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We Will NEVER Forget

“18 years ago today over 3,000 average Americans headed out from their homes to go to work and earn a living to provide for their families.  Unknown to them, or anyone else in the world, was the fact that they would never return, they would never say good-bye […]

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NFL Disrespect Drive the Budweiser Clydesdales Away?

First time in recent memory; the horses give the Stupid Bowl the cold shoulder

I don’t watch the game; (just a bunch of bulked-up, overpaid males running around a field playing with their balls) but I always look forward to previewing the commercials that are played during the event and of course, the tales told by the Clydesdale’s mini-movies are always the favorite.

Be they patriotic, remember the 911 one, or about being more than you thought you could be; they almost always bring a tear to your eye…but not in this year of gross disrespect and inflated egos, no ponies.

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