbered the Wild Horses by the thousands on public lands grazing their cattle and sheep for free on public lands that were meant for the Wild Horses and Burros. SO with all the Wild Horses and Burros gone and the ranchers bringing even more of their herds to graze will in no time have destroyed all the public grazing lands and their will be no natural grazing grass for the Prong tipped Antelope or the Elk or any other critter in the Wild that forage! So then what animal will be blamed for the destruction of the grazing on public lands??? The open range is not meant for cattle or sheep they are not native to the range!!! The Wild Horses are and have been around on the open ranges for more than two centuries actually more I am sure of it! And they have always been fat and shiny and healthy, until they are living in holding pens by the government then they become skinny and sick! The U.S Fish and Wildlife service blaming the Wild Horses and Burros for the destruction of the public grazing in the refuge is preposterous so not true and them blaming the Wild Horses for the lack of water also is ridiculous!!! How about Global warming people are responsible for global warming which is causing the high temperatures and the lack of rain etc. Not our National Treasures not the Wild Horses! Our Government is running a muck, they are out of control and doing this to be cruel and they get enjoyment it seems from being cruel to the Wild Horses and Wild Burros!! It is also pure and simple “Their GREED”!!! You have to know the ranchers and trophy hunters blaming the Wild Horses and burros for everything are paying bribes to our Government to get what they want, it’s politics people!!! And their experimenting on our Wild Horses, these surgeries they are doing on them in the field are not safe and dangerous, and not following up on the horses afterwards they can hemorrhage and bleed to death but they do not care! We have to stop them and demand the roundups STOP and demand they reassemble the herds and return them un altered back to the ranges they took them from and return the Stallions to their herds bands as well! The BLM and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service have got to be STOPPED!!! And we have to STOP them, as Americans we have to fight for our Wild Horses, they are the reason we have our freedom, and we would not be here if it weren’t for the Wild Horses! They have given us our freedom and it was written into law that they would be free and remain free forever and not be bothered or rounded up!! The Wild Horses if left alone would never in our lifetime get out of control they would never overrun that thousands of acres that were meant for them!! Want to know why, because the Greedy humans are going to destroy our planet before that would ever happen!!!! We Americans need to protect them and keep them free, as they were already supposed to be! The Wild Horses and Wild Burros are counting on Americans to save them, as their ancestors saved us they have been everything to us they are the reason we are all here. They were at one time how we got around the county, they fought in battle in wars, the width of a cars wheel base was determined years ago to be as wide as two horse pulling a wagon side by side! The engines referred to Horse power! It is time for Americans to c=start caring about the only animal to ever give this country so much, think about all the horses have done to get us to where we are now! We need to protect them now!


  3. I think high pressure misters all along the top rails of the corral panels would’ve been a much better idea than the noisy scary sounding sprinklers – they do kinda sound like rattlesnakes. Tall shades would’ve, obviously, been the best solution. Or just open the gates and let them go find their own shelter.


      • I can’t hardly stand thinking about those poor horses in the heat of the day having to stay out in the sun, it is soooo hot in the west that they need help and fast. How can anyone or anything stay out in the sun all day long they need shade ASAP>


      • Now that we have video proof that the Palomino Valley BLM horses are dying from heat related causes due to lack of shade/shelter and probably mineral salts, Do you THINK the BLM WILL Give THEM SHADE! Twitter Storm tomorrow on the GivemeShelter link above. By the way, Hey, I just got blocked by BLM Nevada FB page regarding a post. Daphne Watson was mocking all the wild horse advocate comments demanding shade/shelter in the sweltering 107 degree plus weather the horses have been subjected to for weeks. She stated that the Palomino Valley horses did not need shade and kept commenting that we should adopt. I told her that Adoption was not an Option as we wanted the wild horses to be free ultimately to seek their own shade and in the meantime, they desperately needed shade/shelter. Asked her if she had adopted any, as I have adopted 3 from that very same facility as I was so appalled at the conditions there in 2006. She failed to address that issue but kept telling horse advocates that they weren’t doing anything unless they adopted. I retorted that no one was ever going to adopt 50,000 wild horses and the BLM’s 3 strikes adoption policy was wrong as Slaughter is Not an Option either. Daphne is quite famously known on the horse slaughter pages as pro slaughter. She’s about as dumb as a post or a rock with her blind love for the BLM. She’s one of those that ooh’s and aah’s over which pretty mustang she’d like to own but doubt that she has the wherewithal to actually train one or put her money where her mouth is to feed and adopt a mustang. Thank God! Poor treatment of horses is demonstrated by looking at her FB page. I’d had enough so decided to call her out with below msg.

        We removed this from Facebook because it violates our Community Standards:

        Daphne is a horse eater/killer, all pro-slaughter if ya know what I mean. Takes a certain mentality (or lack of) to be that kind of horse woman.

        You’re temporarily blocked from posting on Facebook for the next 12 hours. Please review our Community Standards so you can understand what’s allowed on Facebook and keep your account in good standing.

