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More on BLM National Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board meeting

Tim Harvey continues to be the only National Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board member to ask intelligent questions and speak up for America’s wild horses & burros.  Thank you, Tim.

BLM Advisory Board

Yesterday many wild horse advocates gave outstanding comments during the public comment period.

Those expressing anti-wild horse public comments included, Debra Hawk of the Wildlife Society, who used the word “feral” when referring to federally protected wild horses throughout her comments.  Ken Brown of the Western Counties Alliance (WAC), which includes in it’s membership the Nevada Association of Counties (which is suing the BLM to rid public lands of wild horses and is pushing to kill all the wild horses in holding) spoke of his organization’s support of “disposal facilities” (slaughterhouses, presumably for horses).

Then, Ted Ramsey and Gary Moyer (again, wearing his cowboy hat indoors), spoke on behalf of the National Association of Conservation Districts with an anti-wild horse bias.  Ted mentioned a new organization called National Horse & Burro Rangeland Management Coalition.

Some of these organizations, and the BLM, failed to disclose what is a clear conflict of interest.  Some of these organizations have signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with the BLM/DOI.  An MOU is, in essence, a deal that if you scratch our back, we’ll scratch yours.

Not only that, some of these organizations are part of a NEWLY FORMED organization, the National Horse & Burro Rangeland Management Coalition (  Take a look at the coalition policy statement:

BLM WH&B Advisory Board member Callie Hendrickson is currently the Executive Director of the White River Conservation District, that seems to have issued the above copy of the National Horse & Burro Rangeland Management policy statement.

BLM and National Association of Conservation Districts have an MOU:


Just take a look at the members of the National Horse & Burro Rangeland Management Coalition:

American Farm Bureau Federation, Masters of Foxhounds Association, Mule Deer Foundation , National Association of Conservation Districts, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, National Rifle Association, National Wildlife Refuge Association, Public Lands Council (BLM WH & B Advisory Board member John Falen was recently President of this organization), Public Lands Foundation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Safari Club International, Society for Range Management and The Wildlife Society.

These documents, along with the documents below, make it obvious that the BLM is stacking the deck both on the Advisory Board that “advises” it and the audience at these meetings, which could then make it look as if a broad segment of the American people might support BLM’s mismanagement of the Wild Horse & Burro Program (when in actuality, BLM anti-wild horse actions are likely a only supported by a segment of special interests).

BLM and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation:

BLM and National Association of Counties:

More about Western Association of Counties (WAC):

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  1. How very sad it has come to this! Now, they have to form their own group to come down even harder on the lives of these magnificent animals. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised when you’re dealing with special interests groups who cater to their own agenda, rather than dealing with the facts, commonsense and rights of our wild horses and the many who support them. Where’s the justice and accountability of those responsible for the total mismanagement, in the first place?!


    • Oh yeah, I noticed they had some awfully fancy names. Started listening to them yak and immediately realized they were a Sue Wallis reincarnate.


  2. Wild Horse and Burro advocates did a splendid job. THANK YOU to all of you for being there and for speaking for ALL of us.
    In a sea of negatives, you all managed to remain civil and positive in your comments.


  3. With the exception of Tim Harvey and possibly June Sewing who DO care about the wild horses and burros, all the rest of the Advisory Board, BLM representatives and special speakers invited by the BLM appear to be “Bobble-Heads” with their own political and financial agendas that are based on an anti-wild horse and burro agenda.
    Not surprsed … just disgusted … again.


    • For me, the juries out on Sue McConnell. Give her a chance. Hay I could be wrong. I’ll admit it. But just give her a chance.


  4. There does seem to be an awful rush from some board members to remove Wild Horses from the range and their Legal Herd Management Areas.
    They are interested in “moving as fast as they can”.


  5. Name of Organization: Nevada Board of Agriculture
    Date and Time of Meeting: December 6, 2011
    Place of Meeting: Nevada Department of Agriculture
    Boyd Spratling:
    Financial strategy on getting slaughter house
    going because that is when the river is going to meet the road
    is when they slaughter the first horse. Think looking at
    putting facilities on Indian reservations which takes
    legislature and everybody out of the equation.

    Click to access nboa_minutes111206.pdf


  6. Monsanto lovin’ “Conservation” Cowboys push to kill wild horses
    When representatives of Conservation Districts with ties to Monsanto attended the last Bureau of Land Management’s National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board meeting, they not only pushed for the roundup of wild horses & burros, they pushed to have the wild horses & burros sold for slaughter.
    Wait a minute, these organizations have the word “conservation” in their titles, don’t they? So what’s going on?

