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What is BLM Director Neil Kornze saying about wild horses?

“According to the article below, Kornze didn’t even mention wild burros, probably because there are hardly any left on public lands.  It is troubling if he brought up sterilization of the herds.  And, if Kornze thinks capturing wild horses and maintaining them throughout their lives is “too expensive,” he should leave them on their federally protected Herd Management Areas.”  – Debbie

“Kornze also asked for more money to reduce the herds of wild horses that trample sage-grouse habitat and otherwise imperil the rangelands, as HCN has reported.  He said some 50,000 wild horses now roam BLM rangelands, about twice what the territory can handle.  Some $10 million of the funding would go to develop better techniques for birth control vaccines or sterilization of the herds. 

Kornze suggested that capturing a horse and maintaining it throughout its life with federal funds is too expensive. “We spend $45,000 on that horse, and that’s a good college education,” Kornze said.  The government already supports 50,000 in captivity.”

NeilKornze  Neil Kornze

SOURCE:  High Country News

BLM seeks Congressional OK for new fees, private donations

by Elizabeth Shogren

The director of the Bureau of Land Management sat across a big oval table from members of the U.S. House of Representatives this week and made his case for more money. The agency needs increased funding, he said, to manage challenges as diverse as a drilling boom and an overabundance of wild horses across vast stretches of public lands.

But before BLM Director Neil Kornze even had a chance to pitch President Obama’s $1.2 billion budget proposal for his agency, the chairman of the panel, Rep. Ken Calvert, R-CA, said the request didn’t match the “very constrained funding environment” in Congress.

Kornze pressed for approval of proposals to expand BLM’s funds without getting more cash from Congress. He asked the panel to create a BLM foundation, so the agency can raise private funds, and to approve BLM’s plan to charge the oil and gas industry for inspections on federal land.

Currently, the BLM has 159 inspectors for 100,000 wells, but Kornze says it needs at least 220. “This is a major industrial activity on public lands and it needs oversight,” he said.

The administration’s proposal would raise an estimated $48 million in 2016, but cost companies only about $1,000 per well, which Kornze said isn’t much for companies that have invested at least $8 million to drill each well.

The BLM also wants to start charging an administration fee for grazing, which would help the agency clear its big grazing permit backlog more quickly.

Calvert, who chairs the House Committee on Appropriations subcommittee on Interior, Environment and Related Agencies, did not oppose the proposals outright but said they should be considered by the House Natural Resources Committee, which oversees BLM, not the panel that funds the agency.

The highest-ranking Democrat on the panel articulated the problem with that logic. “How do we get the authorizing committee to do their job?” said Betty Louise McCollum, D-Minnesota. “Maybe they should stop doing leases then if we can’t do inspections,” she said, adding quickly that no one wants that outcome.

The biggest increase in the administration’s budget is the request for $60 million — a four-fold increase — for the agency’s sage grouse program.

Republicans on the panel seemed inclined to provide that money — if cuts are found elsewhere in the budget. As HCN has reported, the 11 states with grouse territory are working with the federal government to try to reduce risks to the bird, so that it doesn’t end up on the endangered species list. In part, the money would go to plant strips of fire-resistant vegetation and cut down juniper and piñon trees that have flourished over what had been native sagebrush and grass habitat. This will increase the birds’ territory and reduce the risk of wildfires, which burn millions of acres of rangeland each year.

“If we go ahead and do everything — from this committee, the states, localities —and the sage grouse is still listed; that’s not going to bode well for future cooperation,” Calvert warned.

Kornze also asked for more money to reduce the herds of wild horses that trample sage-grouse habitat and otherwise imperil the rangelands, as HCN has reported. He said some 50,000 wild horses now roam BLM rangelands, about twice what the territory can handle. Some $10 million of the funding would go to develop better techniques for birth control vaccines or sterilization of the herds.

Kornze suggested that capturing a horse and maintaining it throughout its life with federal funds is too expensive. “We spend $45,000 on that horse, and that’s a good college education,” Kornze said. The government already supports 50,000 in captivity.

