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Feral Writer Moons NBC, Flips-off American Public while Beating on Wild Horses and Burros

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ president/co-founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Ted Williams Shows His Ample Ass and Insults Millions, AGAIN!
Ted Williams researching yet another article on America's Wild Horses and Burros

Ted Williams researching yet another article on America’s Wild Horses and Burros

Enemy to science, fact and the American Spirit alleged writer, Ted Williams, pens yet another tale of fiction, lies, deceit and anti-equine propaganda.

Loaded to the hilt with bile and hatred for our much maligned wild equine Williams is not only content with beating up the horses, his favorite perverted sport, but launches off on an attack upon NBC for their story on the BLM’s documented effort to mismanage our wild horses and burros right into extinction.

From William’s lofty view from his self-perceived throne he is unable to see or understand that NBC’s report was 8 months in the making and as in any quality journalistic presentation both sides of the issue were examined with the anti-horse alliance looking like a bunch to total idiots to the general public, I know, I took many calls from individuals who had no idea how pathetic, uneducated and idiotic BLM’s leadership and pro-slaughter (horse-eaters) appeared.  (We have been telling you guys that for years, now.)

Williams fits right in with the bumbling, stuttering BLM Wild Horse and Burro Manager, Joan Guilfoyle as he trounces on documented scientific fact and dances with truth through out his article of drivel. 

Sitting behind a computer screen and second guessing every word might be Teddy’s thing but I am willing to bet, just like horse-eaters Sue Wallis and Dave Duquette, that ole Ted would not last for a moment in a face to face debate on the plight of our wild horses and burros.

The only reason this baffoon gets his tripe published is because it is so far over that top that the publications that carry him know that he incites the good and the honest, which is about 85% of us, and their ratings pick up.

But what has pushed me over the top on this idiot, as I have been ignoring his garbage up to this point, is that he ridiculed and belittled the Grand Dame of Wild Horse knowledge and understanding, Ginger Kathrens, Executive Director of the internationally renowned Cloud Foundation.  Ms. Kathrens has spent almost 2 decades in the wild of the Arrowhead Mountains documenting and studying the history and behavior of wild horses and her findings are noted and respected by academia’s finest and the general public as well.  Yet Williams with his head up his ass finds his store bought degree in Stupidity to be far more knowledgeable and powerful than a lifetime of facts so he slanders and degrades as he beats his chest and screams, “Look at me, Look at me!”

I apologize for calling the moron an ass as that is an insult to donkeys and burros but this guy needs a swift education in appropriate journalism and I sincerely hope that NBC takes him to task…I know that I will be letting them know of this two-bit hack.

The first opening paragraphs of Teddy’s tirade, as it appears in the Denver Post, is listed below with the link to puke over the rest and then once you have re-gained control over your stomach and reflexes PLEASE comment, in hopes that the Post gets the idea that this guy is a sham.

Teddy opens up with the a line from Dr. Seuss: “In my world, everyone’s a pony, and they all eat rainbows and poop butterflies.”

But in Teddy’s  distorted, nightmare world everyone is  a phony and they all eat his lies and poop pure bull crap.

Williams, get a life.



“In my world, everyone’s a pony, and they all eat rainbows and poop butterflies.” So proclaims cat-like creature Katie in the movie version of Dr. Seuss’ “Horton Hears a Who.” Sharing Katie’s world are feral-horse support groups — whose members number in the millions — and NBC, which regularly recycles their fantasies.

For example, on May 14, the “Today Show” aired fictional accounts of how the Bureau of Land Management brutalizes feral livestock incorrectly called “wild horses.” As usual, the show cherry-picked commentary from ecologically illiterate extremists who want more, not fewer, feral horses on public land, and who allege that the BLM roundups, which are mandated by law, are “offensive,” “cruel” and “unnecessary.”

Never mentioning wildlife, host Lisa Myers quickly spun the issue into a simple conflict between “mustangs and powerful livestock interests who want cheap grazing on federal lands.” A revealing moment came when she asked Ginger Kathrens, one of the nation’s loudest feral-horse advocates, if she’d “rather have a wild horse starve to death and be free than live in captivity?” Kathrens answered in the affirmative…(CONTINUED)…GAG ALERT!