        Well EXCUSE ME, the BLM thinks I’m out of line when they are letting our wild horses suffer inhumanely for weeks on end in blistering heat despite our wild horse advocate suggestions to provide shade/shelter, minerals. The wild horse advocate on the ground, Patty Bumgarner captured the wild horses saying good bye to their fallen comrade in BLM HELL. Who knows, how many more have succumbed to the heat? So, I used the word “killer”. BLM are wild horse Killers too. Now, who is calling the kettle black and violating humane community standards??? (p.s. plenty of other places to advocate against horse slaughter and for freedom for wild horses, nice to have a break from FB freaking pro BLM and pro Horse Slaughter Morons!)


  4. wetting them and then standing out in the hot sun is almost as bad as pouring boiling water on there, if not worse. I fostered a BLM mustang and was told they dont like shelters. Well, BS, this girl was the 1st one in when weather got too hot, rainy, cold or snowy


  5. Why can’t they use portable shade shelters (cabana type) which are basically harmless. Just a couple of light weight poles to hold them to the ground and nylon fabric. The cost is minimal and I’m pretty sure the horses would welcome some shade, no matter what the stupid horse(men) think.


  6. I swear to God, in my lifetime, I have never seen such moronic actions. Seriously. These people must have the IQ of 40. And think about this…you are I are paying them to be this stupid.


  7. BLM are idiots…..they treat the horses cruely and inhumane, I hate each and everyone of them and feel that they all need to be replaced and people brought in that care and know how to treat the horses right…they are after all our heritage and to round them up and treat them as prisioners is disgusting to me , they should be ashamed of themselves. I do not understand why our government and our idiot President are allowing this to happen and to continue.


  8. Misters would have been better. Heck even the sprinklers that go back and forth gently would have been better. The idea was there but execution sucked.


    • totally agree with the misters on many levels less water waste horses are not soaked the misters and not noisy like sprinklers….and it cools the air far better….we have used them and the horses love them we have irrigation sprinklers as well so if given a choice mine will oft for the misters on a hot day…


  9. I’m hoping more people will call the stupid BLM out on the fact that they are **misrepresenting** these ‘open pens’ to be remotely similar to these horses’ natural environment. On the range, even weeds, sage, and low grasses shade that bare ground from direct sun and as a result the ground does not develop the very high surface temps that it does in BLM’s feedlot.
    Second, on the range the horses can take shelter behind pinion pines and other natural trees, and the north side of hills, natural inclines, and rock formations. All of these features dilute the amount of sun the ground absorbs and have an effect on how hot that ground gets, not to mention that horses can seek relief for the sun’s rays in washes and dry creek beds.
    Finally, I personally plan to stop buying into BLM’s newspeak of calling these areas “pens” or ‘holding areas” or any other made-up language to fool the ignoranat as to what these pens are: feedlots. At Palomino Center, horses arekept in feedlots and I defy BLM to explain to me why these are not correctly called feedlots…
    The BLM can say anything they want about how OK these feedlots are, but the yearly death toll of 500 out of the 2000 animals….25%…speaks much more loudly.
    The historical precedent to do something about a single rogue facility behaving neglegently in caring for horses exists…some years ago a BLM employee was fired in the death of many horses that resulted from ‘forgeting’ to attend the water supply….so we know that addressing indivudual problems in individual districts is an option that is on the table.
    BLM and the politicos are counting on the timidity of too many adovcates. Time to out not only the Palomino district management and every other leader on up the chain that has been made aware of this and continues to pretend they have not…i.e., Sally Jewell and individual congressmen.


    • Feedlots is right and it is a very scary situation when 100’s of our wild horses have gone missing, not even freeze branded so no record. The Nevada Fallon Auction receives a huge amount of money from the BLM. What are they selling? We are Wild Horse Advocates/Warriors that have been fighting this government corruption for many years. I’m glad situations like this are getting the public’s attention. Take a look at how much BLM budget for Wild Horse and Burro Program has drastically increased while the going rate for a cow/calf pair or 5 sheep on grazing rights permit is $1.35/month. Our federal deficit is the highest it’s ever been, yet this program get’s more money every year when it should at least be self supporting.


  10. This solution of theirs show how much they honestly do NOT know anything about the make up of horses, THIS ACTUALLY will make it worse, one would think not but it will, HOW STUPID ARE THESE PEOPLE honest to god……. PUT UP A BUILDING, this is just so exasperating … These horses will sweat more will burn with water over them IF they get in it JUST STUPID IDEA>>>..


  11. BLM should make sure the wild horses and burros have proper shelter from the heat, rain and cold. What’s so hard about this. “Head them up and Move them On.” The wild horses and burros need to get back to their land. Do the right thing BLM. Send the horses and burros back to their homes which was stolen from them. Then I might think different about you………Only then…….