    Right before the last Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board meeting in Reno, the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) had their big annual meeting in Las Vegas. The NACD meeting was sponsored by Monsanto, Bayer Crop Science, DuPont, Sygenta and Pioneer, the biggest producers of the genetically engineered crops on the planet.

    At NACD’s meeting, Monsanto sponsored a radio broadcast on Agritalk and NACD President Gene Schmidt and First Vice President Earl Garber were interviewed. (So was Rick Cole, Director of Weed Resistance for Monsanto.)
    For NACD’s live auction, Monsanto donated four 30-gallon containers of Roundup Power Max.

    At the NACD meeting, Callie Hendrickson,
    appointed by Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar to represent the general public (is Monsanto the general public?) on the National Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board, gave a presentation. She made unsubstantiated claims regardi& burros ng wild horses , including the statement that wild horses “degraded resources for all.”

    If Callie is so worried about conservation, why didn’t she bust a gut talking about the “degraded resources for all” caused by Monsanto and the other sponsors of the NACD annual meeting?



  7. I’m hearing one of the Advisory Board members saying that the Mountain Lions were waiting to attack the Foals….did I hear that right?

    “No Natural Predators” has been one of the recurring explanations given for roundups and removals of Wild Horses and Burros from their Legal Herd Management Areas because of “overpopulation”.

    “Interior Secretary Salazar and BLM Director have both made statements that wild horses have no natural predators this is inaccurate. It appears that BLM is unsure of the number of wild horses on our public lands and unaware that predators do, in fact, kill mustang foals.


    • You try not to get frustrated and then they go and throw another ingredient in the boiling pot, newly formed groups. They are like slithering snakes in the grass.and I saw what you said Louie about Mt Lions attacking foals and yes, the natural predators that they so often claim the reason why they are not culled by nature because there are no natural predators, around and around they go , I am so sorry I missed the live stream meeting. I am grateful to Tim Harvey but I think the balance is of course so way off. I think they are scheming and am very concerned as to what they have up their sleeves and that is to get rid of all the beautiful horses in the pens, could that happen? As always I pray to God


  8. Carla Bowers has submitted a proposal to study Wild Horses in the Massacre Lakes Herd Management Area. It is an excellent area for both a study program AND tourism. Her proposal has recommended that Massacre Lakes HMA be populated only by Wild Horses in order to facilitate such a much needed study. She is being met with a great deal of opposition by some of the other stakeholders in that area.

    On Massacre Lakes

    The HMA is located 25 miles east of Cedarville, CA, in north central Washoe County, NV (yes, a BLM California Field Office manages a Nevada HMA). The HMA overlaps with the Massacre Lakes Allotment, Massacre Rim Wilderness Study Area, Massacre Rim Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC), and the Black Rock High Rock Emigrant Trail National Conservation Area.

    Despite the 20% “reproduction estimate”, the Massacre Lakes wild horses were last reported by BLM as officially removed in 1988 – 21 years ago – which shows an astonishing lack of successful reproduction (until the recent estimate) or an extremely high mortality rate that has kept the population successfully in check for two decades. (Of course, this assumes BLMs lack of gather activities for over 20 years has been accurately reported.)


  9. I saw a couple of people who “might” be interested. Sue McConnell is from UPENN. She works with Dean Richardson (Barbaro’s Dr. R)and for those who watched My Special Girl deliver Boone on UPENN’s video a couple weeks ago–she was on call at home watching with the rest of us.

    She asked me if I had been watching and I said yup. I asked her some questions about the delivery, marestare and asked her to say hi to Dean and Corrine for me. She told me she had wondered if I was a Barbaro fan. I got to tell her how near and dear to me UPENN is because of Barbaro.

    Here’s what I know. I’m no expert. But I see the folks at UPENN strive VERY hard day in and day out to give everything they can to their patients. They work as a team and I think when it comes to “team work” UPENN is a leader in this.

    How does this relate to the Advisory Board? Got me. I can only hope that Sue will listen to everyone. That her experience will offer a buffering to those intent harm on the mares by cruel and unnecessary spaying.

    Tim was a great sounding board for the horses. And I think there is another man who might be pro horse more than just let’s kill them all.

    Callie–lord do not be led astray. She is pretty but underneath that pretty face and hair lies some ugly horse hating.