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The NBC Report

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      • I made the analogy to the real Ted Williams because the fake one has struck out with 80% of the opinions of the American people. I once commented on his blog and he edited my comments or omitted the ones that illustrated the Hippocratic, pathetic opinion of his. He is one of those people that believes wild life is best managed by men who kill and cull, because THEY know best.


      • Both feral cats and horses are on the National Invasive Species List. The difference is that the cats are on the list that the public can find easily, but the horses are listed separately through APHIS. Ted Williams may be scientifically illiterate, but he has the government’s propaganda down. In other words, he knows something that we have not yet accepted as possible or even probabe.

        Think of him as the useful idiot that he has been because he has served his function in the scientifically illiterate community. Vice-President Gore bet the future of the United States and the existence of our wild horses on the belief that the American people could not understand geology, evolution, or paleoanthropology any better than he did. He and the other climate frauds need to know that they bet against the HOUSE.


  1. Ted’s article reeks of financial gain promotion

    He’s definitely eating “sump’tn”, but it sure “ain’t” rainbows

    Env$romenta$$st – that’s a hoot


  2. Holy crap! Did “Teddy” just come back from “Bill & Teds” Wild Adventure? What a freakin moron. I’ve seen biased writing before but this idiot takes eats the cake. “Journalist” I think not. More like narrow minded, opinionated, queeny style excerpt on verbally trashing anything “Teddy” can think of about horses. The Denver Post can’t be trying to insult our intelligence by publishing this quagmire of lies and misinformation without comment. Teddy, time to jump back into that time machine with Bill, and leave real journalism to capable humans not aliens from the past. Anybody able to research the history of the carnage humans have caused to equines will see this guy hates horses and should be writing about the joys of slaughtering animals.


    • I can’t believe this guy is able to write for the Denver Post?..

      He’s acts like a warmed up left over from the 60’s still high and not dry.


    • That would be the Audubon Society. High Country New just recently published this same “writing.”. I am thinking the editors of these publications are walking the thin line of bowing to outside interests and their professions as journalists.

      It is quite possible he is a mouthpiece for Safari Hunt International who are real life enemies of the wild horses and burros.


  3. Agreed Windsong! Ted has been raising my ire as a terror and wingnut at the Audubon magazine for decades. It was a sad era that they allowed this hooligan to have a column that was so right of wrong I cannot describe it. I am so glad they sacked him when he told folks how to poison feral cats in Florida. Maybe Audubon will get out from under the bad influences of such smucks as Safari Club International and stick to the huge die off of song birds from Monsantos magic crops that kill insects and the birds who eat them, Go suck an egg, Ted.


  4. I will comment there. Other than wanting to barf its like he has this dry sense of humor (which I don’t get), only no one else gets it either.

    Maybe he got invited to that horse fest that Davey gave and got a bit of Bute on the side to go. Only in his case he now thinks with the head between the legs and not the one above his shoulders.

    Gross inaccuracies abound. Wonder what this paper will do to his credentials…?


  5. Sad disrespectful a-hole here for sure-should lose his job for sure! Joe Mette.




    Audubon writer Ted Williams suspended, pulled from masthead, for Orlando Sentinel column on feral cats

    Update, 3/25/13: The media are starting to take note of Williams’ suspension. See the article and the list of links below for more coverage of this story.

    Veteran conservation journalist Ted Williams, who for years has penned the Incite column for Audubon magazine, has been suspended and had his name removed from the publication’s masthead, after he wrote a column on controlling feral cats for the Orlando Sentinel.
    Williams was punished for an online opinion piece that restated his previously published conclusion that feral cats decimate wildlife populations, including endangered species. But he also included a paragraph near the end that spelled the end, at least temporarily, of Williams’ tenure with Audubon magazine (scroll down for Audubon’s statement):

    There are two effective, humane alternatives to the cat hell of [Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR)]. One is Tylenol — a completely selective feral-cat poison. But the TNR lobby has blocked its registration for this use. The other is trap and euthanize. TE is practiced by state and federal wildlife managers; but municipal TE needs to happen if the annihilation of native wildlife is to be significantly slowed.
    The column, but primarily that paragraph, resulted in a campaign by Alley Cat Allies to get Audubon to dismiss Williams.

    The group, “the only national advocacy organization dedicated to the protection and humane treatment of cats,” said Williams had “recommend[ed] that feral cats should be poisoned with Tylenol.”


