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Despite rumors, the Budweiser Clydesdales “will” appear in a Super Bowl commercial this year

Story By: as published in USA Today

“The story this morning may have left a wrong impression…”

screen-shot-2014-11-24-at-4-25-36-pmAfter a Monday morning story in the Wall Street Journal detailed a new marketing strategy for Budweiser that will focus more on “Jay Z and zombies” than the iconic American images normally associated with the brand, there was much worry that the company’s iconic Clydesdales would fade from the Super Bowl advertising landscape they’ve been a part of since 1986.

But fear not, lovers of the famed horses. Though a younger vibe will indeed be prominent in Anheuser-Busch advertisements in the future, the Clydesdales will continue to be featured in Super Bowl advertising in February.

“The story this morning may have left a wrong impression – the Budweiser Clydesdales will, in fact, be featured in next year’s Super Bowl advertising and are also a part of upcoming holiday responsible drinking advertising,” Anheuser-Busch said in a statement.

The company’s 2014 spot “Puppy Love,” embedded above, which featured a Clydesdale chasing after a departed canine friend, was the runaway winner of USA TODAY’s Super Bowl Ad Meter.

Another Clydesdale-inspired spot was named the winner in 2013.

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  1. Contrary to the popular image, I am NOT happy about Anheuser-Busch’s (AB) advertising campaign. A-B was a major contributor to Conrad Burns’s campaigns – the senator from Montana. You remember Conrad Burns of the Burns Rider 142 in 2204-5 right? Took away sale protection from BLM Wild Horses and Burros while he was on the Senate Finance Committee and Chairman of the Subcommittee on Interior? THAT Conrad Burns? A-B was at the time an owner of corporate beef ranches in the West. Some or all of them undoubtedly had BLM grazing permits. Burgers and beer, folks. This why the Bud ads will always stick in my craw, and while I don’t drink beer anymore, I would NEVER drink Bud or any other A-B product if I did.

    That is to take nothing away from the beauty of their horses and hitches [athough as long as I am at it, I would like to see them barefoot and bitless 🙂 ]

    What we might want to do is ask A-B for tens of thousands of dollars for our wild horse and burro non-profits, to balance the $$$ they gave to help elect and re-elect Burns.

    And welcome JayZ and the Zombies. Fitting.

    Happy Thanksgiving! Remember, you are what you eat!

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    • Good idea, Rob – didn’t realize they were pro-Burns! Contributing (publicly) for the wild horse & burro non-profits sure would help to make up for that – also if they still have any grazing permits – retiring them would be a nice gesture! (I know – not going to happen)


    • Rob, an interesting detail emerges about Senator Burns from the Congressional record. He was one of the very few Senators still opposed to the 1992 UN CBD as the vote approached. During the 10 months leading up to the vote, lobbyists had wined and dined most Senators and re-assured them that there was nothing harmful in the treaty. Senator Burns held out.

      It is entirely possible that he (as a Republican–the party not intended to benefit from the UN CBD Article 8 (h) which would essentially undo the 1971 Wild Horse and Burro Act as well as federal grazing laws, giving the government power to arbitrarily prescribe what species of floral and fauna can exist anywhere in the country. Senator Reid would not have told him that the FAO added the word invasive to the IPPC to link the UN CBD Article 8 (h) through synonymous language to remove livestock and wild horses through classifying both as exotic species law.

      Somehow a old news story from LV ended up in my in-news and there was a story and the Burns amendment and the conflicting stories between the offices of Burns and Reid appeared. There is no way at all Senator Reid would have risked a vote by adding the slaughter of U.S. wild horses and burros protected from such under federal law, even if some supported it, few would have gone on the record. Instead, because Senator Reid needed a way to ensure eradication of horses, so he could start emptying the land of wild horses and burros as well as livestock (Bundy and Nevada ranchers removed per 1993). Horse slaughter must have seemed like the perfect solution for a person of Senator Reid’s Machiavellian heart, and he managed to get rid of quite a number of them to meet the eradication of an an invasive (harmful non-native) species that threatened plants. These two treaties were tied together in E.O. 13112 issued on Feb. 3. 1999. Though the 97 IPPC was not ratified until October 2000, it is quite clear from the use of the word invasive and U.S. reservation at signing #3 that this is the treaty that made the intent of UN CBD Article 8 (h) sovereign to U.S. federal law passed by Congress.