    Joan Guilfoyle, Division Chief
    Division of Wild Horses and Burros
    20 M Street, S.E.
    Washington, DC 20003
    Main Contact Number: 202-912-7260
    Division of Wild Horses and Burros Directory

    Bolstad, Dean GS0401 – Senior Advisor 202-912-7297

    Davis, Quiana D Student Intern (202) 912-7296

    DeLorme, Ramona Staff Assistant (775) 861-6583

    Guilfoyle, Joan F GS0301 – Division Chief (202) 912-7260

    Hooks, Holle GS0401 – WH&B Specialist (405) 790-1066

    Kipping, Sharon L GS0401 – Wild Horse & Burro Specialist (202) 912-7263

    Reichold, Zachary T GS0401 – Natural Resource Specialist (202) 912-7261

    Ruf, Ross C Wild Horse & Burro Specialist (775) 475-2222

    Spencer, Sally J GS0301 – Supervisory Marketing Specialist (202) 912-7265

    Thomas, Lili V Wild Horse & Burro Prog Spec (775) 861-6457

    Wade, Beatrice A Wild Horse & Burro Specialist (775) 861-6625


  13. I think the horses will get used to the sprinklers and it is not bad for them to get wet. Race horses are hosed down all the time. These can go roll in the dirt and get covered in mud if they get wet. Besides they are not going to stand right by them and that bare dirt is really hot. Misters would have been better and used less water however. Free wild horses stay under trees for shade. I can’t get my 5 mustangs out of the barn and they love the fans.


    • I’ve adopted a lot of wild horses everyone, and quite frankly, sprinklers are probably a better short term solution since the BLM doesn’t follow their own damn rules that they make we adopters follow of having shelters for the horses.
      Also, many of the wild horses I’ve adopted when they first come to my place but are not trusting yet and haven’t settled into their new herd (and I even have some Mustangs I’ve had for 10 and 15 years that won’t go under shelters but will use windbreaks) will NOT go under shelters because they are afraid of the ceiling, the wind blowing the structure (and we get REALLY HIGH WINDS here in Northern Nevada) and pummeling it with dirt and other debris, the rain and/or hail falling on the roof, etc, so while some of the horses at Palomino Valley might use them, a majority probably would not.
      And for those who say the wild horses will go under pinion trees and such; you haven’t been out to where I live in Lyon County, Nevada because there are often no trees anywhere for miles and miles but the wild horses do just fine even though they have to walk a long way to find water.
      I also have a band of 4 horses (stallion, mama mare, and two colts, a weanling and a yearling) that hang out at my place where I have no trees and while they could walk down the road and stand under trees, yesterday when it was over 100 degrees, they were all lying down on the dirt in my open areas between corrals and were sun-bathing.
      So I have found that if the horses that are used to living in this climate have access to plenty of fresh, clean water when it’s hot, they do just fine.

      I also think that having a bad attitude toward the BLM facilities and how they are set-up (and I’m not talking about the behavior of the jackass wranglers chasing the horses with the truck because that was callous stupidity but didn’t have anything to do with the facility) could do harm to these horses that most likely will never be wild again because the more that the wild horse advocates talk about how miserable the horses are, how unhappy they are (and most in my experience are not all that unhappy after the initial shock of being captured because they form new “family and/or friend” herds because of the fact that horses are herd animals and it’s what they do to adapt and survive in their new environment AND they do have plentiful food and don’t have to walk for miles and miles to find water either……some of my former wild horses have gotten loose out where I live surrounded by BLM and state land and I would have had to shoot a flame-thrower at them to make them leave home…LOL… if the horses are being taken care of and receive good meals and have access to clean water and plenty of it, and if they are not being abused or harrassed, most adapt very well to their new circumstance especially if they are in herd groups), and on and on, that gives the BLM ammunition to say to the “uninformed, naïve general public”, the majority of which are not horse lovers, that “look everyone, even the wild horse advocates think these horses that we HAD to round up (and we all know they didn’t “have” to capture them but the “uninformed, naïve general public” which is the majority doesn’t know that and they believe the BLM propaganda) are miserable, so the solution is that we need to put them out of their misery and “euthanize” them”, and we all know that when the government says “euthanize” what they really mean is slaughter them but of course the general public will believe the euthanasia is humane AND they are saving A LOT by not having their tax dollars pay for horses in captivity who are miserable as per what the wild horse advocates say all the time.

      Please don’t let the BLM lead you into the trap of attacking them regarding their facilities and saying the horses are miserable and mistreated all the time when the fact is that many of those horses at Palomino Valley would NOT go under or in those shelters if they were provided. They would use them as wind breaks for sure, but not necessarily go under a roof where they would feel trapped or could be trapped by other horses cornering them if the shelters were two or three sided and having them be kicked to hell under the shelter.

      These are my opinions from having adopted and also rescuing A LOT of former wild horses and burros over the past 20 years and watching them interact in captivity.

      And about the sprinklers? Mustangs are really smart and “into” survival and being practical, so I predict many of those horses will stand in the mist from the sprinklers as it blows and will enjoy the coolness. For the ones that don’t want to go in the mist, that’s their choice and obviously they don’t feel the need. I also see it all the time with shelters too with horses both domestic and wild in captivity; some use them, and some don’t, but as long as there is some kind of choice be it misting water and/or shelters, that should suffice just fine.

      And no, I am not on the side of the BLM and have been fighting them for years, but when I see stuff coming from advocates that the BLM could use in their favor to convince the non-horsie general public that the wild horses would rather be dead than “miserable” in captivity, I have to speak up.


      • Agree with you completely, Laura–especially the part about the advocates and the harm they do through their attitudes toward the BLM…and, like you, I am not a BLM supporter in any way. Unfortunately, my previous comment about this has been deleted–I’m glad yours has been allowed to remain. Other comments of this vein have also been deleted as well–again, glad yours has made it this far and that you at least get my response here–before its likely deletion.


