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Janine Blaeloch, Director of Western Lands Project, on BLM & Forest Service Land Swaps & Industrial Solar, on Wild Horse & Burro Radio (Wed., 2/25)


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Janine Blaeloch, Founder & Director of Western Lands Project

Our guest will be Janine Blaeloch, Founder & Director of Western Lands Project, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that fights public land privatization in order to protect the environment and the public interest.  Their mission is to scrutinize public land trades, sales, giveaways, and any project that would cede public land.  Their goal is to keep public land public.

Janine will talk about the destructive utility-scale solar plants planned on 19 million acres of public lands open to industrial solar applications, instead of alternatives that would focus solar development on degraded lands and in the already-built environment.

Each year, approximately 200 land deals are proposed by the Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service, in addition to those introduced by legislation.  The BLM & the Forest Service do exchanges of land with private parties, including timber companies, mining corporations, ranchers, and developers

While the two sides must get lands of equal market value, and the exchange must create a net benefit for the public, the appraisal process can be corrupted and the public interest is often ignored.  For years, the Forest Service was trading lushly forested lands to timber companies in exchange for the cut-over, damaged land the companies had already exploited.

And in the U.S. Congress, members wheel, deal, carve up, and give away public lands with no regulations to hinder them.  Frequently, the bottom line is the direct, pragmatic opportunity to reward friends or curry political favor through the gift of public land.

Read Western Lands Project newsletters HERE.

Read these detailed publications:

Carving Up the Commons: Congress and Our Public Lands

Commons or Commodity? The Dilemma of Federal Land Exchanges

The Citizens Guide to Federal Land Exchanges: A Manual for Public Lands Advocates

Tonight’s radio show will be hosted by Debbie Coffey, V.P. & Dir. of Wild Horse Affairs, Wild Horse Freedom Federation


To contact us:, or call 320-281-0585


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*SM – Service Mark

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  1. I heard that this person REALLY knows what is going on with the public land swaps.

    IDAHO land grab plan.
    I didn’t read the whole report but did read this:
    “Testimony was received about examples of where federal inefficiency and mismanagement abound. These problems are not attributable to the efforts of capable federal employees, but are, instead, symptomatic of the non-functioning federal land management policies and processes. Such examples include the size and frequency of forest fires, bark beetle infestation, deterioration of ranges, water resource impacts, and rampant wild horse and burro populations. They also include the failure to produce the jobs, realize the revenue, and meet the nation’s energy needs through increased oil and gas production and its timber and lumber needs through increased harvesting of timber while reducing fire and disease risk to the forests.”
    The report: Interim Committee on Federal Public Lands 2014 Final Report.

    Click to access lands_finalrpt.pdf

    (The part about the “capable federal employees” and especially the part about the “rampant wild horse and burro populations” … made me puke)


  2. I do believe that BLM will continue to claim that the horses and burro populations are rampant even when they are all gone. You will notice that the deterioration of ranges and the water resource impacts was never blamed on the cattle and sheep outright but the naming of the horses and burros following that statement which means that in their narrow little greedy minds the horses and burros caused all of it including climate change. You have to read this stuff to believe it.


  3. This is extremely important and at the very core of the battle to save our Wild Horses and Burros and all Wildlife on Public Lands.

    Appraisers Told to Avoid Putting Findings in Writing
    Posted on Dec 19, 2002

    A sixty-day review of Department of Interior land exchanges has bogged down amid charges of agency “manipulation” and obstruction. According to documents released today by the Western Land Exchange Project (WLXP) and Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER):
    An official suspected of abusing her authority remains in charge of reviewing land exchanges for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)-even after the U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC) asked the Interior Department to look into her culpability in negotiating a Utah land exchange that would have cost taxpayers an estimated $100 million;

    The Appraisal Foundation reported to a member of Congress that BLM appraisal staff had been ordered to avoid putting their findings into writing so that memos pointing to the inequity of the Utah trade would not be “auditable.” The Foundation also found that key agency files were missing; and
    In a national meeting of BLM appraisers, participants described “manipulation” and a “cover-up” by top officials to skew land exchanges to the detriment of taxpayers.

    “Officials at the very top of the Interior Department are sanctioning corrupt land deals and keeping wrongdoers in positions of authority,” said WLXP director Janine Blaeloch.


  4. How do I find Wild Horse and Burro Radio on the dial. I missed program today. I would like to listen to all shows involving horses and environments. Public Lands are Public Lands, those lands belong to our horses, and must not be given for use to the huge Cattle Industry. The cattlemen are using public lands on the cheap, it’s the horses land and not for arrogant, greedy cattle people. Also we must preserve all that is natural, stop clear cutting, stop allowing the BLM to have so much power doing land trades and so on.


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