      You may already know all this, but so many people keep focusing on the BLM and it is quite possible that members of the BLM or ranchers may have existed, but of the federal agencies involved like FWS, NPS, and FS the BLM does not or did not until recently have international partners affiliated with the UN. The exotic species scam began to take shape (plans occurred prior to this) in 1973, the same year the Endangered Species Act and the CITIES became law. In 1971 the Wild Horse and Burro Act became law, but the BLM did not complete its census until some time later. As we know the census was not completed immediately and when it was some notable herds were omitted. In 1972 the first UN Conference for the Human Environment was held. Many who attended were reported enthusiastic about this concept of saving the Earth and making a better world. Much of the talk around these plans concerned science, using the best possible science, and so forth always with the implication that those who did not find or did not agree with the IUCN or UCN’s conclusions were scientifically retarded or ignorant.

      I don’t have a way to know how much any of you have delved into the original published research that Dr. Kirkpatrick or Dr. Franzen list as sources. Dr. Franzen must have been offered some kind of deal to limit his book to fossil evidence only, but I discovered he included one of the most complete early articles published in 2005. This article is also referenced in the 2013 BLM Report on the Use of (choke, gag) Science to Find the Way Forward. FWS and their NGO partners the TNC and IUCN came up with the exotic species listing in 1973. Their reference to attempts to draft an amendment into the 1976 Federal Lands Policy Act reveals that the initial interest was in the land where the wild horses and burros are. Further confirmation of this is that the horses and burros protected by law are addressed again and again as one entity as are livestock. So there is no effort to make a scientific distinction.

      The truth is that for all its talk about scientific and technical committees, none of the reports cite a single reference as an authority on where a species originated. No authentic scientist would consider eradicating species that have been historically essential to human survival and advancement over time without careful and considered study.

      Though somewhat veiled the international scientific community has expressed its disgust that decades of research mean have resulted in no progress whatsoever in the conservation of equids or bovids. They are concerned about the very short time frame that the guilty are using. I have no idea if they realize we have O scientific sources, but I think it is significant that countries are starting to abandon the climate treaties based on carbon emissions. I don’t know if they know that the same person is behind each, but they surely know that the United States heavily influenced both the climate and the biological diversity treaties. The Secretariat of the CBD is a good friend of VP Gore. He is connected to Alberta which is where there are likely to be many fossils of native wild horses trapped in time in and under the surface level of the tar sands that are to be used in Keystone.

      Oil sands were mined in the 1930’s in Messel Germany where a dawn horse with a fetus still inside was found in fairly good condition. The last thing this government and people profiting from oil and coal elsewhere want to happen is for the U.S. to drill for oil in the Canadian tar sands and discover just how recently horse was actually here.

      I am not anti-environment, but when I look at the affiliations of the groups that have sat on citizen advisory councils that have worked with President Clinton and President Obama’s administration with the holdover of President Clinton’s citizen advisory council to the National Invasive Species Council as a way to take actions allegedly based on scientific evidence where no scientific evidence actually exists based on individual affiliations with groups one would hope are informed by science, but very few if any actual science exists it is hard to come to any other conclusion that behind the tree-hugging T-sheets, the top of food chain has persuaded a lot of good people to fight each other, so that one political party’s donors control and profit from our countries vast natural resource wealth.

      I do not get the sense that the Republicans were brought into this discussion, but it may have occurred to a few who knew what exists right under our wild horses and burros feet that something was happening that shouldn’t be happening. I don’t pretend to know what Senator Burns knows now, but since he was against the UN CBD until the end, if he were to find out he was tricked into implementing part of it, he might have been motivated to speak out in 2009 to clear the record. There is only so much clean up you can do with horse slaughter in any form, but harvesting horses for meat is one think, but to use slaughter to eradicate a species valued by humans has a distinctly different feel to it.