McCollum pressed Kornze on what the agency is doing about Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who as HCN has reported had a standoff with BLM officials about a year ago at his Nevada ranch. Bundy has yet to be charged for illegal grazing or his unpaid grazing fees. At least one of the hundreds of people gathered at his ranch aimed a rifle at federal agents; that person has not been charged either.

“Mr. Bundy and his band of armed thugs are dangerous. They have committed acts that are criminal by threatening federal employees. They should be held accountable. They should be prosecuted,” said McCollum.

Kornze failed to specify what the federal government is doing about Bundy. “It is absolutely essential that those who have broken laws are brought to justice,” he said.  “The grazing issues persist. This will be something that will continue to get my highest level of attention.”

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  1. Neil Kornze seems to embody the concept of an employee who has risen to his highest level of incompetence. But this incompetence runs rampant in our government. Apparently if you throw money at this incompetence you can get it to do whatever you want. The livestock industry and oil/mining companies have become experts at this. It is time for a house cleaning in our government and all of it’s myriad agencies. Surely there must be some ethical people left in this country who could turn things around and stop the pandering to all of the special interest groups without falling prey to the lure of money.


  2. After reading all this and especially words about stallions dying in the prison programs probably because inmates are not doctors and do not geld the wild ones properly, this is disgusting. Many more women need to be involved in relation to all wild horse issues. Women usually are the nurturers and would have far more compassion for all the horses than the men. The holding pens for wild horses is a horrid program, they live out their lives in total misery, that is if they live a long life, or many end up getting slaughtered in Mexico. My gut feeling tells me that lies are never ending. After reading about Jim Davis and his secret buys of captured wild horses who were all sent to slaughter in Mexico, it is difficult to trust anything the BLM says.


  3. WeLl, that explains that! If Bundy, his illegal grazing habits AND his unpaid milions of dollars of grazing fees are continuing to get Kornze’s highest attention – well I guess we know now why s#*t keeps hitting the fan.

    And did anyone catch that here are NOW 50,000 horses on the wildlands. Just last year after busting a seam on holding capacity, BLM said they got the horses down to 14600 (then it went ot 26000, then 44000) and now it is 50,000!

    Congress DO NOT give this agency any more money – do an audit!! BLM does not know how to count.

    And it didn’t escape notice that you, pretty boy put the deise of the sagebrush on horses? He should look at some of our photos of hundreds of cattle and thousands of sheep released onto the wildland. I guess hanging out with Reid has rubbed off and he is just another idiot taught when to bauble his head and giggle on cue. My cat would do a better job than this bozo.

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    • Yes janwindsong I also caught that, The BLM must Learn how to count before they open there mouths, In fact they need to learn a lot of things, one of them being that the MUSTANGS ARE ESSENTIAL FOR THE LAND and for everything on it !!!!! They also need to review what exactly they are paid for, let me me make it simple for them , They are Paid by the American Taxpayer to preserve and PROTECT OUR Mustangs………………………………………………….

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    • The BLM could not care less about Lundy’s cattle. They shot almost all of them including their main bull, buried them with a back hoe, and left the property full of blood and death. If the BLM wanted money from unpaid grazing fees, they would have loaded up the cattle, and taken it to auction. The BLM wanted the land. Granted, the Bundy family may not arouse any sympathy from WHB advocates, but as long as we make this about the back taxes, we fail to understand what the BLM was really after, which is the same reason they want the wild horses gone (although wild horses and burros are fine around mines) is that they want the land to support multinational businesses—not for American farmers or the support of native Equines such Caballus and Asinus,


