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Utah lawmakers back off horse-tripping ban

Apparently, a horse-tripping ban made Utah Farm Bureau V.P. of Public Policy, Sterling Brown, feel “jumpy.”  Below is a video of horse-tripping in Oregon.


Lawmakers back off horse-tripping ban

By Amy Joi O’Donoghue

SALT LAKE CITY — A bill requiring equestrian venues to register an official “horse-tripping” event within 30 days of when it is scheduled passed a legislative committee on Monday afternoon.

The substitute version of HB261 by Rep. Ken Ivory, R-West Jordan, also requires the owners of the arenas to report the consequences of such an event, including how many horses were involved, if there were injuries and the contact information of the attending veterinarian if called.

Horse tripping, or horse roping, has already been banned in 13 other states. It is the competitive non-rodeo sanctioned event of lassoing a horse’s legs and neck and bringing it to the arena floor, often at a full gallop.

Ivory, a horseman, sought to prohibit the measure outright under state law and make it a misdemeanor, but he pulled back Monday before a hearing with the House Natural Resources Agricultural and Environmental Quality Committee.

Sterling Brown, with the Utah Farm Bureau, said the organization is strongly opposed to horse tripping, but conceded the original version of the bill made him extremely “jumpy.”

Critics of outlawing the practice say it is a foot in the door to ban rodeo.

Proponents say states with strong rodeo traditions such as Texas and Oklahoma have outlawed horse tripping with no fallout.

A number of people testified in favor of the Utah Legislature taking some action on the issue.

One child told the committee, “If I was horse, I would not like this done to me.”

The measure also requires the state agricultural department to embark on an educational campaign on horse tripping and make reports during the state Legislature’s interim.

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  1. I could not watch this blatant Animal abuse again.But very little surprises me on how vicious us EVIL humans are.hope all this Scum that enjoy this type of “FUN” go to there respective Churches on Sunday to show what DECENT humans they are.


    • I forgot to mention that the Mustangs are being killed by the thousands. And trucked to slaughter houses in Mexico and Canada. Canada is just as bad in the treatment of their wild horses.


  2. We all know who practices this evil sport. I am also aware that they prefer Arabian horses as they provide a “better” show. What the hell is the matter with these Legislators? Perhaps they need to be lassoed and have their legs pulled out from under their bodies. No matter what laws are passed someone will complain about it. It seems we are becoming more cruel and inhumane. No matter how one tries to justify it, it is wrong, just like the roundups taking place in the West. Its disgusting and a national ban should be put in place!


  3. Sometimes the absolute idiocy of some people leaves me on the verge of speechlessness. We claim to be post-modern yet some are firmly entrenched in the practice of activities best left in the past. Horse tripping is one of those activities. Protests by stubborn participants are most likely due to a need to justify the illogical continuation of foolishness that is dangerous, much like the behavior of children in similar circumstances.


  4. Ask the 11 states that have banned this, and they will tell you that it has had no bad effect on the rodeos, so Mr. Sterling, please just grow a pair and do the right thing.


  5. Mr Sterling let these SCUMBAGS that get it on by watching this,go into the arena and become the TRIPEES,that I would watch with great pleasure.


  6. Cruelty to animals, also called animal abuse or animal neglect, is the human infliction of suffering or harm upon non-human animals, for purposes other than self-defense or survival.

    I did a little looking and found this that proves the Utah law needs to be changed.
    Below are excerpts from the Utah Criminal Code which clearly state the kind of animal cruelty known as “horse tripping” is illegal … BUT then it says that it is OK if it is a rodeo animal and so THAT needs to be changed!
    Title 76
    Utah Criminal Code
    Chapter 9
    Offenses Against Public Order and Decency
    Section 301 Cruelty to animals.
    76-9-301. Cruelty to animals.
    (B) in a situation where conditions present an immediate, direct, and serious threat to the life, safety, or health of the animal.
    (h) “Torture” means intentionally or knowingly causing or inflicting extreme physical pain to an animal in an especially heinous, atrocious, cruel, or exceptionally depraved manner.
    (4) A person is guilty of aggravated cruelty to an animal if the person:
    (a) tortures an animal;
    (11) Upon conviction under this section, the court may in its discretion, in addition to other penalties:
    (a) order the defendant to be evaluated to determine the need for psychiatric or psychological counseling, to receive counseling as the court determines to be appropriate, and to pay the costs of the evaluation and counseling;
    (c) order the defendant to no longer possess or retain custody of any animal

    But here is the problem and why the law needs to be changed and I ask, why is cruelty to animals and torture OK during a rodeo!?

    (ii) “Animal” does not include:
    (A) a live, nonhuman vertebrate creature, if:
    (II) the creature is:
    (B) a live, nonhuman vertebrate creature that is owned, kept, or used for rodeo purposes, if the conduct toward the creature, and the care provided to the creature, is in accordance with accepted rodeo practices;


  7. It is a Federal offense

    Animal Cruelty Will Soon Be A Top Tier Felony

    Finally, the same extensive databases that homicides detectives tap into will be created for investigators to use for animal cruelty cases. As the article states below, it will take time to develop this information. The sooner we begin, the better. Also FBI involvement in pursuing animal cruelty cases will only help bring to justice those who would do harm to our four-legged friends. ~ HfH

    From: Alternet
    By: Evelyn Nieves
    Zeroing In On Sociopaths: Feds Finally Make Animal Cruelty a Top-Tier Felony
    The move will finally offer a way to track animal abuse and analyze crimes against animals.