  2. Sounds like Budweiser may have been infiltrated by some marketing people that took a class taught by one of the academics engaged in the massive scientific fraud against America’s native wild horses.

    You know what makes this even worse is Pangea and Godwanna. This refers to the time when all the Earth’s land was joined into one super continent and then the southern hemisphere spun off from the Northern hemisphere leaving two large continents that were joined for millions of years in latitudes which are different from the latitudes they are today. In the northern hemisphere, Asia separated first and moved to the West and toward the north pole. Europe and North America were joined for much longer.

    The separation of North America from Europe due to Earth’s crust pushing upwards from the core to split the continents. This was a gradual process, not a dramatic one. North America and Europe were much closer to each other than they are today for a very, very long time. One the continents separated more, land bridges through Greenland, Iceland, and islands connected North America and through the British Isles across the English Channel into western Europe. Using a more northerly route, horse traveled to the Scandinavian area of Europe across Greenland and islands once present the no longer exist.

    Meanwhile, the North America tectonic plates continue to move toward Asia and further from Europe. Eventually the West United with the East and a land bridge, the low lying grasslands that connect Asia to North America allowed mammals and the first humans to walk to North America from Asia. For millions of years this land bridge existed. It was not until about 10,000 years ago when the ice from the last major glacial melted enough to flood Berengia that North America became isolated from Asia and Europe. After five million years ago when South America and North America were joined through the Isthmus of Panama, horse traveled to South America. The flooding of Berengia would have meant that those mammals that may have been prevented from getting to Beringia by humans who were likely using them in agriculture after 3,000 or 5,000 years of human-horse contact. The horse may have held on for a long time, but eventually small, fragmented herds that lacked genetically viability would have collapse. It is highly possible that horses that reached Berengia prior to the time these grasslands (used themselves for refugia because they were cold, but dry) were flooded, horse migrated to Asia and dispersed through Europe.

    This concept that a species originated in one place and was supposed to stay there because the oceans act as fences, is so anti-science and clearly the opposite of what nature intended. Nature intended for species to be able to survive in multiple habitats in different locations in order to protect the species, particularly those that Nature/God designed con specifically with humans. The species that are on the eradication list are the domestic species that did not traditionally live in the wild here or may have. I have looked primarily at horse, but the scientific community has expressed concern about bovids as well. I know the equid issues is likely for the Holarctic and the bovid may be also.

    If I had not had the misfortune of having one of these people join the horse rescue I worked with with the purpose of destroying it, I might not have the clear picture I have developed of following the leads that knowing her and observing her extremely rude and inappropriate behavior and borderline illegal activities, I would probably still think this was all about the BLM, but it isn’t. It’s about oil and overturning U.S. laws through international laws for the profit of a small group of of people that will donate some of their profits to the further destruction of our country and the things that make us Americans. I sure hope Budweiser doesn’t fall for layers of deceit behind the scam to steal our property rights by controlling what kind of plants and animals we can have on any land we own anywhere by claiming the species didn’t originate there.

    The entire idea that anyone can even know what is native and non-native to America is bizarre when one considers that the Appalachian mountains did not exist and the area now referred to as Appalachia was covered with shallow ocean waters. When horse first appeared after the Post Thermal Maximum, North America was tropical. The Appalachian mountains formed much later, but they are rich in plants and animals were once tropical or on sea beds that have now become coal, natural gas, and molydbenum. Environmentalists talk about ending fossil fuels, but it sure looks like they are preserving these carbon based fuels, elements, metals, and minerals. Heck, plants are the basis for everything. If plants had not been here in abundance, the horse wouldn’t have been here either.


  3. A couple of updates on the fracking post: this is what Barbara Warner was talking about in her post—-


  4. didn’t a Dutch Corp buy Budweiser a couple years ago? Less and less exposure of tis rare breed’ I hope the farm for the horses is still the same and they aren’t cutting corners with care, training, breeding. And do not cull the ‘extra’ horses to CEO dinner plates.


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