  4. “Kornze suggested that capturing a horse and maintaining it throughout its life with federal funds is too expensive. “We spend $45,000 on that horse, and that’s a good college education,”
    What is he doing – running for office?
    Concerns about the cost of ‘that horse’ aside, Mr. Kornze seems to have peaked as HBIC of the BLM only as far as his extensive knowledge of cattle has allowed him to. And talk about waste – $60M for a sage grouse program, when the solution to saving the birds is obvious: Limit or ban hunting them and curtail livestock grazing on beleaguered desert ranges. BAM! $60M in savings right there.
    Oh, wait.. Neil can’t even bring one old errant scofflaw welfare rancher to justice. Heaven forbid he should ask other ranchers to make any concessions.
    We’ve seen BLM heads deeply entrenched in the Cowboy Way before, but they at least faked some pretense of feeling for the poor bedraggles mustangs. This guy wears his distaste for wild horses like a fashion accessory.
    Still, I’d like to ask him to his face exactly how he arrived at 50,000 wild horses (and I assume burros are included in that number). Hell, I’d like to ask any of them where that number comes from. Because it defies logic that, in the throes of a 4 year old drought, with a significant loss of water and resources, these animals would continue to breed as extravagantly as the BLM asserts.

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  5. Everyone who reads this needs to send this Committee and the Natiural Resources a cop of the recent PEER report on the public land grazing program and just how many kids are not getting their college due to the fnds going to livestock users of public wildlands. I’m disgusted – NO MORE BUSINESS as usual. Get with it, take action or get out of the way.

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  6. Blame BLM Chief Neil Kornze, period (excerpts)


    Some senators thought he was too young. But he worked for Sen. Harry Reid and that was enough to gain confirmation.

    “Neil is just perfect for this position,” Reid said. “Raised in Elko, NV, Neil really understands the role of public lands in rural America, and natural resources across the West.”

    It’s clear that Kornze lacks experience and judgment and contrary to Sen. Reid’s assessment Kornze is far from “perfect” for this position.
    We may need to re-think his appointment (Elko roots notwithstanding).

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  7. Nevada Sen. Harry Reid’s role in sending wild horses and burros to slaughter has come to light…

    The BLM was filling holding pens with few prospective adopters until Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) convinced then Sen. Conrad Burns (R-MT) to push through an amendment to the WFRHBA in 2004. The Burns Amendment was buried in an appropriations bill that was thousands of pages long. It authorizes BLM to sell excess wild horses that are “more than 10 years of age; or … [which have] been offered unsuccessfully for adoption at least 3 times.” 16 U.S.C. §1333. Any horse sold under this provision is no longer subject to the protections of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act. 16 U.S.C. §1333. Since this amendment became effective, BLM has sold thousands of wild horses for slaughter. More room in the holding pens for more horses and burros.

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  8. An Exclusive Interview
    By Steven Long

    In the world of equine welfare there may be no person subject to derision than former Montana Sen. Conrad Burns. An ardent supporter of horses as a commodity to be sold for whatever reason their owner deems profitable, the former auctioneer lost his seat in the U.S. Senate to a farmer, Jon Tester, after passage of the Burns Amendment.
    The law was passed in the dead of night after it was attached to an appropriations bill nobody had read. For the first time, in an exclusive interview with Horseback Magazine, Burns how revocation of the law came about.

    HORSEBACK: I’m working on this story that’s going on up in Montana with the Pryor Mountain wild horses. In my research I obviously ran across the Burns Amendment. Can you tell me how that came about and what prompted it?

    BURNS: Well, Harry Reid came to me and said, ‘I’ve got a problem in Nevada.’ And I said ‘What kind of a problem do you have?’ because we don’t have a problem up in Montana.


  9. WHERE has all of that land gone?

    88 Million Acres?

    Since BLM announced they have captured so many wild horses and burros from public lands they can no longer afford to feed them and are looking into mass genocide or slaughter to solve the financial dilemma, the public has been asking in earnest; why has 19 million acres of habitat been zeroed out for wild horse and burro use and why can’t those now on death row be returned to their legally designated territories instead of killing them?

    While BLM has stated they are now looking into this option to see if there are any areas they can be returned too, this is not the first time this has been brought up. Yet when BLM has responded to this question before, they cite the reasons they were zeroed out in the first place haven’t changed (checkerboard, endangered species, etc.) so there is probably little hope of re-establishing herds and habitat in most, if not all of these now zeroed out areas (at least by trying to go through BLM!).

