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Judge Sides with BLM’s Quest to Destroy Last of Wyoming’s Wild Horses & Burros

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Dispite Evidence that BLM Violated Environmental Laws the Deadly Roundup Will Proceed

BLM Captives; Freedom Lost ~ by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

BLM Captives; Freedom Lost ~ by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — A federal judge has denied a well aruged request from wild horse and burro advocates to block the federal government’s plan to round up  800 wild horses in Wyoming and virtually “zeroing-out” several very significant herds.

Judge Nancy Freudenthal in Cheyenne on Thursday denied the group’s request for an injunction. The groups responded by filing an appeal with a federal appeals court in Denver.

The groups are challenging the U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s plans to remove horses from the Great Divide Basin, Adobe Town and Salt Wells Creek herd management areas in southern Wyoming areas starting next month.

The groups claim the federal agency failed to follow environmental laws in planning the action.

The state of Wyoming has inappropriatly intervened in the lawsuit, saying wild horses must not be allowed to damage the lands or conflict with private property rights, even though private cattle and sheep outnumber the horses over 100 to 1.

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  1. With low Respect Levels driving the global culture, people will keep doing what they want without looking at the bigger picture … like many are regarding climate change … so this decision and many like it are no surprise.


  2. I’m glad they have taken it out Of Wyoming. Of course, the possibility of a conflict exists even though we don’t want to acknowledge our judges are influenced by political contingencies.

    I hope that the cOmment by the RSGA, ex BLMer at the Advisoy Board meeting about all the horses being released ranchers’ horses is examined also. Why is it okay? When did it happen? And if so, why did BLM create HMAs abutting the 640 acre plots?

    I believe all grazing on this checkerboard shuld halt immediately. BLM condemn and take possession of easements to create a corridor for public access to wild lands. Ranchers need to fence out according to their state laws. Taxpayers shouldn’t be concerned by the cries of grazing rights on public lands, especially those lands occupied by protected animals.


    • Jan, great points. It is likely some rancher’s horses went wild (and then reproduced wild offspring) but since even today there are no good population inventories it is fair to say it is impossible to say ALL those horses were once private property. One could argue they lost ownership by releasing them on unfenced public lands, and certainly the offspring, born wild and not branded, are in the public domain. It’s also ludicrous to think wild horses in an unfenced area would not be roaming quite a bit, so the claim that “all” those horses were once ranch stock takes a leap of faith to accept. Nobody knows for sure how many horses were actually around and when, or the precise origins of any unbranded animals. One can easily presume the tamer animals were the first rounded up and sold for meat during the days of the Mustangers in the area. For what it’s worth I have read accounts by people growing up in WY seeing wild horses more or less on a daily basis but who find none now.

      It boils down to nobody is certain of the exact origins of these horses, but it is known they have occupied this area for many wild-born generations.

      Per Judge Freudenthal, it’s reasonable to ask why she did not recused herself for a conflict of interest against the common good of ALL American citizens.


    • Exactly jan–if I allow my cattle to leave my property, they will, be rounded up and I will be fined–meanwhiile, I have to subsidize these self-entitled “ranchers”. If they want to raise cattle, let them buy their own land, put up fences and be the independent types they would like us to believe they are instead of the welfare recipients–especially since most of them are probably the type who look down on folks who actually NEED public assistance.


      • Welll, we do know they look down on those on the other side of conserving wild lands. They’ve had this checkerboard thing sewn up for years. Less than 2 years ago, almost 1100 horses were captured b Catoor for about 230K. Those horses are wild, very precious. Thewse same horses were the core of horses sold to Tom Davis in his get rich off wild horses scheme. And he did. Over 100 stallions were gelded EN MASSE and shipped to him, together with pregnant mares from Burns and God knows which other horses.

        Of course they look down on us. They are doing whatever the hell they want to do and calling it for the good of the range. Its BS!!! The plots of land are 640 acres square. How many squares are involved? They don’t want to fence because they have a whole LOT of land to plauy with. Land, water and resources (oil, gas, energy ventures, wind farms etc etc).

        This is the area that the Old stalllion came in, wiith his mare and young filly (I believe). He was ehaustend defeated as Catoors wranglers slapped their looped ropes on his butt to keep him moving. He was saved and two trucks of other stallions and as many mares as could be put on thse trucks taken o a sanctuary. The old stallion’s mare and foal were lost in the rapid dispersal of the horses. It was tragic and completey UNNECESSARY!!! But the good old boys made off with a stack of cash and more land to play rancher on.

        These people are noting more than inbred recessive gene pools who have no more regard for the concept of America’s horses on America’s land than a snake does for the mouse it is about to eat.


  3. This is just wrong on so many levels. Whose pocket is this judge in?? These poor horses, when will it end for them? The greed and corruptness of all involved is just astounding.


