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Judge Blocks Permit for MO. Horse Slaughter Plant


“four horse veterinarians provided information that horses can receive more than 100 different drugs that are not authorized for use in humans, cattle, hogs or poultry”

Rain Horse courtesy of Lydia Rose

Rain Horse courtesy of Lydia Rose

A judge has blocked a Missouri company from obtaining a permit for a horse slaughter facility, at least temporarily.

Cole County Judge Daniel Green ordered the Department of Natural Resources wait to issue a wastewater permit to Rains Natural Meats, which had proposed to operate the facility near Gallatin, until after he hears the case.

The company submitted an application to DNR for the permit, which would allow it to collect and land-apply the wastewater from its proposed horse slaughter facility.

But three parties sued the DNR to block the permit. One is Barbara Sink, a Daviess County resident who is described in the lawsuit as “passionate about horses” and would be “aggrieved” if the horse slaughter plant were to open, and the other two are Missouri horse rescue groups.

The opponents — staunch opponents of horse slaughter — argue the facility would involve the slaughter of horses treated with a gamut of drugs that could be dangerous to human health.

“While the type of permit Rains applied for would allow the discharge of certain substances, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, oil and grease, the permit does not authorize the storage and land application of these equine drugs which are banned for use in humans and other animals,” said Steve Jeffery, attorney for the plaintiffs. “Consequently, DNR lacks legal authority to approve Rains’ application.”

David Rains, vice president of Rains Natural Meats, called the judge’s order “illegal” and said he was fighting to have it overturned.

“It’s all done on emotion and not on science,” he said.

Rains said opponents of the proposed horse-slaughter plant have argued runoff from the facility would contaminate the water or soil in the area. But “all the blood and the offal goes to the rendering companies, so none of it is dumped by any means,” he said.

His company has intervened in the lawsuit and said the next showdown will be at a hearing set for Thursday.

According to the petition filed by Jeffery, four horse veterinarians provided information that horses can receive more than 100 different drugs that are not authorized for use in humans, cattle, hogs or poultry. They also said studies show those drugs are contained in the wastewater at horse slaughter facilities.

USDA officials have suggested that Rains Natural Meats is on the verge of securing a permit from the Food Safety Inspection Service to open the horse slaughter plant. FSIS has already issued two other permits for horse-slaughter operations — one in New Mexico and another in Iowa.

But Rains said the USDA will not give his company a permit until the Missouri Department of Natural Resources green-lights the request to operate a “closed lagoon,” where workers would “clean and wash the animals down after they’re skinned.”

That permit is what’s at issue in the state lawsuit.

DNR has until Sept. 5 to file a response to the lawsuit.

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  1. In reference to David Rains’ comment “It’s all done on emotion and not on science.” Great! This society needs more emotion based decisions, our emotions are our compass. Compassionate decisions signify that we are listening to our hearts, not our heads. Not our pockets.


  2. What is very disturbing is FSIS/USDA are green lighting these apparently illegal operatons. Passed the buck so it seems. Ducking their directive to ensure processes are producing safe food, starting from the handling to packaging and everything in between. Just as the abuse and misHandling of animals of other species have been revealed at slaughter, we can rest assured horses will also – all within tthe sight and hearing of the inspectors.

    It comes to mind that these agencies might need to be downsized and employees given pink slips. As in private sector if you don’t do a good job and yor product is unCceptable, you gone!


    • A lot of our government agencies don’t have what it takes to stand up to industry demands lately. There’s either a conflict of interest, or something.


  3. “Rains Natural Meats” is an oxymoronic name for what he intends to market. Time after time the evidence is presented to these people concerning the toxicity of horse meat. Yes, we are emotional about this subject, but when compassion,decency and ethics are ignored for the almighty dollar, scientific facts are presented and still discounted. It’s like talking to a tree stump.