    Recently, I have again asked BLM and USGS to address where are they getting “…88 million acres of public lands” from? Obviously, if USGS is reporting the accurate acreage versus BLM, we are looking at a loss of over 53 million acres since wild horses and burros became “protected”, not 19 million acres as currently believed.


  10. There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting. ”

    ― Buddha Words of Wisdom for Neil Kornze


  11. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announces that the Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board will conduct a meeting on matters pertaining to management and protection of wild, free-roaming horses and burros on the Nation’s public lands.

    The Advisory Board will meet on Wednesday April 22, 2015, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time and Thursday April 23, 2015, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time. This will be a two day meeting. Public comment is on the 22nd at 3 p.m. and written public comments may be submitted also for the Advisory Board. See detailed information below.

    This Advisory Board meeting will take place in Columbus, Ohio at the Hyatt Regency Columbus, 350 North High Street, Columbus, OH 43215, telephone 614-463-1234.
    Written comments pertaining to the April 22-23, 2015, Advisory Board meeting can be mailed to National Wild Horse and Burro Program,WO-260, Attention: Ramona DeLorme, 1340 Financial Boulevard, Reno, NV 89502-7147, or sent electronically to Please include “Advisory Board Comment” in the subject line of the email.

    Ramona DeLorme, Wild Horse and Burro Administrative Assistant, at 775-861-6583. Persons who use a telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD) may call the Federal Information Relay Service (FIRS) at 1-800-877-8339 to contact the above individual during normal business hours. The FIRS is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to leave a message or question with the above individual. You will receive a reply during normal business hours.

    The Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board advises the Secretary of the Interior, the BLM Director, the Secretary of Agriculture, and the Chief of the Forest Service on matters pertaining to the management and protection of wild, free-roaming horses and burros on the Nation’s public lands. The Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board operates under the authority of 43 CFR 1784. The tentative agenda for the meeting is:
    I. Advisory Board Public Meeting

    Wednesday, April 22, 2015 (8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.)

    8:00 a.m.Welcome, Introductions, and Agenda Review
    8:50 a.m.Approval of August 2014 Minutes
    9:10 a.m.BLM Response to Advisory Board Recommendations
    9:30 a.m.Wild Horse and Burro Program Update
    12:00 p.m.Lunch
    1:15 p.m.Program Update continued
    3:00 p.m.Public Comment Period Begins
    4:30 p.m.Public Comment Period Ends
    5:00 p.m.Adjourn
    Thursday, April 23, 2015 (8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.)

    8:00 a.m.Program Update continued
    12:00 p.m.Lunch
    1:15 p.m.Working Group Reports
    2:45 p.m.Advisory Board Discussion and Recommendations to the BLM
    5:00 p.m.Adjourn
    The meeting site is accessible to individuals with disabilities. An individual with a disability needing an auxiliary aid or service to participate in the meeting, such as an interpreting service, assistive listening device, or materials in an alternate format, must notify Ms. DeLorme two weeks before the scheduled meeting date. Although the BLM will attempt to meet a request received after that date, the requested auxiliary aid or service may not be available because of insufficient time to arrange for it.
    The Federal Advisory Committee Management Regulations at 41 CFR 101-6.1015(b), requires BLM to publish in the Federal Register notice of a public meeting 15 days prior to the meeting date.
    II. Public Comment Procedures

