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Wild Horses Were Not Enough, Feds Ripped Bison From Park, Too

Source: By Brian Gehring of the Bismark Tribune

“We got what we needed to get done before the looming shutdown,”

TRNP BisonOne hundred and fifty bison have been removed from the Theodore Roosevelt National Park and relocated.

Bill Whitmore, chief of resource management for the park, called the operation a “partial roundup” that took place at the same time the park rounded up wild horses for sale in Wishek.

Whitmore said the roundups, which have been conducted since the 1950s, are normally done every three to four years to keep the population of the bison within management goals.

“We had some extra air time,” Whitmore said, referring to the helicopters hired to round up the wild horses.

Whitmore said a dozen of the bison went to the Buffalo Museum in Jamestown with the rest of the them going to the Intertribal Bison Cooperative to fill orders for tribes in the region.

Whitmore said the roundups are conducted every few years and alternate between the park’s north and south units.

He said the management goal for the north unit is to keep the herd at about 200, with a goal of between 200 and 500 in the south unit.

The bison were taken from the park’s herd in the south unit which now numbers about 450 animals, Whitmore said.

“We got what we needed to get done before the looming shutdown,” he said, referring to the federal shutdown because of the budget impasse.

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    • These BLM guys are not smart enough to use PZP–it doesn’t cost enough money/ They measure their brilliance by how much money they can waste tearing up God’s country!!


      • Ditto! And the government has shut down National Parks including Veteran Memorials with veterans 80 and 92 yrs old coming from Oregon for this once in a lifetime opportunity to visit in Washington DC, yet the Congressmen aren’t interested in just shutting down all the round up operations, BLM, USFS, and these wild horses & bison and burros that the National Parks staff and budget used to serve up bison meat for sale now via the Indians they were delivered to???? BLM alone awarded $6 million to helicopter contractors this year. Where the H are they getting the money if our nation is so deeply in debt? Wouldn’t roundups of wildlife be considered “nonessential services”??? Look at how the BLM continues to increase their budgets as the national debt goes into to the 13 trillions. Make sense? NADA.


  1. They are idiots and are trying to play God. What?? Are they going to manage them to near extinction so they can pay another idiot millions of dollars to bring them back? Or are they planning to let all that land burn like the forests they ruined with their asinine “management” arrangements? If the land is left like God made it it keeps producing food for the animals he made for that particular part of the world.. Everything man sticks his nose into, he ruins!

    Too bad the shut down didn’t come with these aholes stuck on the land the horses and buffalo were on–maybe they could have figured out how to kill a few for food!! As my dad always said, “If you take a sensible person and send him to college, he comes out a college educated idiot”. He was so right, as usual.


  2. So When Are They Going to Declare Open Season On The Bald Eagle? Seems They Decide What Is Indigenous To This Country, No Matter What Science Dictates. Seems These Rancher types Have Their Own Science.. I’ve Said It Before And Say It Again.. This Country Had Gone To Hell In A Hand Let’s Really Cut The Budget And Get Ruud Of The BLM Ranchers And Their Cohorts The FFws As Well. Let’s Declare Open Season OnThem And Use Extra Air Time To RoundThem Up And Misplace Their FaT AssesTo A Slaughter House Somewhere..Maybe Mississippi?


  3. Same with the wolves. In the past 1 1/2 years, massacred to near extinction…in over 7 states. How much did it cost to bring the wolves back from endangered? Millions $$$! Wild horses & bison are next…& they are on the food chain too. Our government is not functioning well in many areas. Mother Nature is NOT to be so abused!


  4. OMG!!!! This is INSANE!!.
    The BLM is on a roll. It seems the Fracking has taken such massive
    priority…America needs to Wake up this is Frightening to see such
    massive removal of everything. Our Wild Horses suffering and now a
    Fracking Well everywhere. This is really bad news for us with regards to
    our health and longevity….MR. OBAMA pull your head out of your a@@.
    DOI-can’t pull their heads out. They have an AGENDA and no one is
    stopping it.


  5. Oh, and did anyone else appreciate the “WTH, we had extra air time with the helicopters and thought we’d scoop up some bison…” comment?

    Sounds like a ton of science, facts, regulatory guidance and oversight in that effort, right? Arrogant JERKS….that is one group that I am happy about not getting paychecks’ although I’ll bet DOI and USDA have a clause that protects roundup activities as “essential”. POS!.


  6. I think we have the worst, most dysfunctional government since the beginning of time. It said on the news that the President had to cancel a trip to Asia because of the government shutdown. Awwwww.