  7. Oh look! Welfare cows have a spokesman! To say horses are not indigenous to the American landscape is disingenuous at best. Explain the pictures in cave drawings that date prior to Cortez! I’m not an overly educated person but I feel I can safely presume the people who made the cave drawings of horses didn’t travel to other continents to see them! That stated, lets presume the horses came from Spanish conquistadors 300 years ago. How long does something have to be somewhere adapting to its environment before it is called native?

    Regardless of whether horses are indigenous or invaders, my understanding is studies show the horses RESTORE the range and that CATTLE are responsible for desertification, fouling of water sources and decimation of native wildlife.

    So I ask: How much are the corporate interests and cattle ranchers paying you and do you charge by the word?


  8. Has anyone else noticed that, NOW, when you click on to the above link to the Denver Post story…you can’t there. The link takes you to a page that then directs you to a brand new page of the Post, which makes it much harder to find the original article. Wonder WHAT happened?


    • you are correct, Louie – this LINK does still work. And I definitely posted MY opinion of “”washed-out-teddy-wh0eVer” also! there are SO many worthy and interesting comments there –» but the piece by “LAURABELL” is the MUST-READ**
      you gotta go read them all, if you haven’t already. 😀


    • Absolutely. Who the heck cares what this know-nothing Ted Williams hack writes? He calls horses “feral livestock” – an oxymoron demonstrating that he lacks very basic comprehension of the English language.

      By the way, someone has debated horse-eater David Duquette on the radio concerning horse slaughter. You may or may not remember that on March 22, 2012 Scott Beckstead, Oregon Director for the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), debated Duquette on OPB/NPR (Oregon Public Broadcasting/National Public Radio), see:

      In the written transcript that accompanies the audio, the devil Duquette himself posts his “opinion” in response to another poster who was discussing rendering carcasses.


      • unfortunately that OR PBR link also says, “oops that page n0 longer exists”. however, click “find it on home page”.. then Search their site for “Duquette” (quite a # of results popUp)


      • Sorry. Thanks. I didn’t actually have it saved and found it by a google search of “Scott Beckstead and David Duquette debate horse slaughter.” The page and audio still exist somewhere in cyberspace.


  9. So tell me, with fewer and fewer Wild Horses in their DESIGNATED HMA’s, who has taken over the 2 million acres that have been fenced off and no longer accessible to AMERICA’s Wild Horses and Burros??? Everywhere you look there are cattle and sheep fouling up the waterholes while the horses stand on the other side dying. Since WHEN is it LEGAL to fence off FEDERAL PROPERTY that BELONGS to America’s Wild Horses and give the water holes/rights to the squatters????? The cattlemen and sheep herders DO “NOT” have legal rights to this land yet BLM keeps forfeiting that which does not belong to them!!!! That’s just for starters!!!! PZP has been PROVEN to be effective in controlling populations YET the BLM insists on the “MOST” expensive route with removal, separating families, and long term housing. However, it is my OPINION that these Wild Horses are being snuck thru the cracks and sent off to slaughter, just like with the 1,700 that Tom Davis so mysteriously found homes for but can’t produce PROOF!!! Are the cattle actually used for anything other than dog food??? With the downsizing of AMERICANS eating meat, I find it difficult to believe that this many cattle are necessary for the market. So what really happens to them???? As well as the sheep????
    Regardless of the fact that this guy doesn’t have a clue about the real situation, it doesn’t dismiss the LEGAL ISSUES by the BLM and the unbalance of cattle versus wild horses when the LAND is FEDERALLY GIVEN TO THE WILD HORSES (feral or otherwise), not the ranchers.


      • The BLM is the “Gestapo” these days and it’s time to round up all the advocates and get the Insanity stopped!!! Brutal, Inhumane, Moronic organization on the lose in the worst way in this country!!!!!


    • The philosophy of public agencies to be more like businesses for the past 10-15 years has created this idea that public lands ought to be leased (more & more) for cattle grazing and oil/gas exploration. The result is that wildlife they consider nuisances, especially our beautiful horses, are being targeted for extinction. The BLM is just a tool for (welfare) cattle ranchers and multinational corporations.

      Public lands are parks and preserves. They are not supposed to be exploited for profit. They are not supposed to be leased. That is why Teddy Roosevelt saved so much of the west in the first place. We need to reclaim our heritage before it is too late.


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