      • Nancy, maybe you missed seeing this:
        Regarding removal of some comments: We do not advocate violence, so if anyone posts a comment that seems to be a threat, we’ll remove it. If any comments contain anything that may be libel, we’ll remove it. We’ve had both the BLM and Sue Wallis’ horse killing buddies use fake names to send in comments just to stir up shit, and we remove their comments.
        Some sites don’t allow any comments. We have welcomed comments, even with opposing viewpoints, since we can all learn from each other. However, a few people have recently seen fit to get either really rude or were unable to post an opposing comment without denigrating those who oppose THEIR opinion. So, unfortunately, even though their comments included some valid and interesting points that would’ve been posted, the rudeness and denigration are inappropriate here.


      • In Defense of the advocates here, The blm Brutality does get to us , i am sure we say things sometimes that arnt appropriate, thanks for cleaning up our act when needed………. when we just cant take it anymore !!!!!!!


    • I agree with you Barbara..

      I hose mine down all the time and they go roll in the dirt to keep bugs off. I still say being wet does cool down their body temps.
      It’s better than not having anything at all and scorching in the sun..
      There’s no excuse for not having some large shade options. They can make it work…Just excuses so they don’t have to take care of them and hope they die off in large amounts.
      Joan Guilfoyle Division Dumb Shit…………..


  14. OMG Who came up with this horrible hairbrained idea, filtered shade and misting is the answer for the Mustangs even misting would cause a problem eventually , better yet PUT THEM BACK you Morons !!!!! Rain rot next on the BLMs list to destroy the Mustangs ????? Where did these people ever get an education >>???? Just as you can take a horse to water but ya cant make him drink it , you can give someone an education but ya cant make them use it !!! Stop trying to Play Mother Nature you stink at it !!!!!!! stick to what you know , and what is that you know !!!!!!! Please make this insanity stop !!!!!


  15. I don’t know what to think and do to help stop this madness. major non profits with smart, high profile people have been unable to influence the BLM- it is a catastrophe brought on my government. we stand on the sidelines and are basically powerless to stop the abuse. this is wrong in all ways, why do they get so much ‘protection’ , it is as if they are crazy running the place.


  16. so they were rounded up because there was a water shortage and drought conditions, and now they pour even more water on them, which probably sounds like helicopters to them. Why can’t we get these people fired. If they are our employees, why can’t we fire them. I swear they are the very definition of the word stupid. What the hell do their families think of them, penning up wild horses for a living. I’d be pretty embarrassed


    • Yep, Fed Government is full of Stupid people, I worked for 30 years for stupid state government. You make some great points, yes, round them up because of water shortage, NOT! The wild horses would naturally drink and bathe in this mineral sulphur spring water. Guess there is a lot of it. They are A _ _ backwards at every turn, but … they are listening to us. The BLM families love the bucks their daddies make torturing our wild horses. In fact, there is a whole cottage industry that lives off the backs of our wild horses and our federal tax dollars. The helicopter contractors just got a budget of $6 million dollars. Go figure… Take a look at this link, the chart shows just how much the federal BLM budget has increased. Why? Yes, STUPID Greed is the answer.


    • I am extremely concerned about the source of the water as there is a huge waste water collector on site.

      Also, I understand there are 3 sprinklers? There are so many more pens than that!

      Misters would be more effective and conserve water.


  17. Jaw-dropping stupidity – even by BLM standards! Do they seriously believe these holding pens in ANY WAY resemble the natural environment of wild horses? Do they really think that horses in their natural habitat would willingly stand around in blistering heat, rather than move up into higher elevations with TREES? Yes, I guess their equine expertise has taught them that horses are too stupid to get under an artificial shade (presumably because it isn’t naural) while captive in symmetrical pens without any natural vegetation. OH Me!


  18. With a death toll in BLM pens at 25%, our wild mustangs would surely be better off left alone in the wild as per the spirit and intent of the FRWHBA (1971). Mother Nature is certainly kinder under any circumstances than being at the mercy of yahoos hired by the BLM, and slaughter house mercenaries.


  19. Dear Arlene Orlando,

    Below please find a press release in regards to the welcome news that the horse processing industry will once again be able to provide a humane option that provides value and a good use for horses otherwise at high risk of abandonment and abuse, as well as jobs and opportunity in hard hit rural and tribal communities.

    Attached are information and answers to frequently asked questions that apply to the horse processing industry as a whole.

    “The Promise of Cheval,” is a documented report that was previously released by IEBA. It is linked here, as well as attached below.

    As the chairman and the U.S. representative on the International Equine Business Association I will make myself available to answer the questions from the press that will inevitably arise as the result of this renewed opportunity to improve the welfare of horses and horse people in the United States, and to point to accurate information instead of the misinformation and defamation campaigns of radical animal rights activist groups.

    sue’s sig
    U.S. Chairman

    International Equine Business Association




    Friday, June 28, 2013

    Contact: Sue Wallis, U.S. Chair

    307 680 8515 –

    Return of Humane and Regulated Horse Processing is Welcome News

    The majority of the overall equine industry and the horse people of America are celebrating today the announcement that the option of humane and responsible horse processing under federal oversight has finally been granted. Valley Meats of Roswell, New Mexico, announced today that they have received the necessary USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) grant of inspection.

