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93 workers laid off at Empacadora de Carne de Fresnillo


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93 workers laid off at Empacadora de Carne de Fresnillo

Published on Saturday, February 14th 2015 in
Plant retains 122 workers.

*70% of the horses slaughtered came from the United States, where in many places their slaughtering is forbidden.By Margarito Juárez GonzálezFresnillo, Zac. The company “Empacadora de Carne de Fresnillo” laid off 93 workers because horsemeat sales decreased by a 60%. The dismissed workforce will be hired back in case exports increase this year.Horsemeat sales to European customers decreased due to many factors, principally because of a lower demand but particularly because the company did not comply with several quality regulations pertaining to the slaughtering process and sanitary conditions.

This drop in meat exports caused the dismissal of 93 workers from said city. Most of these workers reside in slums and shantytowns close by the metropolitan area.

The plant remains in operation since it still maintains two key outlets, namely the sale of equines [sic, author likely meant equine meat] at national and local level. The company exported to European countries since it has Belgian investors. The plant is 50 years old.

Several company executives claimed this year was one of the most difficult times for them, financially speaking, and that they were not expecting to dismiss such a number of employees.

There is another equine slaughter plant in the municipalty of Jerez de Garcia Salinas which is also on the brink of closing down because of the same reasons that Empacadora de Carnes de Fresnillo.

It is worth noting that in the last years no such a drastical drop in the exports of equines [sic, again the author is likely referring to equine meat] to the European Union was ever registered.

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  1. And one of those sites is owned….drum roll please…by none other than the Belgians….. The horrors will never end with them. This is a drop but not near what I would like to see. Thanks RT and EWA for the investigative work and sharing of this information.


  2. Far to go but not giving up – and special thanks to Equine Welfare Alliance and Wild Horse Freedom Federation.


  3. Horse Slaughter: Revealing The Truth, Part Five –-The Money Trail

    Conrad Burns ex-US Senator and AQHA lobbyist
    Rep Bob Goodlatte
    Rep Jack Kingston
    Senator Roy Blunt
    Senator Herb Kohl
    Larry Craig ex US senator
    “Chuck” Stenholm horsemeat lobbyist
    In the last part of this series, we will look at the money trail. In doing so, we will detail the identity, motivation and the not-so-clear connections that continue to put horse slaughter up as “a necessary evil.”

    The horse slaughter lobby is a set of fronts and organizations (in some cases comprised of just one or a few individuals) that make a monetary profit out of defending the existence of horse slaughtering, either directly or indirectly, or that use it as an excuse to further a concrete political agenda, which in almost every case implies an economical profit, be it merely from lobbying or by certain industrial strategies related to cutting down production costs.


  4. Thank you for keeping up on the latest information. Its sad that workers lost their jobs, but let them find new ones! There is nothing humane or loving about the killing of one of God’s most precious creatures. One can only hope that they ALL close!


  5. If the kill buyers can’t get contracts to sell US horses to Canada most of them will go out of business that’s what I expect to see happen in Mexico this coming year. Because if the plants in Canada have to feed the horses for the six months to try to rid the horses system of drugs like bute I don’t see how they can make a profit that alone will bankrupt some of them. Not to mention the known fact that drugs like bute stays with the horse for life. If the EU even allows the 6 month drying out period is still unknown they may just stop all US horses from being accepted at the slaughter plants. I hope that’s what they do. I have waited for this for ten years to hopefully get this cruelty stopped once and for all.


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