Horse Slaughter

Wild Burros Vanishing From SoCal Hills

Missing BurroThe mysterious disappearance of wild burros that roam the hills above Moreno Valley has rescuers wondering whether predators or thieves are targeting the small donkeys.

An animal group named DonkeyLand has been tracking the herds and noticed that some foals as young as 3 weeks old have inexplicably gone missing in recent months. (Normally, that would be caused by the BLM and their contractors. – R.T.)

Rescuers with the Riverside-based nonprofit on Wednesday said predators, such as mountain lions, could be dragging them away. But they also believe thieves could be abducting them for breeding or killing them for food.

“We have seen animals’ bones up there, where we’ve heard they were gutted and used for meat, which is totally against the law,” said Wendy Petrunio of DonkeyLand.

Rescuers say the wild burros are federally protected and it is illegal to take them.

In September, rescuers said a newborn “miracle baby” burro was taken from its crying mother, which had previously lost three of her newborns to fatal accidents.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Moreno Valley Police Department at 951-486-6700.

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  1. There just is no end to sub humans cruelties murdering innocent animals !!!!!! I refer to these individuals as sub humans cannot be human, to me, being human is showing compassion to all who need your help !!!!! and to embrace all life as a temple of doing good things to better the lives of all living things !!!!! with no exceptions !!!!


  2. Put big signs up in English, Spanish and whatever other language to tell the campers up there that killing of wildlife is not tolerated. And put the punishment down for them to contemplate. Then a universal sign for NO and over a dead burro. We are invaded by desperate and uneducated people who have no clue how to enter the “get a job” mentia.


  3. And in the Southern California desert last year …

    “MOJAVE DESERT: Reward offered in burro death”
    The U.S. Bureau of Land Management is offering $1,000 reward for information on who killed and butchered a wild burro
    Published: Jan. 29, 2013 8:24 p.m.

    The federal government is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of whoever killed and butchered a wild burro on public land in northeast San Bernardino County.
    A biologist found the carcass earlier this month in the Ivanpah Valley, near the site of a solar energy project under construction next to Interstate 15 a few miles from Primm, Nevada.
    The animal appeared to have been cut up at the site for its meat, said David Briery, a U.S. Bureau of Land Management spokesman. Whoever killed the burro left behind its head and ribcage.
    Burros are protected under the federal Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971. The law makes it illegal to kill them.


  4. I live in the northeast part of Los Angeles adjacent to the Angeles National Forest and we have an ongoing problem with two entities. One is the archers who are able to hunt and kill without noise so they kill whenever they feel like it. The other is with persons often immigrants who actually think it is okay to kill for food. In our area the killed are deer as we have no wild burros here. We religiously call the Forestry whenever we are aware of these killers, but that is not anywhere near as often as they kill.


    • The ones who feel they have landed in the land of free meat are the ones who I feel the most anxiousness about. They don’t mind killing a horse either. We have had a few killed in our area – their bodies laid open and meat taken. One horse had its organs taken. We’ve had thousands of bears wasted for their organs. Sturgeons pulled from the ribvers by hooks and eggs cut out, then left to rot. We need to address this and not from another law vantage, but signs in languages they can all understand that say – Killing without permits is not tolerated. Just as they cut branches and limbs from our trees without regard to their health – they take the wildlife, dogs, cats, horses – whatever is easily taken for their own profit. Like the illegal slaughter farms in Florida – the problem of educating a desperate strata of humans is here.


  5. R.T. and others,

    I am not a lawyer, and I am not an expert on anything. I am just an English teacher with a hypersensitivity to words that appear to be out of place. This, and the fact that unfortunately, some of these wild horse destroyers invaded my peace here in North Carolina far from Wyoming reinforced the idea that terms I previously viewed as bizarre, bad attitude, and a sure sign the speaker or writer was depraved, jolted me upright when I began to focus on NC horse issues which entirely omit the BLM. I don’t know if that exotic language that showed up here has anything to do with the horses and burros in the West, but after working my way through a maze of information, it is my opinion that it does.

    Depending on how the Senate goes, there are non-legislative remedies to this as well as legislative ones. But the depth and breadth of the scientifically fraudulent classification of the horse as a non-native species crosses multiple scientific disciplines and because of the close connection between human and horse genetics and physiologic processes which we can infer from the great work John and Dr. Marini did ;with their origin of horse medication and its harmful effects on the humans it was designed for. 70 percent of horse meds come from human meds. Therefore, the discoveries being made through translocative medicine should be no surprise.

    Here our essentially worthless to American citizens duplicitous land management agencies, the EPA, and of all places, the Smithsonian, are an embarrassment to the United States in the face of the scientific community in this country and inter-nationationally. The fraud about the origin of the horse is holding up other research that important to both horse and human health because it is related to environmental conditions and how species adapt. Because the horse adapted or emigrated to survive, scientists want to be able to study the climate changes in different geographic areas and use the species of horse there at the time and previously to study whether the morphological differences are responses to the environment. Early information indicates that environmental factors may have influenced the diversity among subspecies of E. caballus far more than human breeding did. This would be a real blow for Senator Reid’s conduits proving everything they claim is totally, completely false.

    I offer this only to say that just because our federal agencies more loyal to a movement based on science that does not exist; therefore, exacerbating all problems in the West and on other publicly owned lands rather than restoring them. They want drought. Water could be pumped from Lake Michigan now because it is overflowing there. But we don’t build water pipelines.We build Ruby.

    The IPPC is based on scientific fraud with the intent to defraud the citizens of the United States. Fraudulent treaties can be voided. Maybe that is the tact that advocates should take.


    • Excellent. What about a class action in behalf of the American people – one way to void a “treaty”? I think part of our problem is that those of us who are fired up and ready to go live all over the place. There are not large numbers of us at the highly populated cities. We are spread all over the place so perhaps we need to organize virtual marches via the internet.

      There have been many riding long ways in behalf of the horses, be it slaughter or roundups, but it is always one or two and not the same as a gang of angry folks. We are a gang on the Internet however. I know of several very active Facebook pages. Some are rescuing and rehoming but they could certainly join a movement.


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