    Got to talk to Dean Bolstad. Lord that man needs to talk to Miss Abby about donkeys! He needs to talk to Pam at The Country Way about donkeys! I wish Charlie were still alive cause Charlie could give Dean lessons about donkeys that no one could! All in a good way.

    Got to meet several advocates who’s names you see but I’ve never met. It was neat to put faces with names. And it was lovely to see Ginger.

    Special thanks to Ginger who helped my address. Her words helped me so much! Thank you Ginger!


      • I hope that there is someone in this group that understands that Debbie Coffey began to sense a long time before we found the concrete evidence that we now have that the wild horses and burros were simply the tip of the iceberg, and would be the first to go, but then the ranchers would follow. The federal government doesn’t need to attack ranchers with guns a blazing. All they have to do is regulate them out of business. This is already happening in the domestic horse industry and is raising the prices of feed for cattle through federal policies to convert food crop land into fuel crop land. Ethonol turns out not to be so green, so the question is why are we continuing to subsideze it? Because it allows the federal government to apply pressure to food for animals raised for food and agriculture production.

        The other pieces of this is that rather than opening the millions of acres of what used to be productive land for agriculture to wind farms and solar farms that do not have the technological abiity to produce the amount of energy that is needed, so not only is the land useless for anything else as long as the American eagle choppers are there to serve their multiple use mandate. Then there are solar farms that have not proven productive on a small scale, let alone a large scale.

        I worked in a school system where I was fortunate to get to pilot technology use with the curriculum I taught. We took four years to study the different models we tested as well as the different technologies we had to choose from. The teachers met regularly to compare our experiences and we met with the county technology specialists. Toward the end of the study we began meeting with the business manager for the county whose responsibility was to decide which model and product made sense financially and make his recommendation to the superintendent and the school board. Having worked for a system that was willing to make a huge financial investment and change the nature of how students would be educated in the future, the idea that our federal government is throwing our money around to fill up the land with what will be industrial waste, if not now, in 20 years, because it is working incrementally to get our horses and burros off federal land, then livestock and the people who own livestock off federal land.

        As long as the government keeps building wind farms and solar farms, the environmental groups that are the grassroots support of almost every step the government takes with one even telling their email recipients that they must vote for the current President for the future of the planet, will keep supporting those whose ultimate goal is to remove as much human activity from the West as they can manage. I do not say this based on rumor. I say this because there is no way to read the documents produced by our tax dollars by federal agencies for Congress imply this if one manages to find out who is behind this and what their goals appear to be based on actions that they have taken in the past or those close to them have taken.

        Maybe the NRA, ranchers, and hunters have made good bed-fellows, but their alliance with Monsanto and their willingness to partner to share the stage with the Wildlife Society, a group who was coached in 2010 by the Goracle’s mythologist about how to advocate against “introduced” species—while Monsanto’s genetically engineered and genetically modified organisms get a pass and found to be no more damaging to the environment than alien species like cattle or horses. Maybe Monsanto is partnering with some ranchers to produce a non-flatulance producing cow, but otherwise, these ranchers ought to know that the FAO’s vision for sustainable agriculture includes greatly reduced numbers of cattle, the biggest source of deadly ghg, methane. Sacrifices must be made in the name of sustainability.

        Here is some food for thought for these ranchers, the NRA, and those that claim to be conservationists, your efforts to remove federally protected for the pleasure of the American people wild horses and burros, living monuments to the history of the West and the pioneer spirit represent something else to those who have brought you to this point. They represent the American people’s colonialism and conquering of people of color and the poor. Just like the Eagle being chopped up by wind mills, the wild horse and burro represent freedom and the history of this country as a people who forever push the bounds and search for new frontiers. They are symbols of courage, strength, and are and have been the difference between those people who survive and those that do not throughout our history as humans. You need to be highly suspicious of those who lead are trying to destroy our symbols of freedom and liberty. The short term story begins in 1993, but the long term story begins in Cambridge, Massachusetts, during the 1960’s.

        I never thought the day would come that the NRA would join forces with people like Representative Waxman, Senator Schumer, Senator Feinstein, and Senator Boxer, but look what the NRA is doing. It is actively working to get our wild horses and burros off federal land. If the NRA, ranchers, and hunters truly believe that the environmental extremists that they think are their energy because they want to convert agricultural land to natural areas and wildlife habitats, they have failed to dig deep enough. Not that groups like the CBD, WWP, Wildlife Sodiety, Sierra Club, don’t believe at least 70% of what they tell the public, but once the ranchers, native wild horses and burros, domestic livestock, and other animals are off the land, the West, Northwest Canada, and the Arctic will be drilled for the oil that has always been the goal of those beind the facade of scientific consensus they built through invading the scientific communities of the US and other nations with political ideologues.

