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Media War on Wild Horses and Burros Continues

An unabashed OpEd (rant?) by R.T. Fitch ~ president/co-founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“We ain’t as stupid as they think we are!!!”

BLM's public version of America's Wild Horse

BLM’s public version of America’s Wild Horse

I let it go a month ago; you could Google “Wild Horse” and multiple hits would come up from dozens of publications talking about the Wild Horse Apocalypse where grass crazed unwanted wild horses were multiplying faster than cockroaches and are trampling public lands into oblivion.  Give me a break.

The onslaught was so outlandish and over the top I simply let it go and refused to give it any credence as it was obviously motivated by grazing interests who have bought into their own crazed propaganda. “Wild horse herds double in size every four years.”  Do the math, dumb ass, every mare, foal, colt and stallion would have to drop a baby to bring that around.

Now, October 2013, the attack has returned with the added twist of sending our wild horses off to slaughter because the Buereau of Land Management (BLM) is creating a false emergency by continuing to strip our public lands of federally protected wild horses so that they can warehouse them on private land with their buddies to the tune of $500 bucks per horse per year.  Even though the BLM cannot cipher correctly they DO admit that they have more horses warehoused and in concentration camps with their buds than are now free on the range.  (50,000 allegedly in private concentration camps with about 25,000 left on the range in unviable herds, thank you very much BLM rocket scientists.)

This has always been the goal, the motivation and the ‘out’ for this federal grazing company; kill the horses and if you Google “wild horse” today you will find articles in PBS, DVM and even Al Jazeera promoting the slaughter of our wild horses in an effort to solve “the problem”.  The BLM has some unusual bedfellows but when you operate outside of the law and work against the American public who pays your wages I guess it just drives one to loose their moral compass and listen only to the dark side.  I, for one, am sick of it.

I don’t want to hint to conspiracy nor will I strategize online as the federal losers that we fund visit here, daily, but I will say that it is time to fight fire with fire.

Turn up the volume, get the truth out there and bury these lies and outright propaganda with the facts, the science and the conviction that all we red-blooded Americans share…Pass the S.A.F.E. Act!!!!

We have been bullied for the last several weeks by elected thugs in Washington D.C. and those we will deal with come election day but now that the Federal parasites at the BLM are back to work it is time to share, extol, inform others of the fact that our Federal government is working very, very hard (in collusion) to manage our wild equines into permanent extinction.

I, for one, will not stand idly by nor will I go quietly into the night.

We WILL set the truth free and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Keep the faith.

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  1. Good morning R.T. Fitch, I went out my aol and now I can’t get back into your article the “Media War on Wild Horses and Burros Continues”. Just letting you know. Thank you.

    Patty Hamilton


  2. I was able to get into this article. It appears that the Government, BLM and others want to misled the public into thinking that there are too many wild horses. That the horses are destroying the land. This might be a plot so that they can kill off the wild horses. As sick as it seems they want to kill off the wild horses for a number of reasons. This will give the oil companies, mining companies and some cattlemen can have the land. Also, I read that the U.S. Government wants to sell the land to pay off thier debt. land.


  3. I’m with you RT. Its time to stop all this and get the REAL facts out there. Its time for us to stand in the road if our American Wild Horses and Burros on put on the slaughter trucks. Its time for us ALL to come together now to show our power. Please just let us know what it is that we need to do. We need strong leadership to guide us so our strength all comes together with the most force.


  4. So letz see. If blm Payz welfare to their brothers in arms to hole up horses at 500.00 a horse why NOT let the advocates do with compassion? I had my cup of tea and crumpets for the week.from the government shutdown, so NOW its time to SMASH the damn SPIDER! I am tired of screams being unheard when it sits down beside of wild horses, and the public being publicly defrauded! I was mad last night, had dreams of my mother who passed away because of it, she said think of your grandfather, NEVER give UP! Grandpa loved wild horses and i will Never give up! For their memory and my son to grow and see them still running free while the.BLM itself resides in holding pen instead!


  5. I was unpleasantly surprised by the PBS story. Usually they are more evenhanded with a subject than that. Their news is usually considered better than the mainstream. I can’t believe that they would use the cattle rationale, because as our population continues to grow, and more and more cattle continue to be raised for our food (not mine), there will be less and less land and water for any living creature.