    “The U.S. horse industry owes a huge debt of gratitude to Valley Meats and the De Los Santos family,” says Sue Wallis, Wyoming State Representative and U.S. Chairman of the International Equine Business Association, “without their determination and courage to stand up to vicious abuse from animal activist groups led by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) the entire horse world would be facing the continued devastation of the horse market, horrific environmental degradation of rangelands due to the absence of a humane option for excess horses, the unacceptable decline in overall horse welfare as the result of radical action that deprives otherwise unwanted and unneeded horses of their intrinsic worth…not to mention depriving the rich, cultural and traditional use of horse meat in the cuisines of ethnic groups, and health and value conscious consumers both here and abroad.”

    Wallis goes on to say that “for the majority of people who are in the horse business, who actually make some part of their living by raising, training, or otherwise using horses for the benefit of themselves, their families, and communities, this welcome news is long in coming. Finally, we can look forward to a positive outcome where every horse has value, is treated humanely from birth to death. When their highest, best use is to be turned into food for a very willing and eager market, horse people generally agree that is best accomplished in small state-of-the-art facilities, such as Valley Meats, that are designed for the purpose, manned by trained professionals, under the watchful and rigorous inspection of the USDA – Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) for both food safety and humane handling. IEBA members have instituted systems that go far beyond FSIS requirements to ensure that no contaminated cheval (horse meat) ever enters the food system, and that all horses are treated right at every point. ”



    • Excerpt from the article on issuing horse slaughter permits: “Meantime, the USDA continues to push for an outright ban on horse slaughter, and the Obama administration’s budget proposal for the upcoming fiscal year eliminates funding for inspections of horse slaughterhouses, which would effectively reinstate a prohibition on the industry. Both the House and Senate agriculture committees have endorsed proposals that would cut the funding. But it is unclear when and if an agriculture appropriations bill will pass this year.

      “Since Congress has not yet acted to ban horse slaughter inspection, (the agriculture department) is legally required to issue a grant of inspection today to Valley Meats in Roswell, N.M., for equine slaughter,” said USDA spokeswoman Courtney Rowe.

      “The Administration has requested Congress to reinstate the ban on horse slaughter. Until Congress acts, the Department must continue to comply with current law.” and Horse Advocates have all ready launched this: Opposition planned all ready by Horse Warriors!


    • This was sent to YOU, Arlene? what wasted effort on little old Sues part! And what a bunch of bs. I suppose if someone didn’t know any better – they might believe it. But her mantra is: A dead horse is a good horse! How anyone can believe the horse business is better off with slaughter is beyond me. Then how can there be any profit made in tack shops, feed stores, trailers or any of the other businesses that exist because of horses? She is a piece of work – a VERY BIG piece of work.


  20. Horse Warrior/Advocates fighting to free our wild horses and burro’s must: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead


    • TWEETED: @BarackObama @SecretaryJewell R wild horses r dying STOP roundups & #GiveUsShelter 4 captive horses. #StepUpSally”


  21. Let these BLM employees know what you think:

    Joan Guilfoyle, Division Chief
    Division of Wild Horses and Burros
    20 M Street, S.E.
    Washington, DC 20003
    Main Contact Number: 202-912-7260
    Bolstad, Dean
    Senior Advisor 202-912-7297
    DeLorme, Ramona
    Staff Assistant (775) 861-6583
    Guilfoyle, Joan F
    Division Chief (202) 912-7260
    Hooks, Holle
    WH&B Specialist (405) 790-1066
    Kipping, Sharon
    Wild Horse & Burro Specialist (202) 912-7263
    Reichold, Zachary
    Natural Resource Specialist (202) 912-7261
    Ruf, Ross
    Wild Horse & Burro Specialist (775) 475-2222
    Spencer, Sally J
    Supervisory Marketing Specialist (202) 912-7265
    Thomas, Lili
    Wild Horse & Burro Prog Spec (775) 861-6457
    Wade, Beatrice
    Wild Horse & Burro Specialist (775) 861-6625


    • Dear Grandma Greg went to the site about the filly with a prolapsed uterus, the prolapse must be returned inside immediately or infection will occur, I am so upset they the BLM would not help her she did die, last heard they were sending the bulldozer to remove her, I cannot give my opinion because it would only be deleted !!!!!!! But I am sure you know what I am saying !!!!!!!!


      • It is the tragic SUFFERING of the innocent that is beyond what I can endure. And for what? For the almighty poisonous dollar.

        We may get tired and disgusted and sometimes overwhelmed and wish to quit fighting for what is right for our wild ones and for our future generations but we can not stop. To NOT say or do something when we know better … makes us guilty as accessories to the crime. That is my philosophy and why I do what I do and I know it is the same for many good people.


      • Dear Grandmagregg, what doesnt Kill Me only makes me stronger, now Superman has got nothin on me !!!!!!!!!!!