        This did not happen overnight. But it did happen. And the fact that this group targeted our native wild horses and burros that co-evolved here in North America from the fresh waters of Florida to beyond the glacials in Alaska. Our horses once lived on the coastal plains of the Atlantic further east of the barrier islands where they ancestors returned to—their ancestors that live on the coastal barrier islands of the East on what remains of their ancestors coastal grassland habitat.

        They, like he horses and burros, in the West, where the first attacks on wlld horses took place. Unlike the ranchers, hunters, NRA, and Monsanto alliances in the West, the people on the East coast recognized right away that something about the NPS and FWS’s tactics just were not “right.” Fortunately, there is a Congressman representing these districts that entered enough information into the Congressional record, and his efforts to protect the wild horses in this state verify, that the enemy the NRA assisted ranchers, farmers, and hunters think they are fighting is not the real enemy.

        If the Monsanto cowboys (credit to Debbie Coffey) in the West were not so filled with their own self-interest and tunnel vision, they just might begin to understand who the real enemy is and get out of the tent with them to join forces with those of us who see our wild horses and burros is part of our American culture—and the enemies of our wild horses and burros are those with the money and political influence trying to destroy the ability of species to live in the habitat the God provided for them, in order for the federal government to take over the control our coasts.

        So, Mr. Falen, if you, really care about whether or not your will have land and a legacy to leave your grandchildren, you need to get our of the tent with your enemies (Monsanto, Wildlife Society, Sierra Club, Ducks Unlimited, Conservation Groups parternering with Monsanto or other groups that are producing GE and GMO organisms—unless of course—cattle produces have inside information that Monsanto or one of its affiliates are about the clone a flatulence free cow that will not pollute the atmosphere with ghg.

        Ranchers, hunters, the NRA, and people who do want to conserve land for their own use and that of future generations, Monsanto is not your friend or a friend of the environment. Monsanto became part of American agriculture through Article 8 (h) that instructs parties to the convention to prevent, control, and eradicate alien species—livestock and wild horses and burros are mentioned in the same sentence. This provision is part of another treaty that the Senate ratified, so legally, as much as you and other ranchers may not want to accept it, the government has the power through international treaty to confiscate any plant or animal you have growing on your property that the IUCN/UNEP arbitrarily decides is not native on the area where you have put them. So why was it legal for the county sheriff and the HSUS to seize those horses in the Ozarks or for local real estate laws to prevent a citizen from selling a home if he has a non-native grass like Kentucky blue grass in his yard—the answer is the same.

        So if you want to save your property rights and preserve the constitutional republic of the United States, you, your fellow ranchers, the NRA need to take the position that you need to protect these “living monuments” to the history of the West instead of doing the UN’s work for it. About that Burn’s rider thing that allowed the BLM to sell wild horses and burros for slaughter—that rider wasn’t about harvesting horses for food. This was about Senator Reid finding a way to help UNEP meet its goal of eradicating 10’s of thousands of two native North American species as soon as the 1997 International Plant Protection Convention went into full force October 2, 2005. This is not about Senator Reid taking care of his rancher citizens—this is about sending a signal to GISP that he is doing his part to eradicate two species that stand between UNEP and UNEP’s control of Nevada’s oil.


  10. Why do we need another organization to “manage” animals we pay the BLM handsomely to oversee already? Isn’t the BLM the Bureau of LAND MANAGEMENT already? What is the rationale for another group to duplicate these responsibilities? If they are needed, and the BLM is not, then they should get off the public payroll and find new day jobs.

    It seems there are more people against horses than there are horses left in the wild, when you add up all the organizations listed here. What will they do when all the horses are gone and they have nothing left to aim at?

    I am continuously astonished at how much venom can be produced against so few innocent, voiceless animals.


  11. Some of these individuals and groups have been working against each other’s interests to help those trying to destroy them for years. First, lets look at Mr. Falen and the Virginia Master of Fox Hounds aligning with the Wildlife Society against our wild horses and burros.