    • Barbara, have seen both shows. And also more information on Tim Christopher (?)
      People – all of us – need to pay more attention to this issue. Not just for the horses and burros (altho to me that’s important) but in regard to our air, water & land…


      • I agree , Maggie. At the rate everything is being destroyed I’m afraid there won’t be anything left for future generations. I’ve been a tree huger since my early 20’s and an animal lover since I was a toddler. Am now almost 75 and things have gotten a lot worse. Lately the war against our wild horses has really escalated , and here in KY we’re fighting Mt. top removal ,logging in the National Forest, air and water pollution and the Blue Gas pipeline now. Then there is always animal abuse. This is only in one state and one part of the World.The corruption is unbelievable. Mother Nature is very angry and she’s showing it big time.


  6. That’s not a very high density of wild horses at all – what about millions of cattle over millions of acres? The BLM needs to look at that, and we’re still waiting for an answer from the Interior Dept.


  7. The PBS Newshour video I saw simply told the Navajo side of the wild horse story. I didn’t see any negative story, other than the NM slaughterhouse de los Santos wants to open. It showed both sides.

    There was also a program with Ginger.

    Did I miss something?


  8. De Los Santos managed to slip in a jab to the horse advocates that is as unproven as the arson accusation he made. What happened to that, btw? I thought the Navajo story was an exaggeration because some horses are able to adapt to drought conditions, depending upon their breed. The unsavory background of de los Santos and his employees was not mentioned. They also failed to mention the discrepancy between cattle and horses grazing. If they are a problem for the Navajo, they can be relocated.


  9. They also didn’t mention that not all of the Navajo are for horse slaughter. If the horses are a problem, why can’t they be relocated? Because there’s no money to be made in it, and that is the real problem.


  10. Genocide in America
    Our own government is rounding up an innocent species, the wild mustang, and hauling them away. Taking their freedom away; hauling our freedoms away. To the barest of concentration camps where their is no shelter from the wind, the blizzards and cold. There they are separated, segregated, castrated and numbered or tattooed. While the strongest and prettiest are auctioned off much like the slaves of the past , for servitude, others are bought to be slaughtered only for profit or greed. Sadly the weak and old are left behind for life imprisoned from freedom only to await the next auction and their demise.
    Why should the United States ban the slaughter of the mustangs, our freedoms? Because it is genocide, Sad and true. The slaughter houses for our wild west is no different than the gas chambers of Nazi Germany, history sadly repeats itself.

    If you want to help the mustangs, help stop the genocide, Boycott Beef! BLM is beef! =


    • Michael, you are so right. What is going on with the BLM and our American Wild Horses is out of control. The BLM practice is so wrong but they want the American people to believe that they are the heros and that the Advocates that speak the truth are the crazies. This has to be turned around and the truth must be known to all.


  11. Yes, De Los Santos got by with his lie that his facility would be humane too. Also doubt if there are 75,000 horses on Navajo lands. It was a very poorly made video with those CO University AO’s on it too. I didn’t see where we could comment on this BS but we will never give PBS 1 cent. It has hunting programs also although I do watch the Nature programs like Ginger’s and the ones made in England.


  12. The burning question no one is asking is how many horses does a slaughter house need to process to make a profit. I have not found the figures on the internet (surprise!) but extrapolating form what I did find it looks like about 35,000 horses a year or 75-100 horses butchered each day. Ask the pro-slaughter advocates where those horses come from. There are not enough wild horses to keep even one slaughter house in business.


      • It is time to make the pro-slaughter people cough up the real numbers…and the real sources. Horse theft dropped to practically nothing as soon as the slaughter houses closed.


      • The secret side of slaughter is that the Native Horses wouldn’t have been enough for a years slaughter. This has been a sham from the beginning, shadows, and smoke and mirrors everywhere.


