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9/11: We Will NEVER Forget

Commentary by R.T. Fitch ~ president/co-founder Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“Etched into our beleaguered memory is the exact moment in time and the location of the space we were occupying when first we heard that innocent American women, children and men were under attack and dying on the very soil that we once considered to be so safe, the United States of America.  On that horrible and tragic day a band of religious crazed zealots changed the way that every single American viewed their family, their country and the world.  We sought peace and solace, that day, and we found it in the pasture amongst our horses where they patiently held still while we clung to their necks and cried in despair.  We changed that day, we all did and because of that equine tie my eyes cannot help but leak each and every time I view the Clydesdales in that one singular commercial produced by Budweiser “Respect”.  It’s not about the beer, it’s not about commercializing an American tragedy, but instead it is about the horses.  Let’s be kind to each other and our equine companions, this day, as we remember those who perished 12 long years ago…a moment of silence…Keep the Faith” ~ R.T.

Information and verification of this commercial can be found at

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  1. We will never forget that day !!!! I to clung to the Horses and cried, I always find solace with them, they are my Pillar of strength, they alone have gotten me through life’s terrible moments……..The Budweiser horses in this video are amazing, the horses are always filled with respect and honor !!!!! It is their turn to receive some respect and honor in return !!!!! With the FREEDOM they so well deserve !!!!!!!


    • the Horses always give me such awesome things to be even more proud of them !! They alone are a driving force of power and honor!!!!!!


  2. And now it’s OK for Kirgystan to import Canadian draft horses to breed for slaughter?:(
    I think all of us in the west need to take a good long look at our own hypocritical culture, we have massive problems here.


  3. I will never ever forget that day. I don’t think a single American made it through that day without some tears shed. Thousands of INNOCENT lives were lost and families torn apart forever and ever and ever. In my many years there are some days that will never be forgotten as long as I live. September 11, 2001 is one.


  4. Since that fateful day the US government has steadfastly refused to implement the visa exit tracking system that could have prevented a lot of this. If this had been in place and enforced all of the killers would have been deported from the country long before this was pulled off. If a law had been in place that allowed passengers to intervene when a hijacker tried to take over a passenger plane instead of facing arrest if they made a move to attack the hijacker, this wouldn’t have happened. I blame the US government and the politicians in office at that time for allowing this to happen. A lot of them are still in office today.


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