    On Wednesday, April 22, 2015 at 3:00 p.m. members of the public will have the opportunity to make comments to the Advisory Board on the Wild Horse and Burro Program. Persons wishing to make comments during the meeting should register in person with the BLM by 2:00 p.m. on April 22, 2015, at the meeting location. Depending on the number of commenters, the Advisory Board may limit the length of comments. At previous meetings, comments have been limited to three minutes in length; however, this time may vary. Commenters should address the specific wild horse and burro-related topics listed on the agenda. Speakers are requested to submit a written copy of their statement to the address listed in the ADDRESSES section above or bring a written copy to the meeting. There may be a Webcam present during the entire meeting and individual comments may be recorded.
    Participation in the Advisory Board meeting is not a prerequisite for submission of written comments. The BLM invites written comments from all interested parties. Your written comments should be specific and explain the reason for any recommendation. The BLM appreciates any and all comments. The BLM considers comments that are either supported by quantitative information or studies or those that include citations to and analysis of applicable laws and regulations to be the most useful and likely to influence BLM’s decisions on the management and protection of wild horses and burros.
    Before including your address, phone number, email address, or other personal identifying information in your comment, you should be aware that your entire comment—including your personal identifying information—may be made publicly available at any time. While you can ask us in your comment to withhold your personal identifying information from public review, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so.



  12. Disturbing Kornze is seeking a substantial budget increase (just what exactly is the “backlog” of grazing permits anyway, which are restricted in number?) when it’s simple math to understand the grazing permits are LOSING around $10 million/month according to many reports. Canceling only half of them would pay for the Sage Grouse programs while also taking tremendous pressure off their habitat. Why is it a better move to pay endless $ to tear up trees and forests, roundup, sterilize and exterminate uninventoried wild horses while keeping our “sacred cows” off any discussion? It’s alarming as well that Kornze can say this issue is getting his “highest attention” with so little evident understanding of the whole picture, and even less hope of improving it as a result.


    • As I understand it, whenever a grazing lease expires and an application is submitted for renewal, a detailed Environmental Assessment has to be authored.
      Those take people-hours, and apparently there just aren’t enough people to do them, so there’s a backlog. (I read an article a while back that stated in one BLM district, there is 1 range technician to oversee 2 million acres of range. Seems a bit daunting.)
      That lack of personnel seems to have been the driving force behind the Grazing Improvement Act, which would have allowed Public Land Ranchers a 20 year lease instead of a single decade in order to lessen the ‘backlog’.
      But I guess grazing leases might be considered a form of income for the BLM, though under Kornze’s direction, it’s really hard to see how.


  13. his agency has a long documented legacy of lying before congress, as pointed out by the MANY federal judges who have admonished the BLM for misrepresenting facts to the court..Do you still need proof that BLM can NOT be trusted to implement PZP sterilization of wild horses in ANY way that does not lead to their eventual extinction? PZP is NOT a compromise..its it what it is-lipstick on a pig on its way to slaughter


    • Sandra, I agree totally. The BLM has been using PZP for years but HASN’T STOPPED ROUNDUPS. It is my personal opinion that at this point, until we have viable herds, talk of fertility control is capitulation and a sell out of our wild horses and burros.


  14. Reblogged this on cindymendoza47 and commented:
    what is wrong with this picture other than everything America stands for. wh&b’s needs a winner and this damned demon is not it nor is his mentor “dirty harry reid”. and this will continue until we get rid of these traitor’s.


  15. My brother lives between Columbus & Cinci, so when I read yesterday about the OH public meeting I’ve been considering flying to testify. Although, I have a HUGE fear of public speaking, if I have a script I may be able to get through it without having a panic attack. A flight from MT is $554. I think it is worth my investment & time to spend with my brother & his family also.

    I’m very active on LinkedIn and posted the article: “US Judge Rejects Nevada “Welfare Rancher’s” Bid to Dispose of Wild Horses” on two different forums, one of which was Animal Law Coalition. For several years, I have posted articles often on many group discussion boards (environmental, conservation, legal, and animal advocacy), and that article generated the most likes I have ever received. On another forum someone commented, “[My name], you do realize that the ranchers don’t want the horses off the land to graze cattle, don’t you?” I posted back, “Sadly, [her name], ranchers DO want the Wild Horses removed from our public lands.”

    I just did a brief research of the GAO and performing audits. Requests need to come from Congress, committees with jurisdiction or the Comptroller General. The last time the BLM was audited was in 2008 and specifically their management of unadoptable Wild Horses. It seems an audit is warrant for the whole program regarding the following areas:

    . . . . evaluations of federal programs, policies, operations, and

    management and financial audits to determine whether public funds are
    spent efficiently, effectively, and in accordance with applicable laws;

    investigations to assess whether illegal or improper activities
    are occurring; . . . .

    legal opinions to determine whether agencies are in compliance with
    applicable laws; . . . .


