The Force of the Horse

The Wild Horse and Burro Christmas Carol

by Vicki Tobin and R.T. Fitch, Illustration by Kerry Kelly of the Houston Chronicle

“First published on Christmas Day in 2009; the characters have changed but the message still rings true to this very day.  The roundups must stop so that we can appropriately care for and manage, if needed, our national treasures on their rightful land.  At Wild Horse Freedom Federation we offer the gift of our continued fight in support of the Wild Horses and Burros to live free with their families on their promised public land.  Merry Christmas!” ~ R.T.

Twas the night before Christmas…

artwork by Kerry Kelly ~ Houston Chronicle

Twas the night before Christmas on our public land
not a Mustang was stirring, knowing what was at hand.
They huddled in fear hoping someone would care,
in hopes that the advocates soon would be there.

The foals hid in cover while Mom stood her ground
while stallions and bachelors, made sure Kornze wasn’t around.
With Jewell lurking and Guilfoyle so close by
the bands must stay quiet and not blink an eye.

When out on the range there arose such a clatter
The Mustangs all knew, what was the matter.
They ran to take cover, on wings they did fly
For surely they knew, that many would die.

The visions of million$ caused Cattoor a big grin
While Bolstad and Spencer high-fived a big win
More horses removed by ignoring the law
Hold on to your hats and stand back in awe.

The chopper did glisten on new fallen snow
Sealing the fate of the horses below.
When all of a sudden, the bands all stood still
And watched as the chopper came over the hill.

They stood in amazement, can it really be true
The advocates appeared right out of the blue
The horses retreated, not believing their eyes
For surely this is another, BLM guise.

Then leading the charge, lively and quick
were Kathy and Holland and Fitch with a stick
More rapid than lightening, Coffey followed in tow
with Simone close behind, directing which way they go.

Now Ginger and Paula and Ann times two,
Oh Marjorie and Dawn and Julie it’s you.
Now Vicki and Jerry and Lisa and Daryl
with cameras in hand come Terry and Carol.

Down the hill they descended toward the horses with care
and watched as the chopper, fled into the air
The advocates came with injunction in hand
the decree shouted out, not on our public lands!

Enough is enough the judge did declare
the horses were saved by the breadth of a hair.
‘Our work here’s not done,’ the advocates cried
‘the choppers still flying, other herds could be spied’

It’s back to D.C. with a permanent plan
to ensure all the horses could live on their land.
So love was delivered to the horses with pride
but the warriors must leave so that no more would die.

They climbed up the hill and turned back to the band
who all now had gathered on what was their land.
‘We carry you with us,’ R.T. did say
‘as we go to the White House to show them your way.’

The horses all bowed with a sign of approval
as they all now knew that there was no removal.
They neighed and they nickered to the spirit above
‘Thanks for sending the people who give us their love.’

original artwork by Kerry Kelly of the Houston Chronicle

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  1. Also all my Prayers are for the Mustangs to be able to live in Peace and Freedom with their families as Promised in 1971…………………….


  2. Merry Christmas Wild Horse Warriors. It’s been one of the most devastating years for wild horse and burro removals EVER. The BLM and Cattoor’s have tried to hide their cruel helicopter rounds ups and the wild horse advocates have stood steadfast in court, on the ground, in the air, in protest fighting to protect our wild ones from removals and needless harm. Chasing pregnant horses for miles and bragging about how humane the subsequent euthanasia was is power for their course of subterfuge and down right stupidity. Isn’t it obvious, that proves how UNCARING the government is as the mare, heavy in foal, would not have been stressed to the point of death, but for the grueling helicopter chase. So many wild horses removed and so many deaths and with 50,000 mustangs in peril in BLM HELL HOLDING facilities with no shelter from wind, rain, freezing and frying temperatures, no turnouts, no nothing but boring, overcrowded existence separated for life from their family bands…3 strikes (3 feeble adoption attempts in an all ready over-burdened horse rescue world) and off they sell OUR wild, PROTECTED, mustangs for slaughter. Corruption, greed and stupidity seem to abound in government. Here’s to fighting 3 times as hard in the New Year to expose this fraudulent use of billions of tax dollars to end the round ups and free our wild ones back on to public lands not privately paid for mustang sanctuaries. We all ready paid for public lands, so why not keep them for wildlife not for environmental raping for the mining, oil and gas frackers to line their pockets. Oh, and not to mention the crying welfare ranchers that need to start paying $1,350 a year for a cow/calf pair or 5 sheep instead of $13.50. It ain’t the 1950’s anymore. Only producing 5% of the nations beef, this creates an unfair advantage when they bring their products to market. Every single beef and sheep rancher not on the DOLE should be as outraged as we, Wild Horse Warriors are. Even as we speak, more wild horses are being dragged out of their homes to their ultimate demise. I’ve seen hundreds in kill pens all over the nation. We don’t WANT to ADOPT mustangs!!!!! We can’t hardly keep up with the bloody OVER BREEDERS dumping their injured or imperfect get into the slaughter pipelines. All right, time to be merry and light of heart, however, just recharging batteries for the NEW YEAR’s Wild Horse WARRIOR BATTLE!


  3. Amen to that! We must never give up on the horses and burros we love. I ask on this Christmas that the Man and the Angels show them their love by helping us keep them safe. As the year comes to close, let me thank all those who so closely monitor the activity. I pray this Christmas the boarders of Canada and Mexico stop importing our horses, burros and other equine friends. And the BLM will close and become a non-existant dept. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my Horse Warriors and may the “Force of the Horse be with you all.


    • Amen also to all above , I agree totally !!!!!!! A Large piece of all of me, heart and soul is always with the Horses and Mustangs no matter where I am ………………… THEY ARE THE BEST PART OF ME !!!!!


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