  13. I ignored the vid and went straight for the printed article, I cant really stand to see his lips move. As well the Navajos made an announcement denouncing publicly in news publications like the New York Times and Seattle PI that they were against horse slaughter and the Dine want to handle their horses in-house to protect them and their rights to their preservation. The PBS and others couldn’t have remarked on the largest anti-slaughter movement in history? They couldn’t cite these incredible sources and interview people who actually care?? Now for the rest of the days incredible dumbfounded crazy articles Bing horse meat! The articles listed are mind-numbing! The fact that the Irish media actually turned against the people who revealed the food fraud when it was first broadcast to the public-and then the articles on people looking to experiment with horse meat and actually in doing so are putting down other cultures because they have seek it out and look very hard to do so-culture means you are inside a lifestyle that includes consuming their foods and expressing their beliefs in which you may partake and learn. These people are making a mockery of the cultures of others as well as using it as an excuse to defend the horse slaughter industry-however, they miss the point we are attempting to education, protect, and express concerns towards other cultures so they are informed, and able to protect themselves from contaminated horse meats. The thin veil is lifted and the mockery from the other side continues. Then the plant in Canada that just opened is being protested, I gave links to people to learn how to fight the plants similar to what we are doing in America. Please make certain we keep abreast of all the insensitivity of the other side. They are attempting to brainwash people into believing their agenda is truth. We have to watch. Then to make funny an article about Wyoming education being at the lowest popped up in my educate America box and of course there was a link laid by Sue Wallis to this article as well. Why would Wyoming spend as much money as they do and have the lowest scores? Peak at her page and ask yourself again that question. She works for the government and supports overthrowing the government? She is pro-slaughter, pro-cattle, and against kind hearted animal people. She is for marijuana and high priced sports, rebellions in the farming community and allowing the farmers to sell direct leaving out the middle man? you know the pesky USDA?FDA? Well, I see, the proof of how a state can get low scores is readily available in one Facebook presentation. Sadly, these kids should be able to get the best education possible, however, they are being shown that the only thing you really need to do is smoke it up, scream against the government, do things your own way literally, and have your lobbyists make you tons of money off farm bills and rail against anti-slaughter and activists organizations in order to be able to legally kick their own dog when they feel like it! I shall take my milk can/soap box and head out now! I have had enough of the internet…I need to ride!


  14. Great article, sharing far & wide.
    The dark side; BLM, big oil/gas, special interest groups, eaters SSue & douche bag Dave are all beginning to release the momentum the SAFE Act is gaining! As of today, 10/17 there are 147 house co-sponsors & 46 in the sen. We’re NOT backing down!!! Join the herd lobbying the SAFE Act, checkout our public page:

    See daily updates & the latest update as to where the pending legislation is, currently both bills are in committee for review and don’t forget! “Like” the page & share/share/share!!!


    • My grandpas favorite song! Thank you, i am on my favorite horse and my phone bleeped, update on this blog….lo and behold my grandpas favorite song! I think somehow hes been watching them wild horses probably patting every horse thats.stolen from this earth as they run into the gates of heaven. Thanks, i needed that! I am gonna be standong, so are American flag, and my heart and my horses!


  15. AND our Burros
    Today…. From Marjorie.. Founder and President of Wild Burro Protection League – operating under Todd Mission Rescue

    Sorry about the late post it has been a very somber day ..
    When you look at the stars tonight, pick out the brightest one, and you will be seeing Charlie. From the moment Donna Stacey and Mike Murphy first brought me a tiny bundle of brown fur named Charlie, my world changed. I have orbited aroun…d this force in the universe for all of this charismatic little donkey’s three short months of life. Soon, I realized that I was not the only one who is in love with Charlie. Johnny has been head over heels in love with this darling baby from the moment he laid eyes on him. Each and every person who has had contact with Charlie has felt the same connection.

    Charlie was special. Everyone at TMR Rescue Inc. is devastated today. So are all the wonderful doctors at TAMU and Brazos Valley Equine Hospital who worked so hard to save this very special baby. It just was not to be. The shunt was too big and his liver could not withstand the new blood flow. He fought hard to live, now he lives in our memories.

    With all the rain, it is particularly gloomy but the sun did come out while we laid him to rest. It is the shared connection we all have that made me realize that it is important to allow all of you to have a chance to connect with Charlie one more time as you look for that brightest star. This morning, at 9:47 am Charlie’s spirit flew. He was resting in my arms, with his ears on my heart when his spirit was set free. He is now shining brightly down on all of us who loved him dearly. Thank you for all the love you sent his way. I know it helped.

