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Renowned Equine Photographer Joins Wild Horse Freedom Federation’s Board of Directors

Information supplied by Wild Horse Freedom Federation (WHFF)

Professional photographer Carol Walker has volunteered to pick up the reins as Wild Horse Freedom Federation’s new Director of Field Documentation.  Carol has been photographing and documenting the plight of America’s wild horses and burros for more than a decade and comes to the non-profit with a strong background of wild horse and burro understanding.

Carol Walker and her mustang companion, Mica.

Carol Walker and her mustang companion, Mica.

“We are delighted to be working with Carol,” said R.T. Fitch co-founder and president of WHFF, “Carol’s invitation was a unanimous vote by our BoD and comes as one of the nicest Christmas presents we could ever receive.  Carol is truly the original ‘Humane Observer’ and she brings with her a wealth of understanding and insight into the BLM’s current mismanagement of our wild equines as evident by her recent photos from Rock Springs.”

Carol’s passion for photography started at an early age, with animals as her favorite subjects. She studied literature and photography as an undergraduate at Smith College, and continued her education in photography after graduating, studying portraiture and nature photography. She has traveled all over the world photographing wildlife for the past 28 years.In 2000, Carol started her Horse Photography business Living Images by Carol Walker, specializing in photographing horses. Carol’s images illuminate the relationship between horses and their people, as well showcase the beauty of horses with her stunning images of horses at liberty. She teaches workshops for amateur photographers on equine photography. Her commercial work includes catalogue covers for leaders in the Equine industry. She has had numerous calendars published featuring her work, and she markets her fine art prints from her website as well as in several locations on the Front Range of Colorado. Carol has done presentations on equine photography and on wild horses at Equine Affaire in CA, OH and MA as well as at the Western States Horse Expo.

Ten years ago, Carol began photographing wild horses. As she followed several herds in Wyoming, Colorado and Montana, she became aware of how precarious their situation on public lands has become. Since then, she has dedicated herself to educating people with her photographs and stories about the wild horses.

Her book Wild Hoofbeats: America’s Vanishing Wild Horses is available at The award-winning book was released winter of 2008 and is currently in its second printing. Carol just released her second book, Horse Photography: The Dynamic Guide for Horse Lovers and it is available as well as her blog with weekly horse photography photo tips at

WHFF is currently involved with ongoing litigation, undercover investigations and educational public outreach as the organization teams up with the Equine Welfare Alliance on many equine related issues.  Carol joins board of directors R.T. and Terry Fitch, Debbie Coffey, Marjorie Farabee and Dawn Reveley as leaders of the organization that is striving to bring the BLM roundups to an end and manage our wild equines on the range as intended by the 1971 Wild Horse and Burro Act.

photography by Carol Walker, soundtrack from Opus Moon’s Wild Horse Anthology “Let Them Be Wild And Free” available on iTunes, produced by R.T. Fitch

 Wild Horse Freedom Federation (WHFF) is a registered, Texas non-profit corporation with federal 501(c)(3) status and is registered with the State Attorney’s office of all 50 States.  WHFF puts people between America’s wild equids and extinction through targeted litigation against governmental agencies whose documented agendas include the eradication of wild horse and burros from public, federal and state lands.

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  1. Truly a great Christmas gift…! Carol is an inspiration to us all. Her work is unsurpassed as is her knowledge of the horses on the range. R.T…. you,Terry and the other BoD members are to be congratulated for this outstanding addition.

    I look forward to further postings to include Carol’s wonderful art and insight!


  2. Congratulations WHFF with Carol joining your staff. The horses need her! I know all the efforts of you and other advocates will be rewarded, hopefully soon, but the release of the wild horses, to their homelands. It has to happen!!!!


