BLM Requests Input On Application To Graze Bison Year-Around At Flat Creek Allotment

Although this area is in northern Montana and not on a wild horse Herd Management Area, it is an example that it is possible to change a class of livestock (from cattle to bison) and change the livestock use (from seasonal to year round grazing) on public lands.

The American Prairie Reserve (APR), plans to use about 250,000,000 acres of PUBLIC LANDS with a goal of obtaining 500,000 acres of private land to graze bison in a “wildlife park.”

The APR website states “Building A Multi-Million Acre Wildlife Reserve
In northeastern Montana, American Prairie Reserve (APR) represents a unique effort to assemble a multi-million acre wildlife park that will conserve the species-rich grasslands of Montana’s legendary Great Plains for the enjoyment of future generations.”

While APR plans to make these public lands benefit future generations, shouldn’t this be what the BLM is doing with our public lands according to the Federal Land Management Planning Act (FLPMA)?

And although it seems nice of APR to state that the reserve (our public lands) will never be “locked up” from public use, this plan would still convert public lands to uses directed by a private organization.

–  Debbie

Lingohr.bison_ (photo:  Dennis Linghor, American Prairie Reserve)


(MALTA, Mont.) – The Bureau of Land Management Malta Field Office is seeking public input for an environmental analysis regarding a grazing permittee’s application to change their class of livestock and to change the livestock use and management on the Flat Creek Allotment (15439).

The American Prairie Reserve has applied to change the class of livestock from cattle to indigenous bison on their permit to graze public lands on the Flat Creek Allotment in south Phillips County.

In addition, they are seeking permission to remove interior fencing and manage their private lands along with the public lands as one common pasture. They are also requesting to change the allotment grazing season to year-round from the current May 1 – Nov. 15 grazing season.

The allocated animal unit months (AUMs) and carrying capacity of the public lands would remain unchanged. All regulations for grazing public lands would apply and all grazing management would continue to adhere to the Standards for Rangeland Health.

For more information, please call B.J. Rhodes, Rangeland Management Specialist, at (406) 654-5120. Substantive comments about this application must be in writing and can be sent to the Malta Field Office, 501 South 2nd St. East, Malta, MT 59538 or email

19 comments on “BLM Requests Input On Application To Graze Bison Year-Around At Flat Creek Allotment

  1. even though its not horses, I wish them luck. the Bison have been under siege in Yellowstone as well. somebody has to preserve the wildlife in the wild country out there. left to the BLM there will be nothing but a vast wasteland. again I wish them well.


  2. Doesn’t sound any different than The Act, so we will see how far the ranchers and drillers let this proceed. Of course, bison is also sold as ground meat in the US, so ranchers may find bison comfortong.


  3. Maybe they could include a herd or two of horses and get some of them out of those stinkin’ holding pens! Just a thought…


  4. I am unfamiliar with this particular American Prairie Reserve situation … but I can tell you that there are mobile slaughter plants roaming the west. I can also tell you that when I first read that “excess” Yellowstone bison were going to be given to local native tribes to help them with bison management, I thought that was good.

    Then … I followed the native American website and saw that their major emphasis and product was buffalo jerky and products. Google it and look for yourself.

    And then I looked at the fact that since slaughter plants were under scrutiny the “new” method to get around slaughter “factories” was to do it in the field.

    Pigs, cattle, bison, sheep (and does anyone besides me suspect wild horse – as in the Yakima nations and other places). Find out for yourself… but don’t be surprised to find that this is happening on a daily basis for the animals that “we” find on our dinner plates.

    PS No animals on MY dinner plate!!!
    PSS Sorry for the bad news but we MUST know in order to stop it.


    • The Yellowstone bison were rounded up, many pregnant cows and cows with calves. They were slaughtered. This is the reality of what honor is said to exist between man’s concept of sacred and what man now considers his role in honoring what is sacred. The dirty truth is MOST people who interface with animals do not see beings but objects and item whose purpose is to die for man’s profit. It is more important to own than to believe. How an Indian can do what white man did is beyond me. But I can say that once BIA identified resources and gambling raised money – white men were placed on tribal boards and everything went to hell in a handbasket.

      I know, it is negative.


  5. The American Prairie Reserve is a legitimate organization for bison and bringing back the prairies, to the best of my knowledge.

    I agree and do wonder that part of the ruin of the native people of this country was taking away their culture and values, making claims to heritage and getting on to decision making boards. Modern people who claim native descent are not like their forbears. Even Elizabeth Warren makes dubious claims to native heritage (1/32).

    There’s a program a love on PBS called “Finding Your Roots” with the wonderful Henry Louis Gates, Jr. of Harvard. He claims that family stories claiming native American princess heritage have mostly been proven false with DNA testing. (As a black man going into his own home, the police were called by a neighbor and he was arrested as a trespasser, but that’s another story for another day.)


  6. Who is most connected with the biggest smile hiding the most information wrapped up in the most money passed in the firmest handshake while having their photo taken laughing inside all the way to the their private bank account gets to do Anything they want. At least until A Judge says otherwise. I hope the Bison flourish and I hope its not another fleecing of America.


    • I get emails from rewilding Europe – had no idea there was anything like APR HERE!
      In Europe they are re-wilding horses!!!! How great would it be to have OUR horses able to live free – without the BLM! What a shame that the emphasis on giving the bison to the tribes always seems to be what food use these animals can be put to. I can only imagine the hassles that APR has to go through to get this land AND to actually encourage wildlife – prey & predator – to come there. I’m sure it hasn’t been or will it be easy.


  7. You all need to do your own fleecing of America type article on the BLM extravagant fees and costs sucking the Wild Mustang and Burro program of its resources. Its Never been the horses getting a paycheck. They are not in line at any bank and according to the BLM they wont be….but the people in cahoots with the BLM are fleecing Americas Wild Horses. Even calling them feral like Wild is derogatory. Expose the monsters behind this with their slaughter blades in their hands getting rubbed together waiting to butcher Americas wild ones apart.


  8. The lands belong to the wild horse and other wildlife creatures. The BLM consistently has given priority to the cattle industry which are private businesses, now its another private business wanting to graze bison, NO, private businesses need to graze their animals bison or cows on their own private lands. The public lands belong to the wild horse. No more penned up wild horses, no more sending wild horses to slaughter. It all goes against nature, we humans are creating total imbalances in nature and it all must change. It must not always be the all mighty dollar and big business.


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