  7. I think there is a grand scheme known only to the BLM pieces of crap….that organization NEEDS to be disbanded, they do more harm than good. Its about to the point that they need to be met with a large group of armed American citizens and told to take a hike…..


  8. This, too, is likely to be the result of the 1997 Update to the International Plant Protection Convention where the protection of plants from invasive plants and animal pest species. USDA invasive Species Laws per international treaties.

    Protecting plants (in the name of removing animals that people are willing to travel into the wild to see) is the priority of this administration. The BLM is only doing what the law and the discretion of the DOI Secretary tell them to do. The decision making is far above their heads. The goal is to eradicate the wild horses through controlling their numbers to the point where genetic diversity is lost and the herd’s collapse.

    I wish I could say this was the work of idiots. Instead it is the work of evil people put in a place of power by us.


  9. “The only water we have is from a certain aquifer and this MULTI-NATIONAL URANIUM MINING COMPANY is now applying to drill through this aquifer by pumping heavy metals and arsenic down into holes to extract uranium.”

    ‘Running Wild’: New film tells the remarkable story of a wild horse rescuer
    In the 25 years that I have worked to build the wonderful Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary with the help of Susan Watt, we have created a place for wild horses and all forms of wildlife.
    The only water we have is from a certain aquifer and this multi-national uranium mining company is now applying to drill through this aquifer by pumping heavy metals and arsenic down into holes to extract uranium.

    My fear is they will pollute the aquifer, an aquifer that is already polluted from a 1950s mining operation. We will do anything to stop this type of mining from infiltrating our water supply. Uranium is so dangerous and has a hideous afterlife. The Black Hills has two sources of income; agriculture, and tourism, and if you contaminate the water supply for short-term goal, it will wreak irreparable damage to this part of the world. Now our aquifer is being threatened, and we have to ask ourselves, ‘Will what little they gain from this justify what we stand to lose?’ No. Then, after the miners come in to destroy our aquifer, they can just pull out and go back to Canada or where ever else they are based.

    It’s still too early to say what is going to happen but currently you have just a few board members from different permitting agencies making these decisions that can change the lives of so many people. It should be put up to a public vote, because the majority of the public does not want this mining to happen in the Black Hills.


    • Yes Louie~~~my family still lives in the Black Hills and the aquifer that runs under the Hills is the Mandan and they are seeing well problems there already and NO they do not want mining


  10. Running Wild: The Life of Dayton O. Hyde (DOCUMENTARY)
    At the age of 88, most people might prefer to sit back, relax, and leave the hard work to the youngsters. Not Dayton Hyde. The rancher, author, lecturer and conservation activist is a man on a mission to preserve the few unspoiled landscapes left in the West and the wildlife that lives there


  11. “National Parks Closed While House Votes To Sell Off 3.3 Million Acres of Public Land”

    While 401 national parks across the U.S. are closed during the government shutdown, the House Natural Resources Committee is still meeting Thursday to vote on a bill that would force the fire sale of 3.3 million acres of public land.

    The bill, sponsored by Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, mandates selling off public land in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming to the highest bidder, ThinkProgress reported. The Disposal of Excess Federal Lands Act of 2013 (HR 2657) is supposed to provide funs to reduce the deficit.

    Chaffetz’s home state of Utah loses $4.4 million every day because its five national parks are under government closure.

    More …


    Bio-Prospecting Partnerships Pose Ethical and Conservation Conflicts
    Posted on Jan 22, 2013
    Washington, DC — The National Park Service (NPS) has unveiled detailed plans for licensing agreements with corporations developing products from park resources. This public-private profit sharing gives park managers direct and powerful incentives to commercially harness park resources, according to public comments filed today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER).

    Today marks the end of public comment on a Director’s Order spelling out corporate research partnership policies and a 176-page Benefits-Sharing Handbook detailing steps park managers must follow. These are the product of a more than six-year regulatory effort by NPS to designate parks as “federal laboratories.”

    “This convoluted policy could become a full-employment act for consultants, eating up what little benefits may be derived,” added Ruch, noting that NPS has already paid benefits-sharing advisors hundreds of thousands of dollars. “Transforming parks into corporate profit centers is fraught with peril for what many call America’s Best Idea.”

    The embrace of corporate partnerships is central, however, to the current NPS Director Jon Jarvis’ strategic plan, titled “A Call to Action.” One major plank of that plan calls for soliciting a billion-dollar corporate endowment before the NPS centennial in 2016.


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