  22. Wild Horses or Burros will not stand in the hot blazing sun or freezing cold or rain in their natural habitat if there is shade they will be there. If BLM would implements shade they will come. At PVC some are trying to lay under the feeders to get out of the sun., so what is that implying. They want and NEED shade. This IS inhumane. BLM makes out as if WH and Burros are dumb most embarrassing on BLM’s part. I’m afraid the only people that are not getting it are those who are managing them. I hope the sprinklers work but that will never ever make up for shade


  23. The push for Horse slaughter….WHO and WHAT is behind it?
    And there is more….so much more:

    Debbie Coffee
    Monsanto lovin’ “Conservation” Cowboys push to kill wild horses

    When representatives of Conservation Districts with ties to Monsanto attended the last Bureau of Land Management’s National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board meeting, they not only pushed for the roundup of wild horses & burros, they pushed to have the wild horses & burros sold for slaughter.


    • OMG!!!…Yes the other side of this whole issue is MONSANTO…..Yet more Corruption on the issues of our Wild Mustangs and Slaughter.

      Monsanto is a huge problem, we are seeing more of them coming out from behind the curtains
      of what’s really going on?


  24. It would be a heck of alot better for the horses if they had ” Shade ” built for them! Water troughs could be underneath the shade by the wall. Keeping water out of direct sunlight will keep it from evaporating so quickly! Sprinkler is not part of their ” habitat “. It doesn’t take a lot of knowledge to use common sense! They’re still out in the ” elements “.. no protection .! Maybe we should have a building committee and the people who care about the horses well-being..go out and build there shade. Then we know whose idea really works!
    Shade would help during fall & winter too… It


  25. There has already been too much capitulation.
    If we don’t ask a lot of questions, who will? Like, how might the
    sprinklers and rolling in the mud effect the strangles issues Palomino
    Valley has had, and may still have?


  26. WTF is wrong with people anymore do they have any common sense! Not all horses especially the little ones want to stand under a sprinkler that makes noise and scares. Get a clue BLM!


  27. The sprinklers are a effort by blm to get advos squabbling and to appear to make a difference they make no great difference..
    Demand SHADE for these horses…
    From Will LeRoy, a real American cowboy: “They could install vertical shade structures along the perimeter fences that would provide various shaded areas depending on the movement of the sun at various time of the day, which would not impede movement or create opportunities for injury. Any notion to the contrary is a flat out lie (which they do very well).”


  28. Today, only one in three captured horses finds a home. The rest go into a warren of taxpayer-funded corrals, feed lots and pastures collectively known as “the holding system” that government auditors and wild horse welfare advocates have long warned is unsustainable.


  29. Return them to the range and in the meantime give them shade! The “sprinklers” are only a publicity stunt for damage control because of public outrage. Don’t let them get away with this. Follow the official Protect Mustangs on Facebook and circulate this: Please contact your reps and senators requesting they intervene to give captured wild horses shade. Thank you for helping : )


  30. Commonsense SAYS Put the Mustangs and Burros back where they belong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nature wants to correct all the BLM wrongs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  31. I read all your blogs RT but I have to say, not realy happy that people are nit pickin about this, the horses are not going get scared to death over sprinklers. So they are noisy, so what, they will get over that too…Would I like to see trees, yah, I would like to see them Back on their land too…Nicely


  32. Now I have heard that the sprinklers are not even on today, so if that is the case that they can take those crumbs they threw and shove them where the sun does not shine


  33. Regarding removal of some comments: We do not advocate violence, so if anyone posts a comment that seems to be a threat, we’ll remove it. If any comments contain anything that may be libel, we’ll remove it. We’ve had both the BLM and Sue Wallis’ horse killing buddies use fake names to send in comments just to stir up shit, and we remove their comments.
    Some sites don’t allow any comments. We have welcomed comments, even with opposing viewpoints, since we can all learn from each other. However, a few people have recently seen fit to get either really rude or were unable to post an opposing comment without denigrating those who oppose THEIR opinion. So, unfortunately, even though their comments included some valid and interesting points that would’ve been posted, the rudeness and denigration are inappropriate here.


  34. Our protected wild horses do not deserve to be penned up without any shade isn’t that against the law all horses must have shade they need to be free where they belong and would certainly find shade. Sorry sprinklers don’t cut it. They are dying out there in the heat of summer someone with a heart do something today!!


  35. We all feel as you do Shirley , Until we actually do something that will help . the suffering continues !!!!!!!! How do you make it stop…/ UNTIL WE FIND OUT EXACTLY THAT IT WILL NOT STOP !!!!!! We all here have a heart …………………….one THAT has been broken constantly in the Mustangs Honor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know there is a way to stop this Horror!!!! but what is it????????????????????????