    Interesting that you point out the Wildlife Society’s interesting usage of the world feral. This is significant because FWS chose the then President and CEO of the Wildlife Society as its expert witness in a Congressional hearing on a wild horse protection bill. After beng eviserated by House Subcommittee Chair Representative john Fleming, an M.D. from Louisianna, over the parts of the witnesses testimony claiming that the wild horses were not native even thought they had been present for 500 years in the very area where found (as well as thousands of years before), the CEO chose to vent his frustration in a blog he titled “The peril of speaking truth about feral cats and horses.”

    Feral cats? Nothing had been said about feral cats, but when I found the national alien, invasive species list there they were felix ferus or feral cats. Most of the people that use the word feral use it correctly, but the usage of it in this blog was too ambiguous to feel comfortable with. He also used the tell-tale phrase “horses trample plants” which is akin to a secret handshake used in secret brotherhoods. Other interesting comments revealed that the WS believes that the reason feral horse advocates love horses so much is because they are beautiful. But more importantly, for the purposes of truly understanding how and why our horses and burros have been set up to disappear is that this WS official claims that we see horses as romantic symbols of western colonization (of lands that rightfully belonged to the people that were there).

    This use of language is significant because of the contrast it presents to the language that Congress used when it passed the 1971 WFRHB Act when Congress found these horses and burros to be living monuments to our history of the West and our pioneer spirit. They were found to be integral members of the system of public lands in the West where currently found. And the WS spouts the propaganda that did not originate in either chamber of Congress, but in the mind and hearts of people that refused to respect the desires of the American people as expressed by a unanimous vote of Congress. Maybe some of the Senators that voted for this legislation knew that they would ratify the 1951 International Plant Protection Act eight months later in August 1972 or not. But the key piece of this is that efforts led by FWS, The Nature Conservancy, and the TNC’s experts that were also self-proclaimed experts for the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN).

    So here we have the Wildlife Society essentially arguing that “feral” horses and “feral” burros do not belong on western public lands for the same reasons that those who came up with the idea that plants and animals found where they did not originate must be removed from those areas or else the non-native species will completely overwhelm both native plants and animals wherever they occur together.

    The Wildlife Society is filled with such expertise on the non-native, exotic, feral, alien, invasive, animal species that are pest of plants scientifically irrelevant construct created by scientifically credentialed political ideologues that they appear the 2010 “Joint conference on “introductions” (as in those species that would not be where they are had they not been introduced by humans) by the Wildlife Society and American Fisheries Society” at Mississippi State University. Since the creator of the non-native North American horse myth presented here, the WS got “top of the line” so to speak, “coaching”.

    This of course fell flat In the House Subcommittee on Oceans, Fisheries, and Insular Affairs despite the outstanding scientific credentials of FWS’s expert witness. Wonder if he knew that the Subcommittee Chair that grilled him is a medical doctor in his non-Congressional life and knows just a little bit about how science works? Oh, well.

    For my part, I am greatful for the Wildlife Society’s CEO. Had FWS not chosen him as its expert witness in a hearing before Congress, and had he not used the alien species theory as the basis of his testimony, I’d still be thinking that FWS’s use of the word pest referring to horses was just a term they picked up from ranchers.


  12. I would suggest sending each of these organizations a email telling them what you think of them and the ones that are always asking for donations let them know that you will spread the word not to donate to them and tell them why. It may not be much but a petition or two couldn’t hurt either. From what I saw on the news about the Bundy cows it seems that there is some folks inside the BLM that are saying that the BLM may raid the Bundy ranch and arrest Bundy and take the cows anyway. Have to wait and see what happens on that one.


  13. Yes, glad Harvey showed some spunk for the wild horses in the wild, about the only one to do so. So “lead” were the comments otherwise to heap blame on the wild ones and ignore the real problem with the Unfairness issue, i.e. AML, grazing allocations, water deprivation, etc. You can see my comment on my FAcebook page just posted there and soon on my website


    • Craig you are so right. I watched intently waiting for them to address the issue of foliage and water allocations after Suzanne, yourself, and another lady (who’s name slips my aged mind) presented the facts and figures that just seemed to go in one ear and out the other. Dean B. did have comments the next day about the ‘public comments’ but only addressed the ill-fated 41 that Ginger K. brought to the attention of everyone. That was the only issue anyone wanted to comment on and was an obvious attempt to ‘wash their hands’ of any responsibility.

      I was glad to see they are looking to expand the prisoner training program. This was the intent of the first letter I wrote to Sally Jewell explaining as long as the horses were going to be gathered then give them a job…not just a life of grazing in a land far away. It needs to be embellished though to include hippotherapy training for our Wounded Warriors and others with such issues as PTSD.