    • Awesome! You are exactly the kind of Wild Horse Warrior this battle needs. We must expose the facts! Several wild horse organizations are battling in the courts, are requesting FOI’s and are exposing the BLM’s dirty secrets (FOI’s revealed the 1700 mustangs sold to Tom Davis for slaughter). We all know that the bottom line is all about money. Money in the form of the entire cottage industry supported by the WHBP. The billionaire roundup contractors, the hay suppliers, the horse transporters, the property owners that lease their land for some of the 50,000 wild horses in BLM Hell holding facilities, and many others. Take a look at what the Fallon Auction in Nevada rakes in. The Grazing Rights program is a dinosaur that has been grandfathered in since the 1950’s. The rates ain’t changed much either. It creates an unlevel playing field for other ranchers, as BLM cattle/sheep only contribute to 5% of the nations meat. The rate got raised a whole about 30 cents this year to $2.69 per cow/calf pair per month or 5 sheep. Who the heck else gets to graze for that price these days? Gas isn’t 25 cents/gal anymore. The Grazing Permit program costs over 1.5 million per yr to administer. It should be self supporting. How many welfare ranchers would want to pay even $20 per cow/calf pair or 5 sheep per month? I worked for government for 30 yrs and found all kinds of waste/corruption and a bunch of manager filled with hot air and big egos and of course, that means no brains. We need the facts exposed to the public to end the #WarOnWildHorses as we all know all the BLM does now is “Manage our Wild Horses to Extinction”. We must continue to expose the ugly, dirty, BLM secrets, corruptions, waste of tax payer dollars and waste of our public lands at the huge expense of our wild horse and burro’s freedom. Here’s a link I found a couple of years ago that shows the tremendous waste and who benefits.


    • I was just talking with my sister and I guess my brother isn’t as close to Columbus, OH as I thought. It would be an expensive trip to get a flight & hotel room for 3 nights…… :o(


  16. Neil Kornze got a 22% pay increase last year. Did you or I get a 22% pay increase? If not then I guess we are not kissin’ enough bu__?



  17. Bureau of Land Management and DOI Missing $168 Billion Dollars; Taxpayers Have a Right to Know Where It Is!

    Legislators and government are asking for tax increases, while blaming taxpayers for frivolous spending habits. This discussion demonstrates why “Not” to raise taxes, and the fault being irresponsible conduct from our government agencies, and a cover-up of fees that either should have been charged to corporations and special interest groups; or was charged, collected, and then distributed illegally. Either way questionable and even illegal situations remain abundant within the Bureau of Land management..

    The estimated worth of the materials taken from Public Lands, what the actual fees charged should be, is explained in a current GAO Report to Legislators:
    “In summary, there were nearly 70 different types of leasable minerals extracted from federal lands and waters in fiscal years 2010 and 2011. . . For example, the volumes of the four most valuable of these minerals—oil, gas, natural gas liquids, and coal—are measured in barrels, million cubic feet (mcf), gallons, and tons, respectively. According to ONRR data, the total value of all leasable minerals extracted from federal and Indian land and sold in fiscal years 2010 and 2011 was $92.3 billion and $98.6 billion, respectively.”

    Keep these ”total-value” figures in mind, explained further, and also keep in mind this is only one segment of many the Bureau of Land Management’s recklessly managed affairs, basically yet another form of Corporate Welfare, where the taxpayers receive nothing in returns. A scam that needs to cease immediately. In this case a $168.2 billion dollar scam, and this being the tip of the iceberg.

    Taxpayers and the general public, who use Public Lands for recreation, for example, pay many fees to do so, and at no discount. Yet large corporations and sheep and cattle ranchers pay next to nothing what so ever and recklessly damage our Public Lands while doing so.