  4. Bravo Judge Green !

    At least someone of authority is showing concern for the environment unlike this wannabe horse slaughter facility who clearly cannot see past their emotional almighty buck quest – course that would be blood money in scientific terms


  5. When will the government ever get around to outlawing horse slaughter and the transport to slaughter. Isnt it plain to them by now that Americans do not want their horses to be slaughtered!! And why are the Europeans still accepting our drug tainted horse meat for humans to eat? Besides, who would want to eat this meat? Why cant they raise their own horses for slaughter in their own countries? Seems to me, that would make sense! Then they wouldnt have to worry about getting tainted meat!! And to take a horse that has been a childs pet or a prize winning show horse that has only known kindness and trust from their humans and to betray that trust and respect by sending them to an auction and in the hands of a kill buyer who will abuse them, hurt them and treat them like garbage and then to face the ultimate abuse at a slaughter plant, has got the be the most horrible, evil, inhumane thing that mankind has ever done to an animal!! We are not heathens here in America!! At least over 80% of us arent, so why should we be forced to have to endure having slaughter plants in our communities! Why should we have to have the ground water polluted and have to see and hear the screams of the poor horses being tortured and killed? And all for the sake of a handful of evil, disgusting killers who have only the love of money in their hearts!!! Its time to stop this already!! I will never vote for anyone who condones this practice!!


  6. Some how, some way, horse slaughter needs to be broadcasted wide and far ON TV at night for ALL to SEE to HEAR, cause I am telling you even though a survey say’s 80% are against it, there are still a huge number of people that do not have a CLUE this is happening, why would they, you don’t hear about it, you don’t see anything about it, SO HOW would one know and this is what some of our Gov. wants they don’t want it broadcasted, so hence no reports on nightly news, papers, everything is on the computer ONLY…. My personal opinions is anyone who endorses horse slaughter are the scum of the earth, greedy evil entity’s, I won’t call them human’s….


    • When I was a Commercial Broadcast TV engineer in the O.C., we ran paid 30 minutes infomercials that were actually public service announcements, from places like ASPCA, PETA, GREENPEACE, WORLDWILD LIFE FUND and many more. They ran on Saturday mornings and after midnight but believe me, a lot of people watch at those hours. If you were to create a chip-in fund that could pay for the production of such 30 minute PSA and subsequent airings THAT COULD BE A START OF A HUGE AWARENESS CAMPAIGN. The more times you air it, the cheaper they become, too!
      Just an idea! 🙂


  7. I still want to know where all these so call horse slaughter plants are going to sale this toxic meat. Just read that the New 2013 EU report has ban American horses and that none of these plants in the USA has EU approval. So are they going to try to push off this toxic meat to the American people?


  8. All great and wise comments! Thank you advocates for speaking out and for those that cannot. If you really want to be heard, and you want more people to see this issue, use this link and contact every paper listed in your area, write an opinion, send it to the editor. Now, how easy is that? Get busy, 30 days is a very short window of notice to get folks on board! We must get the SAFE Act passed! You will also find links on this page to send a letter to your representative (and I highly recommend that you print it out and personalize it as well) And always, please be sure to mention our beloved donkeys/burros!


  9. Thank God Missourians are speaking out to stop this. “Clean and wash”….I want to vomit. How would they clean away the carcinogens in the meat so people don’t consume it. There are no words to describe the pain I would feel if a horse is slaughtered for consumption in the US….and literally thousands of other people. This cannot happen in the US, and if the EU gets on top of this like they should, they should not allow any horse meat that originates in the US in their food chains. It turns my stomach to even have to use the words “horse meat.” Heartbreaking AND disgusting!


    • What? You don’t know that the meat is going to foreign countries like Belgium, France, Japan and many other uncivilized countries. Notice how I included those three countries as uncivilized, since this is definitely an indication of how really 3rd world mentality they possess. Over there it is a delicacy! As a matter of fact, a Belgium company owned one or more of the previous horse slaughterhouses that were forced to close in 2007.

      That toxic meat is not allowed to be sold/ or eaten here in USA. Our government knows it is poison. Two safety standards, one for the foreigners and one for Americans.


  10. People use the voice that god gave you and start speaking for the horses. The more voices the more results. I always notice people voicing there opinions on these type of pages or facebook but actually never do anyhing. Yes, there is a work to be done to get this SAFE ACT passed but only voices will actually be heard…do something.


  11. What kind of bacteria, viruses, parasites, chemicals, carcinogens, fungi, etc, etc, etc will be found in these “closed lagoons” where the skinned animals will be “washed down”? Not to mention all the caustic chemicals they’ll be using to wash them down – all of this will be a giant soup of contamination that will seep into the ground water, attract insects and animals, stink up the whole area & become a microcosm of the very things the environment will be infected with no matter how the waste is collected, stored & disposed of in any of the other slaughter plants. They have an answer for everything & its just the same old thing in a different looking package. Still Very Bad for the Environment & the Horses!!


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