  36. Those in power will always attempt to disenfranchise an opposing group they want to undermine. They will label with politically loaded terms to cast them into a loony bin group, attempting to weaken their position and esteem in public opinion. But always remember Horse Warrior/Advocates fighting to free our wild horses and burro’s must: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead (wildhorseperilousp)


  37. I was at Palomino Valley Center last Sunday July 7th and today July 14th. Both times temps in the mid 90s, The gates were locked No Jeb or his employees to be found!!!!!!!!
    NO shelter, NO Sprinklers went past the corral where the picture above was taken. They were not on. One corral next to Jeb Beck’s office had a foal in it last week that its hip bones and ribs were showing,that corral was EMPTY this week. Where the heck is that foal?
    We saw foals in inner corrals and there were no sprinklers, Same conditions as last week no shade,no sprinklers,horses eating feces,horses peeing and crapping in the hay . They the BLM jerks throw on the ground for them to eat. Why isn’t the hay put in the green hay stands all over the facility.Horses bloated,distressed and baking in the sun.
    Any person can see these horses are suffering. You don’t have to be an expert in horses to see they are suffering. I am posting here because I am an animal lover and am concerned about the welfare of these beautiful animals. My hubsand and I love taking pictures of wild horses in the wild, their natural habitat, where they are alot healthier than those in this facility. I left there more upset than last week because these horses were looking at me and my husband like they were in prison. Saying to us,please help us and let us out of here,when we drove away from each corral after my husband took tons of pictures which I will email to R.T., they just walked away those who could,more horses on the ground too weak to get up….when is this insanity going to stop…let them go back to where they were…they will survive, they have for how many hundreds of years…but now they are a nuisance and the drought is going to kill them????
    BLM is slowly putting them to death. They have a death sentence there.Please let these babies go and let mother nature, nurture them back to health. Again, I am an animal lover and have reported this to a local news station here in Reno. Nancy Leake


  38. Funny….if the sprinklers were doing the horses any good…why weren’t they near the sprinklers????…doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out…..


  39. Weather Forecast for Reno this week

    Hi 95°F
    Lo 60°F Southwesterly flow will keep the weather dry and afternoons breezy in the short-term. Temperatures will also stay close to average. Some clouds will bubble up here and there on Monday, but shower activity will stay south and east of our area. A passing system will stoke up the wind and fire danger on Tuesday, but will also keep temperatures in check (at least for another day or two.

    Changes are in the forecast for the latter half of the week, as high pressure again builds over the Silver State. Another series of very hot days is coming our way, with triple-digit high temperatures again a possibility for valley floors by Thursday.

    KTVN Meteorologist Jeff Thompson

    6-Day Forecast
    Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

    Hi 95°F Hi 92°F Hi 95°F Hi 98°F Hi 100°F Hi 101°F
    Lo 60°F Lo 63°F Lo 61°F Lo 62°F Lo 66°F Lo 68°F
    A Few Clouds Sunny / Breezy Sunny Sunny and Warmer A Few Clouds / Hot A Few Clouds / Hot


    • Keep up the good work – thank you. I hope some people will copy and paste the forecast and send it to P/V facility AND the Nevada and Washington offices and ask if they are sweeping this under the rug or doing something about the inhumane treatment of our wild ones.


      • Thank you…I would suggest anyone who cares about these horses not only contact the government (which doesn’t do anything as far as I’m concerned) but the national news…let 60 minutes or those other national shows know what the heck is going on out here and all over….with these BLM facilities..I was surprised how many people didn’t know where I work about PVC right here in Reno….and they are outraged over this…


  40. I told the story of what is going on here at PVC to reporter John Potter from KTVN News Reno.
    The comments on Facebook were great. Please look at the story at or you can go to the video of the story on Facebook ktvn john potter…
    I found it interesting that Jeb Beck never replied about the foal. The foal was in the corral next to his office on July 7th and he didnt see it?? When we went back July 14th the foal was gone. After John finished interviewing me, I was watching a hay tractor trailer leave PVC and he was speeding down the side road. When he got to the highway where we were doing the story he was speeding and slammed down on his horn as he sped by. Your employees are soooo professional Jeb Beck, they could of killed someone. Please read or view the story. The facebok page shows the foal…Thank you all…Lets hope this can go national on the news


    • Thank you for monitoring our wild horses at Palomino Valley. The weather forecast for the Palomino Valley area is for 100 degree plus for the next FIVE days and as of today there is still no request for any shelter structures at any WH&B facility – except Ridgecrest.

      Wild horses and burros in the wild have the opportunity to move under trees and into canyons and onto higher or lower ground for protection from extreme weather – the key word here is MOVE. I am pretty sure that if the general public took their kids to a zoo and they saw a lion or any other wild animal in a cage without any shelter and in 100 degree weather that the zoo would be shut down by public outcry and yet this is exactly what our wild horses are forced to endure.

      BTW – the hay truck that you saw speeding was likely NICK RETTERATH of JANESVILLE, California, who has a large private contract to sell hay to BLM – including to Palomino Valley – per

      I hope we are writing/calling/emailing our representatives and media and the BLM about this – see above contact information on Louie’s comment.