    • Unfortunately, more things are bought and paid for by the monies we spend on/for certain companies. The incident is also VERY misguided, due to the fact that these people who are now running our country forget who was here first, we were NOT the first ones here, we were just stronger, and the better bully. SO they get to say what is what. To bad that the Bullies have always won in most situations. Now they seem to think that our children who bully other children are wrong…Gee wonder where they (the children) learned it from.


  4. And when I try to “like” the page, it tells me I have the wrong e-mail or password altho I have been on here for years. I’m not going thru all their junk.


  5. The judge is married to former Gov. Freudenthal who clearly wanted the horses out. So then how could anyone expect anything different from this judge who simply does not care about wildlife. Someone told me to brace myself as this decision would be handed down. It’s very disheartening knowing full well of what’s coming down in the near future for equines here and in other HMAs.


    • Your so right Chris, what else could we suspect would happen with this judge having the connection she has! And with what our great gov. has sided with the judge wasn’t going to change anything.


  6. I read from Chris 1055 just now about an apparent conflict of interest when this judge should have recused herself from this case ! If anyone had any last vestige in the rule of law prevailing against the influence of $$$ in Wyoming it should now be gone ! What does it take to get through to the public so that they realize they are witnessing the annihilation of our wild horses and Nature itself at the behest of a few short sighted greedy profiteers ? They shut out our voice in the mass media. They shut out our ability to get a fair hearing on law in the courts. They make it difficult even to comment on news sites without a convoluted series of steps so that Facebook can make $$$ of it ! I wish I were younger because it seems to me that they leave us no recourse but takin’ it to the streets !


  7. There appears to be disturbing conflict of interests here.

    Energy and environmental issues have been Freudenthal’s catalyst for thought. She was a partner in the law firm of Davis & Canon before being nominated to federal judgeship.
    Perhaps the most notorious tidbit of her career springs from partnerships. Her husband, Governor Dave Freudenthal, nominated her along with two others to President Barack Obama for the position of federal judge for the United States District Court of the District Court Wyoming with the missive that “I thought about that long and hard, and the question really came down to (was) should she be penalized for having married me.”


    • I certainly hope this conflict of interest comes into consideration at the appeal. Wasn’t she the one who made the decision in the Grazing Assoc. case in the 1st place? Malfeasance and kleptocracy at every turn.


  8. Arizona: Clear the Bench going after corruption in the legal system full blast

    A m e r i c a n P o s t – G a z e t t e
    Distributed by C O M M O N S E N S E , in Arizona
    Monday, August 25th, 2014
    Clear the Bench going after corruption in the legal system full blast
    Names judges, crooked attorneys and provides laundry list of misdoings

    PRESS RELEASE Contact: Clear the Bench Arizona, LLC
    Phone: 602-374-3483602-374-3483 10645 North Tatum Blvd Suite C200 Box 397

    Clear the Bench Arizona, announces its mission and call to action
    Phoenix, August 25, 2014: Clear the Bench Arizona is seeking to make a difference and expose the issues and concerns involving the judicial and state bar systems. Its mission statement is:

    “Toward the end that the Arizona judiciary remains impartial, apolitical, and able to dispense justice, we are organized to hold all judges, courts, commissioners, court officers and personnel accountable to the People and Constitutions of Arizona and the United States.”



    In a declaration filed by former BLM Rock Springs and Rawlins area manager Lloyd Eisenhauer, in the RSGA vs. Department of the Interior case, stated:


    “The BLM has no biological or ecological basis for zeroing out a herd of wild horses in an HMA that existed at the time the wild horse statute was passed in 1971 . . . [B]ecause the wild horses have a statutory right to be there, whereas livestock only have a privilege that can be revoked at any time by BLM, there also is no authority or precedent, to my knowledge, for the agency to zero out these two longstanding wild horse herds simply to appease private livestock grazers.”


  10. This is a very sad day for the Mustangs I am very sad that a woman judge and the BLM can be so very heartless to zero out several beautiful herds….


  11. Corruption, corruption and more corruption! Yes, the judge is in the rancher’s pockets! Another disgusting display of our politics in action.


  12. The corruption is in the courts only if the courts are violating federal and state law. They are not. This corruption within federal agencies, and may have been going on when Wild Horse Annie noted what was happening to wild horses in the West. When Congress passed the 1971 Wild Horse and Burro Act, dedicating so much public land in the West that those affiliated with national and international oil, gas, coal, precious metals, and rare Earth elements mining and production, and thus preventing the purchase and development of said sites, it became necessary to find a way to remove the only species protected by federal law on federal public lands.

    Most Americans have looked at the deserts and scrub in the West as unproductive and fairly useless for human use, but this assessment was not held by all American or international members of the oil, coal, and natural gas industries. Nor was it held by those who understand the sciences behind the formation of gold and other precious metals or of those lesser known rare Earth elements. So lets assume for a few moments that it is possible that lust to control these areas in the West may have begun in the 1950’s or even the 1940’s when German scientists like Werner Von Braun who invented rocketry was brought to the U.S. to work with NASA.

