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BLM approves Pan Mine Project west of Ely

This mine is in the Pancake Herd Management Area in Nevada, a federally protected area designated PRIMARILY for wild horses. – Debbie Coffey

SOURCE:  Elko Daily Free Press

The project is located in the Pancake Mountain Range in White Pine County, about 50 miles west of Ely and 22 miles southeast of Eureka.

The decision allows the mining operator to construct and operate a new heap leach gold mine that would consist of two primary open pits, three satellite pits, one heap leach pad, three rock disposal areas and a transmission line.  The total surface disturbance would be approximately 3,301 acres, according to the agency.

The BLM selected the Southwest Power Line and Waste Rock Disposal Site Design  alternatives with applicant-committed environmental protection measures and mitigation measures specified in the final environmental impact statement. The Southwest Power Line Alternative was developed to avoid potential impacts to greater sage grouse from the proposed action power line.  The Waste Rock Disposal Site Design alternative would involve a conventional waste rock disposal design and move waste rock away from more important greater sage grouse habitat in order to minimize impacts.

The notice of availability for the Pan Mine Project final EIS was published in the Federal Register on Nov. 20 initiating a minimum 30-day public availability period.  The FEIS is available online.  Go to  and click on the Ely District.

This decision may be appealed to the Interior Board of Land Appeals , U. S. Department of the Interior Office of Hearing and Appeals in accordance with the regulations contained in 43 CFR, Part 4.

For information, contact Miles Kreidler, BLM Ely District mining engineer, at 775-289-1893 or

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  1. Well, we know where there will be another roundup before long. 3300 acres – is it possible that’s just a small portion of this Herd Area? Altho that doesn’t make a bit of difference to the BLM – all they need is an excuse.


  2. Afraid you’re right, Maggie. Soon there won’t be any public lands left unspoiled and wildlife including horses and burros will be gone at this rate.


  3. It seems like there is no end to their harassment of our wild horses and burros. We must try to keep the heat on and constantly contact our legislators. In my past email to my legislator I indicated how reckless the balm was and how no one seemed to be listening to us. I also indicated that perhaps it might be time to throw my hat in the political arena somewhere to see that the voices of the american people are heard. I’M tired of all the excuses they are giving for selling off our natural resources and the incompetent people they appoint for many of these positions. Harry Reid has been useless when it comes to our wild horses and burros. Who else are we going to sell our country to. I bet wild horse Annie is rolling over in her poor grave. God bless all the warriors out there especially those directly involved and living out west.


    • He’s worse than useless. It’s a shame he doesn’t have to face a healthy Senator Robert C. Byrd. Senator Byrd knew what questions needed to be asked, and he knew what the answers were.


    BLM’s Oil & Gas Lease Corruption Exposed
    Outbidding the rigged bids at BLM auction

    “On December 19, 2008 Tim DeChristopher disrupted a highly disputed Utah BLM Oil and Gas lease auction, effectively safeguarding thousands of acres of pristine Utah land that were slated for oil and gas leases. Not content to merely protest outside, Tim entered the auction hall and registered as bidder #70. He outbid industry giants on land parcels (which, starting at $2 an acre, were adjacent to national treasures like Canyonlands National Park), winning 22,000 acres of land worth $1.7 million before the auction was halted.

    Public attention was suddenly focused on the land that the BLM was going to lease for oil exploration, and “Two months later, incoming Interior Secretary Ken Salazar invalidated the auction.”
    David Letterman had environmental activist Tim DeChristopher as a guest on his show recently to talk about this BLM oil and gas lease sale, and this (approximately) 12 minute segment is a MUST SEE, not only for wild horse advocates, but for anyone who cares about clean drinking water, uncontaminated aquifers, the safety of food and the health of American families.

    There is a new documentary out called “Bidder 70,” which is about DeChristopher.
    The REAL criminals, the BLM, who are sale/leasing our public lands for as little as $2 an acre, who allow “volunteers” paid for by oil companies to process the permits, and do NOT abide by the law, continue to go unchecked. And the oil companies, who can let the BLM know what lands they are interested in buying (so they’re actually able to SELECT the public lands they want to rape) continue to “STEAL” from the American public by not paying what the lands are worth.

    Not only that, during drought, deep-pocketed energy companies have also driven up the price of water, and farmers can’t compete. Prices were about “$9 to $100 for an acre-foot of water in auctions held by cities with excess supplies. But these days, energy companies are paying some cities $1,200 to $2,900 per acre-foot.”


    • I watched this documentary quite a while ago – Tim had a good idea – possibly more people should be doing this. How many could they send to jail? And what kind of an outcry would there be with more publicity. This whole system is so wrong..


  5. The Bumbling BLM Strikes Again And There Goes The Neighborhood. I’ve SaidItBefore And I’ll Say It Again, These Rogue Organization Need To Be Disbanded..


    • 12-29-2013 Terri, I understand your thoughts about this never ending issue, but the mining and livestock industry (welfare ranches) are waiting on the sidelines to do the same things that the BLM cronies are doing now. The house cleaning of BLM needs to come from the top…that’s our president if we can ever get his attention to listen to “we the people”. He’s a little tone deaf and is not interested in what we think.


      • Betty, you are right plus he appointed Sally Jewell as Sec. of Interior and she has completely ignored the NAS report and is opening up OUR public lands to more mining and even fracking. There will be no potable water left . I wish those who believe in fracking would drink the waste water . That would solve a few problems.


  6. Thanks for the reporting Ms Coffey….it continues to make perfect sense of the wild equine holocaust. My only question is what are the water use, disposal issues.

    Tim DeChristopher…what an important event and genesis that remains ongoing and shows the corruption of the Executive and Judicial Branches.

    Wonder if wild equine advocates could get the wild mustang and burro on the Endangered Species Act List. Wouldn’t that be a novel approach, 1971 Act and all? Drive the land rapers and polluters NUTS! Oh, and scare the manure out of the crooks on K Street and in Congress.


    The House of Representatives has 435 members, the Senate has 100, and has fundraising profiles for all of them. Use the search box to the right to find the member or congressional candidate you’re interested in. Some of the leaders – and the biggest fundraisers – in Congress are listed below.
    New Members of the 113th Congress 112th Congress Casualty List


  8. I still continue to blame congress for what is happening to our wild horses and public lands. Without them, or the intentional neglect of committees, the BLM couldn’t do do these outrageous land/leases. If land goes for $2/acre in Nevada but goes for nearly $100/acre in Wyoming, the state legislatures are also gravely implicated. Thanks Louie for your comments, movie trailer along with your link. Our horses are losing, and so are we.


  9. BTW, with all this furious drilling/fracking/mining, congress still has to OK selling our domestic energy offshore – or is that being ignored by the global energy companies too?


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