      • If you have a facebook account would you please post this comment to my facebook account. Nancy Leake Reno Nevada
        Also the video of the story “an edited version” is on


      • Been trying to figure out how I was going to say this…so here it goes….I was watching the news this morning, basically as I see it..the reporter retracted his statements this morning because of the contraversy it stirred on facebook and on KTVN’s website…he basically said he didnt see what I saw….if you look at the video..Jeb Beck took him to certain parts of the facility and the sprinklers were on…the foal was gone…the corral was empty on July 14th,,,,how could Jeb say there were no horses in the condition I stated when the foal was in the corral next to his office….the reporter said he went from end to end and didnt see anything…but my pictures that I sent him July 7th and July 14th showed what I saw…Nancy


      • ok people, this is a news release about the story on KTVN Reno:
        0038190000BLM Nevada News
        Nevada State Office No. 13-26
        For Release: July 19, 2013
        Contact: Heather Jasinski, (775) 861-6594,

        BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Program Looks to the Reno Community for Ideas at Upcoming Public Workshop

        Reno, Nev. – In light of recent public concern over shade at the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Palomino Valley National Wild Horse and Burro Center (PVC), the BLM will hold a public workshop in coming weeks to provide an open forum and allow for information sharing, suggestions, and ideas on how the BLM can best provide for the horses at PVC with available resources and within constraints.

        In addition to the workshop, the BLM is consulting with animal welfare experts Dr. Carolyn Stull, Ph.D., and Dr. Kathryn Holcomb, Ph.D., of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine who are scheduled to visit PVC to assess environmental conditions. Dr. Holcomb has conducted research to determine if horses prefer and benefit from shade and Dr. Stull is known for her animal welfare work with agricultural animals.

        “Although PVC doesn’t typically have triple-digit temperatures for prolonged periods of time, as is the case in other areas where shade is provided for the animals, we know this summer in Reno has been especially hot,” said Joan Guilfoyle, Wild Horse and Burro Division Chief. “The well-being of the wild horses and burros under BLM’s care is important to us, both on and off the range, and we’re interested in constructive input and dialogue with the public.”

        The PVC facility has been an important part of the BLM’s wild horse and burro adoption program for many years. Horses and burros there have a continuous supply of water and are fed daily. A veterinarian regularly visits the site and sprinklers were installed in late June to three large outside wild horse pens and five mare/foal pens to help keep the animals cool on warm days. No evidence exists that any animals being held at PVC are experiencing life-threatening conditions as a result of high temperatures.

        The Center is the largest BLM preparation and adoption facility in the country with a capacity of 1,850 animals. It serves as the primary preparation center for wild horses and burros gathered from the public lands in Nevada and nearby states. Visitors wishing to adopt are encouraged to call the Center prior to arrival at (775) 475-2222. Public hours for visiting are held Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. and on the first Saturday of each month from 8 a.m.-noon.

        Photo caption: At the BLM’s Palomino Valley Wild Horse and Burro Center outside Reno, a sprinkler attached to the panel of a large wild horse pen sprays water while horses eat in the distance.



  41. Weather Forecast for the week July 19-25 for Reno and PVC:


    Hello ,

    Here’s the latest Pinpoint 2 Forecast

    Hi 103°F
    Lo 66°F Get ready for extreme heat this weekend with highs in the low 100s through Monday! A heat advisory is in effect until Sunday evening with a high in Reno today of 103, and 89 at Lake Tahoe. Saturday we will reach 105 and 104 on Sunday. Isolated thunderstorms are possible by the afternoon increasing in coverage by Sunday and into next week.

    Here’s a look at the forecasted and record highs for the next few days:

    Fri: 103 (Record is 105 1931)

    Sat: 105 (Record is 106 1931)

    Sun: 104 (Record is 104 2003)

    Make sure you get all outdoor activities done early in the morning, drink plenty of water, and find some air conditioning. Also check up on the elderly and those who are sensitive to the heat.

    Stay cool and have a great weekend!

    Please like my weather page on Facebook: KTVN Jeff Martinez

    Meteorologist Jeff Martinez

    6-Day Forecast
    Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed

    Hi 103°F Hi 105°F Hi 104°F Hi 101°F Hi 97°F Hi 96°F
    Lo 66°F Lo 68°F Lo 70°F Lo 71°F Lo 68°F Lo 67°F
    Mostly Sunny / Hot A Few Clouds / Hot Iso. T-Storms / Hot Mostly Sunny / Hot


  42. When my horses are out in the field in Florida it gets really hot and we don’t like to put them out in the hot sun all day at all. I know wild horses must feel the same way to feel the intense heat and it is brutal. Standing in pens not moving around is the worse thing for any horse hot or cold. I have two horses in Spokane Washington that stay out all winter. John will bring them into a sheltered area if the wind chill goes below zero severely. The huddle together at times but their coats are think in the winter to keep them insulated. The older horses have more difficulty with the cold weather, many of them need blankets and wear them.
    This is such an important problem to address. Sprinklers only spray droplets in the air and if the horses are not even close they will not benefit from any droplet. Many probably move away from the noise and look at those crazy things pointing at them.
    Probably saying what a hell are those things pointed at us!!!!!!! Anyway all of our horses need to have some sort of shelter from the wind, snow, rain, sun and brutal cold.
    As most of you know me I am all about creating solutions to these difficult problems.
    I am working on a huge master plan to take some of our National Park areas and create wild horse sanctuaries with shelter and water holes included for them. We must build these areas and create a sustainable, workable living space for them. Get them out of these round pens. I am working on this as we speak. If you are interested in helping me with these projects. Let me know 941-232-1262. We can do this for the wild horses and burros. We must help them so lets do it together. Brilliant ideas come from thinking, believing,and doing, so put your thinking caps on and lets put our creative minds together to help our horses. Judith


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