    I am not saying that there is evidence that goes back to the 40’s and 50’s but I have heard old timers talk about the UN at this time, but I don’t see what has happened to our wild horses and burros as a UN caused event, but rather the result of decisions that individuals made with connections they had had since their youth and college days. Maybe there was no grand scheme at all at first, but there is little question that the villain in this tragedy would have known that beneath the hooves where our wild horses run, there were vast stows of oil, natural gas, and relatively clean coal. He would also have known that there were precious metals, and other elements like phosphate as well as rare Earth elements used in advancing technologies.

    Based only on the narrative that includes lumping our wild horses and burros in a class that includes domestic cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, cats, dogs also classified as feral, attempts to eliminate these species based on claims that there non-native origin caused harm to the environment begin in the early 1970’s with a coalition of the
    United States funded but United Nations loyal Fish Wildlife Service. It’s non-governmental organization partners included the United Nations’ Environmental Programme’s (UNEP) experts, International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources(IUCN) and The Nature Conservancy. Interestingly, the main expert actors are members of both the IUCN and the TNC. So if the expert was attacked for a lack of scientific sense, one or the other group always had his back.

    The Nature Conservancy apparently purchased large amounts of land throughout the country and then gifted them to FWS, Perhaps this is when the FWS became the UNFWS, but at any rate the UNFWS, TNC, and IUCN decided not to offer their amendment to the 1976 Federal Lands Management Policy Act, but when President Carter was elected in 1976 (young Al Gore was elected to Congress), the alliance scored its first victory when President Carter created the Exotic Organisms Act through E.O. 11987 in May 1977. President Carter did not intend for UNFWS to apply this Act to already established species, but it is clear from the history of the Shackleford Banks wild horses that NPS was using it in 1980. In 1980 NC Gov. Jim Hunt had gotten word that NPS planned to remove the wild horses from Cape Lookout, and he told the Park Service that he did not consider these horses exotic nor did the people of North Carolina.

    So the history of President Carter’s E.O. 11987 explains how this classification of wild horses crept into policy although President Carter did not intend for the classification to apply to already established species. President Carter has a scientific background, but perhaps he trusted the people that persuaded him to create the Exotic Species Act and it never occurred to him that they would ask him to create a law of such magnitude if a threat did not exist. President Carter put UNFWS in charge of planning an implementing the Exotic Organisms Act, but UNFWS had little luck using the E.O., so they decided to use a different tactic and listed a rule change eliciting public comment in the federal register. These two listings garner much public opposition and not one public comment in favor. This is the point where the IUCN lawyers decided to draft the Exotic Organisms Act into International law. The particular international law was Article 8 (h) of the UN Convention of Biological Diversity published in 1992 in Rio at the UN Framework for the Environment and Climate Change.

    Article 8 (h) instructs parties to the conference to control, prevent, and eradicate alien species in states or parts of states where found.

    Three wild horse protection bills have been passed by the House in 2009. None of had a hearing in the Senate. The Senate is where treaties are passed, and it looks to me like the first place to fix is the Senate, and we get a chance to do this in November.


  13. Does anyone know of an online resource that lists the congressmen and senators from each state and their voting record on issues regarding the wild horses and burros? November is not that far away, and I want to know how to vote. I don’t care if an advocate is Republican, Democratic, Independent or whatever, if they support protections of the wild horses and burros, I’m voting for them. It would be nice to know the views of new candidates to these races also.


    • Vickie, good luck getting any of them to even take a position, much less tell you what it is. Many of us have been writing constantly and getting only form letter replies, if we get any at all, from incumbents.


      • \\Dear Icy, if they refuse to post their positions we will be forced to assume they are not Mustang friendly and vote accordingly !!!!!


    • Dear vickie, yes we need to have this list NOW, so in November we can vote out those whom are not horse friendly , Does anyone here have that List , if so PLEASE POST so we can print it and keep it close on hand ??????????????????????


    • We can start now and she can head up our list of not friendly Judges 1. Judge Nancy Freudenthal ………………………… VOTE HER OUT !!!!!!! BYE BYE NANCY, maybe she can go flip some Beef Burgers at Burger King !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. Can this judges decision be appealed with a good gung-ho animal-loving idealistic perhaps environmental lawyer? And another injunction or hold put on the situation?


  15. At the bottom of Louie C.’s Aug 29 11:44am post, it says what you can do and provides a link to a list of senators and reps. The links to the appropriation commitees is not good(old-but excellent article) , but could be found by googleing on the gov site, I assume– good idea to stop appropriatioons of funding to BLM untill their improper and illegal actions (clarified by the article) are investigated. Also good idea to call Obama et al to put a stop to the roundups of horses and burros untill investigated.


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