    My heart is broken


  16. I’ve Been Preaching For A Long Time. I don’t Wait To Try To Close The Barn Door Until After The Horses Got Out. TheSAFE ACT is Tied Up In CommitteE Which Had Been The Case For All Of our Previous Bills And We All Know The Outcome Of Those. Now That Those rat bastards In Congress Are Back To Work,TheyWill Continue To Block That Bill Until The End Of The Year When They Go On Their Holiday Furlough..Paid, Of Course..


  17. I watch 60 Minutes on CBS for a variety of reasons, but I was disappointed in a recent story they produced on the NM horse slaughter plant owner who has been so ill treated and harassed by everyone. He cannot make money currently through this horrible torture for horses, the environment and the community. That was the point of view taken. There was no reporting on this guy’s previous violations in slaughtering cattle and polluting the environment all around the plant except to excuse and minimize it. There was no reporting about the terrible suffering of horses being slaughtered. There was no looking at what happened to communities who had slaughtering plants in the U. S. and the suffering of the citizens.

    I do believe that we must educate the producers of such biased reporting that we object to the lack of research and fact finding and investigation. We must provide them with names of people to contact, facts and where we got them. and the truth about the stories they are preparing to go public with. To some extent, we are gaining some appropriate media attention, more than ever before. We just must make that grow. There are still so many people who do not know What the facts are or how wrong and biased the media has been.


  18. There is NO “wild horse crisis” except in the minds of the BLM flunkies and their pals being paid to warehouse horses in what amounts to equine concentratin camps. Let those who want to produce privately-owned cattle for their private profits go out and buy some land to graze their cattle on. Keep public lands open for the use of the horses there, not the greedy “cattle barons.”


  19. I’m with RT; before the media buys this latest load of misinformation sight unseen, before all those agencies under the Department of Interior insert their less-than-accurate wild equine fantasies into the mainstream, before any asshat with money and a slaughterhouse and nothing better to do with their time continues to cry out about the hundreds of thousands of unwanted and excess domestic and wild equines just waiting in the wings to bring about an environmental melt down, you had better be prepared beyond a doubt to SHOW ME EVIDENCE. Because the word of these people and their ‘sources’ has absolutely no meaning. At ALL.
    In 2010, I saw nearly 200 wild horses ripped out of Twin Peaks, and at least that many in holding pens at Litchfield taken the day before. Friends and associates watched in the days that followed as almost 1400 more, including wild burros, were taken away – all but 59 permanently, every mare released dosed with PZP.
    In the months since, private individuals have taken to the air over Twin Peaks and presented visual evidence as to how few of these animals survive. A friend with 30 years experience in following and photographing Twin Peaks’ wild equines laments her inability to find them, particularly in the numbers the field office has routinely published (793 horses and 160 burros, post roundup in 2010. 1,020 and 215 for 2013, based on – what??)
    In just the past 5 years, no matter how many they take nationally in a given year, there are ALWAYS too many the next.
    These poorly-researched and less-than-factual stories coming out of main-stream media STILL make these stunningly stupid assertions about the coming of the Equine Apocalypse, armed with nothing more than the word of the parties who will profit the most from their removal or exploitation – reasons decidedly absent in those who advocate for equines.


  20. I watched the PBS report on the NM wild horses and was disgusted with the entire segment. They gave lots of attention to the maggot who wants to open the slaughterhouse in that state, allowing him to say he has the most humane way to slaughter horses available, he will provide jobs when his plant opens (never once saying that most of those jobs will go to illegals) that he is actually trying to do the horses and our citizens a favor by slaughtering our wild ones. A Navajo leader then says there are 70,000 wild horses in northern NM alone, and they are eating about 16 pounds of forage a day and drinking about 15 gallons of water a day, robbing the cattle of enough food and water! NO REBUTTAL TO THESE INSANE STATEMENTS! There’s more, but I urge you to do two things: see this package of lies yourself and complain to PBS loudly and succinctly. They gave about 1 minute to the head of the NM Animal Protection group who had to rush and not press his truthful points. Instead, they went back to the proposed slaughterhouse and showed the maggot owner shining up his slicing machinery, which is how the segment opened. I received calls and emails from neighbors of mine who know of my defense and advocacy of equines. These people said that based on that show, they think that the slaughterhouse should be considered if the poor horses are starving and dying and sent to Mexican slaughterhouses anyway. Someone from our side has to get to PBS for equal rebuttal time. As an esteemed colleague of mine stated above, another story shown on 20/20 recently took the same approach and presented the slaughterhouse person and idea in a favorable light. It makes me wonder about who the lobbyist or mouthpiece for NM slaughterhouse approval is and how she or he is getting this coverage. The same rancid female name keeps popping up in my mind. RT–thanks for your views on this obscenity and let’s get to work obtaining rebuttal time. I’m ready for prime time demonstrations…