  8. The Legislators should know that horse tripping is against Rodeo rules! And that years also the PRCA wrote a letter supporting the ban on the tripping of horses in California. What the legislature is doing is sanctioning and regulating it, NOT BANNING IT.


  9. Do those idiots read the posts? If so what f- ing people do this to horses? You should all go to jail or worse…Karma will get you in the end.


    • Daryl, please do a search about wild Mustangs and the pregnant mare who was run to the ground by BLM helicopters and shot while she was in labor, trying to deliver her foal.


  10. I wonder how many Mexican organizations were against this bill? keep in mind that this is part of their rodeos held in California. They don’t care how many horses are injured or killed when they hit the ground at a full gallop. This cruelty originated in Mexico and moved to the US along with their rodeos.




  12. The thinking man must oppose all cruel customs no matter how deeply rooted in tradition or surrounded by a halo . . . We need a boundless ethic which will include the animals also. – Dr. Albert Schweitzer


  13. This is outrageous!!! I cannot believe that anyone would find this ok!?? Would you want this done to your child..your mother or father..or grandmother?? I have just been knocked for a loop..but nothing compares to this absolute horrible treatment of these horses! I don’t care what state this takes place…IT SHOULD B BANNED!!!
    The whole damn rodeo should b banned!
    This has my blood boiling!!!!!
    Somebody’s got to hear this…it makes me sick to my stomach! God help these horses & find some brains for these awful men!


  14. No one was to see rodeos banned. Horse tipping is cruel. Horse’s are injured and kill.
    It’s a animal that is a living thing. It’s breaths the same as you or me.
    I am a horse person and I have gone to rodeos and never complained about the rodeo until I seen horse tipping. It’s ugly and cruel. It’s not a sport and no athletic skills at all. I see animal being tortured and in pain.


  15. I am disgusted that this is legal let alone promoted. I thought about moving to Utah at one time, thank god I didn’t move to a state so full of evil hiding behind their bibles. Sickening.


  16. How sad that there needs to be laws in order to prevent people from injuring animals. These loser savages need to be stopped. It takes a really sick person to get off on tripping horses. Find something better to do!


  17. We all need to continue to fight horse tripping till it is banned in all 50 states its inhumane and cruel and needs to stop! Please everyone continue the fight till we win this and its banned for the horses sake!


  18. What has become of us? What goes through a person’s mind that makes them enjoy watching animals in pain?

    Surely there are people who don’t condone this who know the people who do it, like neighbors or relatives. Are they afraid to speak up? What are we so afraid of, that we can’t speak up for a voiceless animal?

    I’m afraid God will only forgive so much.


  19. something wrong with you people making the laws if you think this is ok to hurt a animal in this manner. You really think it doesn’t hurt them. And we trust you to help run out states. You are sick and twisted.. Get to church and get a little if God in you.. Not sure it would help you. I think your already gone to Hell!!
    Stop the abuse, open your eyes, you are flipping totally blind. Look at the picture. Seriously! You just not have no heart. If a human fell like that do you really think they aren’t getting hurt..what if it was you? Oh, wait thereby sa law to protect you!! And you humans think your God!! You wait til Gd comes back! You better be scared! I am for you!!


  20. Where is the outrage of the Horse Racing Industry? I would say there is most likely more abuse there. Or, what about the Hot/High Lick horses? Also starting out with a horse that was not Tripped takes away from your message. One must stay on topic to build a consensus of logical and rational people to prevent such activities. Mindless and emotional bloviating will turn away the the rational thinkers that you need to change things.
    Obviously, as society gets further and further away from depending on Animals as partners in everyday life, Animals become mere commodities and cost centers to line the pockets of people.


  21. Well it appears there is an election coming up in the US,and each one of you have a vote,use it wisely.For the record a Judge ( I think in Gainesville gave a Dog-Fighter a 25 year Jail sentence) So in some quarters Animal-Abuse is been taken


  22. I understand there are some aspects of ranch life–like roping a hind foot (I refer to Buck in his movie)for SPECIFIC instances. You never saw Buck pull that leg in such a way as to cause the horse to fall. It was done by an experienced horseman with the intent to distract the horse so the rider could get on.

    Other aspects of rodeo show what a working cow pony really does. Those contests are good. But really do we need to rope a horse and then rope either both front legs or back legs? To make matters worse LOTS of money is bet on that outcome.

    I saw cowboys whining about how this is their way of life, this is our culture blah blah blah, complaining to the NV Congress. It was disgusting to watch this. Those same Cowboys are the ones rounding wild horses in Elko and surrounding areas.


  23. These guys that do this crap have no respect for human life whatsoever. Even if the law is banned there is a huge underground world that does this for fun just like the dog fighting rings. They’ll unfortunately just do it somewhere else. Just ask the BLM mustangs that have been sold to killer brokers. They are sold to the Mexican under world where using barb wire for reins is very common. It is sickening and pathetic. Just the same we need to go after the lawmakers first. Anything we can do to make it more difficult for this type of activity, is helpful to horses. For those of you that own horses, keep an eye on them. These guys are the same folks that steal horses from people’s yards, and this is where they’ll end up.


  24. That is by far is one of the cruelest thing I have seen in a long time,, they are by no means cowboys,,,they are butchers.. I rodeo and I don’t know of any of my friends that would condone this sport,, if that is what you
    want to call this


  25. I used to run the traditional rodeo circuit and the contractors kept very good care of their livestock because they knew this was their bread and butter. Horse tripping is not a tradition , not where I came from ! we need to put a banned on Horse tripping , And in no way is this going to interupt your regular sanctioned rodeo venue! This horse tripping is cruel!!! It has to stop !!


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