    Theft cover-up or just incompetence?

    The Problem in this instance, the GAO Report goes further in actual fees received, the reality of Public Lands use fees not collected:


  18. I think it’s worth remembering that Sage Grouse and horses co-evolved on this continent. Cattle and sheep were not part of the mix. So any vilification of wild horses under professional management should not go unchallenged in regards to the impact on Sage Grouse habitat.

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  19. Wow! He reminds me of Aaron Shock who was just busted for jetsetting and enjoying public life while looking buff in the news all the while complaining how something else is the issue.


  20. Contacting my senator in Illinois does no good because he is so firmly entrenched in the BLM propaganda that he wouldn’t know a wild horse if it dropped on his head. this is the response I get from him:

    May 26, 2015

    Dear Ms. Mcclintock,

    Thank you for contacting me about the 2015 Fish Creek Wild Horse Gather. I appreciate hearing from you.

    The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) gathered wild horses in the Fish Creek Herd Management Area of Eureka County, Nevada, as part of the agency’s efforts to manage rangeland resources. BLM gathered around 500 horses and treated 150 of them with a fertility control vaccine. 210 of these horses were shipped from the site to be placed in the BLM’s adoption program.

    Ongoing drought and limited rangeland in this area have required the BLM to develop a long term plan for controlling the population growth rate of wild horses, which will include future gather and fertility treatments.

    I share your concerns for protecting these horse populations. I will continue to monitor the situation and keep your concerns in mind if this issue comes before the Senate.

    Thank you again for contacting me. Please feel free to keep in touch.


    Richard J. Durbin
    United States Senator


    Hook, line and sinker in the BLM’s pocket of greed. I especially liked the part about sharing my concerns for protecting the wild horses. This government “Of the rich, by the rich and for the rich” disgusts me more and more every day. Sometimes I wish there was a way for the entire working class of this country to rise up and say, No more services provided to the rich! Let’s see how long they can last when they have to do everything for themselves.

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    • Below is a response letter I recently got and this guy is so out of touch that he thinks the USDA is currently issuing permits to “process” horses. I already knew he was anti-wild horse and not a friend to animals or the environment but I was surprised to hear him say “In light of this ruling and in the absence of a congressional ban, the USDA has begun issuing permits to some horse processors.” Tom is about two years behind on his message. That is just typical of these clowns. They get some aide to create a canned message for people asking about a topic, and then use it until it is way out of date. All he wants is to be re-elected and play “footsy” with his buddies as they sit down to eat their lunch of horse-burgers?

      Dear ___
      Thank you for contacting me regarding H.R. 1094, the SAFE Act, and horse slaughter in the United States.
      A recent judicial ruling, Valley Meat Co. v. Vilsack , has ended the Department of Agriculture’s refusal to issue horse slaughter permits in the United States. In light of this ruling and in the absence of a congressional ban, the USDA has begun issuing permits to some horse processors. I believe that we have a responsibility to treat animals humanely and with respect and I believe that any processing needs to comport with these principles. Fortunately, there are already laws to protect animals from cruel treatment and a plethora of food safety regulations that must be followed by all, including any potential horse processor s . For this reason, I do not support the SAFE Act, which would reinstate the congressional ban on horse slaughter.
      Each individual and family is free to choose what food they will purchase and consume. Imposing new government mandates to restrict this choice can only result in higher costs and fewer options for all consumers. Instead, we should allow the free market to continue to present products as demand warrants and allow individual liberty rather than government edicts to determine what food is produced and consumed .
      Again, thank you for contacting me. Please visit my website at to reach me regarding any issue that concerns you or your family.

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      • It really sucks sharing the same last name as this insensitive idiot. Certainly hope we’re not related in any way. These types of letters from legislators just tells me that they don’t know and don’t care about the issues with the wild horses and burros and the degradation of public lands in the west. It is so frustrating to continuously hear the same canned responses from the people that are supposed to be in touch with their constituents. It is time for a complete overhaul in Washington; one not paid for by the Koch brothers and their cronies.

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