      When Callie started her powerpoint about the condition of the range I was struck by what she fails to understand about horses that live in arid regions. She mentioned that if she had horses that looked like that in her backyard her neighbors would call the authorities on her. She is clueless that horses that live in arid climates during a drought are not going to look like Trigger. Like the animals in the Serengeti they get thin and visually unattractive but they survive. The horses she illustrated were still strong and fully capable of caring for themselves.

      Boyd kept jumping in and at one point mentioned the horses trying to get to a river for a drink and the lions were having their way with the foals or the weaker mares with foals never got a drink and the foal eventually gets left behind and died. Folks that’s mother natures way of controlling the population. He was trying to tear at the heart strings of folks that do not understand that nature is sometimes very cruel but it’s the natural order. They think it’s cruel to let horses starve or be killed on the range but obviously have no qualms about sending them to slaughter.

      I’m sure I’ll think of other things as my mind processes the event and will watch the replays again…until then thanks to all of you who stood up and spoke on behalf of the horses and burros!


      • As long as those who are given the privilege and responsibility of caring and handling these beautiful animals are vetted carefully. They usually recruit prisoners to work in slaughterhouses, don’t they? So I’d be careful with this concept. We don’t want any dangerous or sociopathic people hurting these animals any more than they have been. You will recall that some horses died of poisoning from being given the wrong hay at a place where prisoners were given the care of these animals. Anyone can be told how to pose for a photo-op, so I am not impressed. I would love to see our veterans getting involved, though.


      • If they do have a ‘prisoner training program’, I do hope that they carefully vet whoever it is that is going to be allowed to have contact with these animals. They’ve already been hurt enough. We remember the scandal where in one prisoner training program, the horses had been poisoned by bad hay. There should be supervision by knowledgeable experts (are there any?) I would love to see our veterans involved though.


      • Ida Lupines the program is well supervised and not everyone gets the opportunity to work with the horses. There is an outstanding documentary called “Wild Horse Redemption” that I suggest you find and view. It details the life of 5 prisoners, 5 wild mustangs and their growth together. Here are the reviews and a link to purchase it (although I was able to get a free copy from Pirate Bay)


  14. Here is what we can do, is dig deep into our pockets , as much as we can spare(it will add up graciously)into a fund that can help, believe me what ever you can give will make a unbelievable difference , UNITED TOGETHER , with Love , passion and caring WE ARE THE FORCE the Mustangs Need Behind them in their Honor !!!! Together Nothing can stand in our way !!!!!!!! Please everyone show that Love and compassion we all have and send what you can to our Mustangs !!!!!!! Give Back to them their LAND , AND WHAT THEY STAND FOR FREEDOM>>>>>> !!!!!!!


  15. In this way together, we can give the the BLM a fight the likes of which they have never seen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are the Smokin Gun !!!!!!!!


  16. Arlene, you are right. It is amazing how much coverage FOX has given to the Bundy conflict. These people are outraged that the BLM uses helicopters that separate calves from their mothers.

    We face a problem in that the people that cover our story support other parts of the political forces trying to get rid of our wild horses, and until we can unify to make our horses the priority for an election or two, we will have to contend with the Great Wall of China planted in the Senate.


  17. I had a appointment to see Senator Sherrod Browns aide ,John Ryan, I gave a hour long presentation, with me came a Motivational Speaker who knows very little about Mustangs, i brought her because she first is a very great friend , second i wanted to know if my presentation was moving enough…………………and I was there representing Our Mustangs I wanted to do the Best job for them possible, Mr Ryan took notes , my friend was moved to tears, when I finished Mr. Ryan said that he understood and would waste no time contacting Senator Brown as to the urgency of the Safe act for Horses and how it needs to be passed immediately, you will not believe this i am still waiting for him to get back to me called yesterday and still waiting for return call, this meeting was a Month ago ????????


  18. Sounds like the decks are stacked against the wild horses as usual, and it won’t be long till they are all gone. Then will the ranchers, BLM and both Beaver county and Iron county be happy. Hey I pay taxes too guys, I love the wild horses, so if you are going to git rid of them bring a few to me because it may make up for the happiness they bring me when I can go out west and see them running free. If they are feral so are we, think about it. None of our ancestors originated here in the United States. Do some thinking. Maybe we are the ones who should give a little. Your cattle are feral they started un other countries and we’re imported. Do some serious thinking. You all sound like little spoiled kids.


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