    Photo by Carol Walker
    Fears build for foals and adults in subzero temperatures and wind
    ROCK SPRINGS, WY. (The Cloud Foundation) – The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) helicopter roundup of Wyoming’s Salt Wells wild horses in the snow and cold is over, but the inhumane treatment of the over 668 captive mustangs is continuing according to eyewitnesses to both the roundup and the corralling of the horses.
    After being driven into traps with two helicopters, most stallions were shipped 300 miles to the Gunnison Prison Wild Horse Program in central Utah, while the mares and foals were sent to the BLM’s Rock Springs corrals, according to Wild Horse and Burro Specialist, Jay D’Ewart. Neither facility has adequate wind breaks or shelter for the captive animals, and eyewitnesses in Rock Springs reported bitter cold and battering winds.
    Noted wild horse photographer Carol Walker described the conditions: “Mares and foals seemed frozen in place, resigned, unmoving. There is no shelter for these horses in Short Term Holding Facilities and although they have heavy winter coats, these horses have nowhere to get out of the biting, stinging wind. In their natural setting, they would be out of sight in low areas, gullies, next to cliffs, sheltered from the wind.”
    The Cloud Foundation (TCF) questioned the BLM in Rock Springs about whether there were windbreaks for the horses warehoused there. BLM responded by email that the horses do have windbreaks.
    “Look at my pictures
    and see if you see adequate windbreaks,” says Carol Walker. “The temperature was below zero with the snow blasting through the pens where the horses were huddled together for warmth.”
    TCF also requested an accounting of how many wild horses are currently being held in the Rock Springs corrals. The BLM public information officer told Ginger Kathrens, Executive Director of TCF in an email to file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for this information.


    California Woman May Sue BLM
    It is way beyond time to resolve this issue.
    By Elaine Brown

    SUNLAND, CA – Horses, which have long ago been proven to be Native to North America from millions of years ago and who probably never became extinct in America which, one way or the other, would have nothing to do with their Nativity, are iconic and “jewels” of America. There is considerable evidence to prove their Native status in spite of the “Horse Haters” propaganda.

    The 1971 Free Roaming Wild Horses and Burros legislation has been undermined by secret and possibly illegal amendments that were never made available for public input or given Environmental Review.

    The WH&Bs are being deliberately and illegally zeroed out to extinction by the
    very government agency to whom their care and decent maintenance is assigned.
    Again, I believe this is illegal.

    The means of round ups using helicopters is extremely aggressive and is illegal
    in my opinion

    The BLM is secreting any information about numbers of horses rounded up or
    located at Rock Springs and does not record the number of foals, ever,
    presumably because their treatment causes many of them to die. This is being
    done for all round ups and holding pens. I believe this is gruesome and illegal.
    One of the ways these horses are being “eliminated” is by killing them off
    during the overly aggressive round ups by people who “hate” them. I think this
    violates the intent of the 1971 legislation and therefore, illegal.

    The captured WH&Bs that survive the vicious round ups are heartlessly separated
    from their families and held imprisoned without farrier or medical care,
    surrounded by piles of manure, having to fight the more aggressive horses for
    water providing the troughs hold water or are not frozen over, fed low quality
    alfalfa on the ground all in sweltering heat (160 degrees ground temperature) or
    in freezing cold, brittle winds, and without shade from the sun or shelter from
    the winds. These horses have no protection from flies in the summer and are
    never wormed. This is not care or humane which is the purpose of the duties
    assigned to the BLM via the directives of the 1971 Act.

    Wild horses are healthy and strong because they are nomadic, athletic moving
    about ten miles a day, and their hooves are strong and healthy; they do not
    linger by their manure so have no trouble with flies, and eat a variety of
    plants staying vigorous and worm-free. Holding them in domesticated
    circumstances thwarts their ability to remain healthy on their own.

    If I treated my horses and burros in this way, I could be brought up on charges
    of animal abuse and animal cruelty. What is required by the BLM for me, must be
    required by the BLM for the BLM.

    There is considerable evidence that these horses are being zeroed out for
    special interests including ranching, FRACKING, mining, and drilling all of
    which are also destroying our public lands which are supposed to held pristine
    in behalf of the American Public.

    It is time the BLM, the DOI, the Congress, and the President be made
    accountable. I am looking into filing a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT and I am going to encourage everyone I know including animal welfare and animal rights individuals and organizations to join me.


      • What is it that we the people that care can do. I’m in NH but want and need to help. Any answers???


      • The wild horses & burros need people to make phone calls to Congressional leaders. For one, ask then to support the SAFE ACT. Listen to
        Wild Horse and Burro Radio archived programs, we try to tell our listeners actions they can take to help.


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