  21. Thank you R.T.

    There is NO reason for wild horse and burro removal and destruction … because there are NO excess wild horses and burros on their legally designated land. In 1971, when Congress passed the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act, these animals were found roaming across 53,800,000 million acres. That amount of acreage could support approximately 224,267 wild horses and burros but even after 22,200,000 acres were stolen from the American people by government agencies the remaining 31,600,000 acres could support approximately 131,667 wild horses and burros today. It is currently independently estimated that only about 20,000 wild horse and burros are living on their legal land today and yet the government continues its aggressive removal and management toward annihilation.
    Per the 1971 Congressional Act, the land is to be devoted PRINCIPALLY but not exclusively to the wild horses and wild burros welfare in keeping with the multiple-use management concept of public lands. Definition of “principally”: First, highest, foremost in importance, rank, worth or degree, chief, mainly, largely, chiefly, especially, particularly, mostly, primarily, above all, predominantly, in the main, for the most part, first and foremost.

    The 1971 Congressional Act is the LAW of the United States of America and any policy or regulation or memorandum of understanding or decisions that BLM / USFS / USFW writes or proposes or takes action on that does not come under the umbrella of the law is illegal.

    I realize the above is a simplified summary of the issue but the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act is still the law of the American People as legalized by the Congress of the United States of America. When will we Americans take our country back for ourselves and our future generations?

    Keepin’ the Faith.


  22. PBS-you should be ashamed not presenting the anti-slaughter side and showing that Ben Shelly who is President of the Navajos and The Dine Medicine Men do not want to show support and withdrew in a couple of weeks ago to take care of the some 75,000 including getting the actual numbers which they conceded are much lower. Please where have you interviewed the people who are doing so much to prevent the horses from being slaughtered-yes they say it’s humane, but how many cattle get serious wounds just being hauled in the trailers. You did not mention that this is the largest anti-slaughter horse slaughter campaign in History and that 80 percent of people are opposed. That pet food cannot use horsemeat because its against the FEDERAL LAW in the United States for killing thousands of pets. Contact the USDA and they can confirm. This is really amazing you could talk with well known author R T Fitch and find out the score on what’s really going on with wild horses, or John Holland and his discovery the GAO was a fraudulent report and that there are not masses of horses just out there! You can talk to Victoria Hill or any number of people who not only are passionate but taking real legitimate action. There are people helping horses and adopting, saving animals on their own dime, yet you interview none of them. There are new groups that use only blind horses for parades, and horses that are blind that are now Officers on patrol and Good at it! There are many purposes for those so-called used up animals. After putting the story of Cloud and his family of Mustangs on your channel we became fans of PBS but what happened that you fed into the propaganda machine for this serious mush mellow pie of a story. How many horses have to be stolen, abused, neglected and injured before you realize that its the slaughter industry doing the actual abuse? Federal Indictments for Three Angels transport and then the Chavez trial for abuse and neglect, the George Baker trial, Leachman, and how did Tom Davies get out of his fix with the law? Where’s the rest of the story-the rest of the data that supports the reason why America is really enraged and engaged in this war? The horse industry is rebounding and we are putting tons of money in the Billions back into the economy, horse values and prices are shooting upwards and people are becoming more aware of how to care for their animals despite hard times! Where is all that data?
    Some people ask all the questions! Gotta Love it!


  23. I think it was the last BLM hearing in VA–where Sally Jewell said the horses were doubling every 3 1/2 years! Bad enough that we have to listen to the insane drivel about 4 years but now she’s bumping the card to 3 1/2. Where are they getting these numbers from????

    Is it that dark crevice on one’s backside?


  24. This fight has saddened me for so long. We are watching the death of the wild horse and burro. Every time I email, or call, for over 7 years, they agree with me, but nothing ever changes for the horses, or burros. I am troubled, sad, and frustrated. My part is to educate, adopt, love, and help others with their wild horses.
    It just doesn’t seem to be enough.


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