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Front Range Equine Rescue and Others Block Missouri Horse Slaughter Plant in Federal Court

“A reprieve for the horses!”

The United States District Court should block federal inspections at a Missouri horse slaughter plant, per a motion filed by Front Range Equine Rescue and The Humane Society of the United States along with other horse protection organizations and several individuals. Last week, the United States Department of Agriculture announced imminent plans to provide inspections at the Missouri plant Rains Natural Meats, which would allow the facility to begin slaughtering horses for human consumption.

The United States District Court for the District of New Mexico granted a motion filed in July by Front Range and The HSUS to temporarily block similar inspections that USDA had authorized at horse slaughter facilities in New Mexico and Iowa. That temporary injunction remains in place pending the court’s consideration of a lawsuit filed by Front Range and The HSUS alleging that USDA violated the National Environmental Policy Act by authorizing inspections without conducting the necessary environmental review. This latest motion asks the court to extend the temporary restraining order to cover inspections at Rains Natural Meats, as well.

“Judge Armijo ruled on our emergency motion to stop the MO plant from opening on Monday. ” says a post on Front Range’s Facebook page.

“The USDA is enjoined from providing horse slaughter inspections until October 4. She has assigned another judge to an evidentiary hearing. He will rule on whether they can start on October 4 or continue being unable to provide inspection of horse meat at Rains Natural Meats in MO. The slaughter plant through its attorney has filed attempting to get bond money. However, the plant itself is not enjoined so one would think they are not entitled, but in my opinion the law is about as reliable as politicians. We are very happy and relieved for the horses though.”

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  1. Thank you, Front Range Equine Rescue, Humane Society of the United States and everyone else working to stop horse slaughter! A big “thumbs up!”


  2. Cheers to Front Range Equine Rescue Humane Society of the United States for stopping the slaughter of horses, and a huge hug to everyone who joins in the cause to STOP this horrendous act of cruelty!


  3. I thank you Front Range and HSUS from the bottom of my heart for stopping this. We’ll keep fighting until this is over and horse slaughter is banned!


  4. We have so much work to do and this is so commendable. thank you Front Range and HSUS for your determination to keep the ban on horse slaughter. We will continue to fight for our horses right to live, and be free. Yes we are many and we will fight, fight, fight like hell to keep people from doing this evil act. Horses are incredible animals and we must protect them. They need us to speak loud and clear. Pass laws to protect our wild horses and domestic horses. We must stand up and speak. I will fight for them always. To all of you out there encourage your friends to do the same. I am a wild horse advocate and I speak every day about them to someone. People do not know what is going on with our horses. inform them, take the knowledge and speak for them. Our horses depend on us, all of us. Oh how I love my wild and domestic horses. I love all animals. I fight every day to keep the killers out of the mix. Do it my friends, just do it.


    • No appropriations bills have passed yet as law–they have only come out of committee. Now they are talking about a continuing resolution to continue as is until December. They can’t get it done–too busy arguing about other things to get the budget stuff done–call your rep.


  5. Because my parents live in NM my focus had been there and I forgot about MO. Sure and glad Front Range and HSUS did not. Good job guys.


  6. HSUS, Front Range Equine Rescue and others block the Missouri Horse Slaughter Plant. So, that’s all that were trying to open so far. It’s temporary stay until the more detailed court action. Z2z hugs, DMCQ


  7. The comments reflect the spirit and hope that has been inside of us from the very beginning. This is an important move, very responsible, well thought out move by the judge. Thanks for the integrity of this judge. As well the move by HSUS reaffirms WE ARE IN IT TO WIN IT! Slaughterhouse sue still is edgeing in behind us trying to see over our shoulders, but the nationwide circle around the horsez just gets wider and tighter. Farm and cattle people who are wising up to the deception of horse slaughter are denouncing it. Regular folks are piping up, finding a voice to shout NO! And HSUS is under crazy scrutiny but they REALLY do care. We are stronger in large numbers, so please keep speaking out to reps, legislators, congressmen, even The White House. People only hear us when we talk, do keep speaking up!


  8. http://horsebackmagazine.com/hb/archives/24712

    Physician’s Committee Issue Plea to Stop Tainted Horsemeat

    WASHINGTON, (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) – The meat industry is working hard to introduce horse meat into the national and international food supply, putting both human health and America’s horses in danger. We are working hard to put a stop to it, and we need your voice.
    Because horses in the United States are raised as companions and sport animals—not for human consumption—they are routinely given hundreds of drugs and chemicals that could cause harm to human health if their meat is ingested. Many of these substances have never been tested on humans, while some are known to be deadly if ingested by people. These pharmaceuticals—steroids, antibiotics, growth promoters, sedatives, artificial hormones, vaccines, painkillers, and others—are often labeled “not for use in animals used for food/that will be eaten by humans,” and more than 50 drugs regularly administered to horses are expressly prohibited by federal regulations for use in food animals.
    There is no system in place to track these medications and veterinary treatments to ensure that horse meat is safe for human consumption. Even small traces of these chemicals in adulterated horse meat could pose serious health risks, most of which are completely unknown.
    Horses have routinely been shipped to Canada and Mexico for years now, but recently Congress gave the USDA authority to inspect horse slaughter plants again, essentially legalizing it in the United States. This is a terrible development for horses and human health, but fortunately, some forward-thinking members of Congress have stepped in by introducing the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act, a bill to prohibit the sale and transport of horse meat and horses intended for human consumption. Please take a moment to ask your senators and representative to co-sponsor and support the SAFE Act.
    Please take action: Tell your members of Congress to co-sponsor and support the SAFE Act, a bill to keep toxic horse meat out of the food supply. Please call or e-mail their offices today.


  9. I sincerely appreciate and thank Front Range Equine Rescue,The Humane Society of the United States and the many others who have been instrumental in supporting our wild and domestic horses. We all must continue to speak out and do whatever is necessary to bring justice for these magnificent creatures. Horses are not fit for human consumption, as the article clearly states, and should not be in the food chain here in America, or elsewhere. This message must get out…loud and clear!


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