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Rally for wild horses & burros on the Golden Gate Bridge on April 25th

Jetara Sehart of Love Wild Horses is hosting a peaceful rally on April 25th to bring awareness to wild horses & burros on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.  And thanks to hard working advocate Patty Bumgarner for organizing Fighting for Nevada Wild Horses and the National Rally Day for the wild horses & burros.  If you’d like to do something to help wild horses & burros, public awareness is key, so you could host a rally in your town.  Make some signs and get out there and hit the streets! And, when planning where to rally, remember the old real estate saying “location, location, location.” Think about rallying in front of a local newspaper or radio station, or an area with crowds or tourists.


Save the Last of Our: Native Wild Horses: Love Wild Horses!

Peaceful Protest
Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco, CA

April 25th, 2015
Noon – 2:00 PM

Please join us on April 25th, 2015, National Rally Day,in San Francisco, CA, on the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge: or join or host a sister/brother protest to:  Love Wild Horses

I. Return the public lands, to the BLM trapped 58,000 wild horses & burros, to live in peace, safety and freedom.

II. Establish Native Species classification to protect & preserve the wild horses and burros
(TO STOP the feral humans within the BLM from treating them, as if the native wild horses & burros, are worth no more then dandelions.)

III. Heal the public land re-seed/ install rain water catches, dig new springs for the wild ones to survive drought

IV. BAN exportation of domestic and wild horses to slaughter

V. Repeal the Burns Amendment
“In 2004, Republican Senator from Montana Conrad Burns inserted a rider into the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2005 (a 3,000-page omnibus appropriations bill) which permitted BLM to sell excess animals more than 10 years old or which have been offered for adoption three times.[40][41][42] The amendment also required that excess, unadoptable horses “shall be made available for sale without limitation.”[42] Burns was reportedly acting on behalf of ranching interests, who wished more of the horses removed from federal land.[41] The legislation, signed into law by President George W. Bush, was described by one media outlet as “undercut[ing] more than three decades of lobbying and legislative action aimed at protecting America’s wild horses from slaughter”.[41] In the 2006 Interior Appropriations Act, a rider was inserted that repealed the Burns amendment; however, in the 2007 Interior Appropriations Act the clause was re-added. As of August 2012, it had not been repealed.[43]

In early 2005, the BLM discovered that some of the excess wild horses it had sold had been slaughtered.[44] ” Wikepedia

VI. Strengthen the Wild Horse & Burro Protection Act of 1971, to truly protect our wild horses & burros

VII. Always remove toxic corporate occupation from public land use, not wild horses or burros.

Special thanks to Fighting for Nevada Wild Horses for organizing National Rally Day for the wild horses

Please find and attend a rally near you, or host one:

We are building a movement, thank you for joining us


On Facebook we are: Wild Horse Protection Act
On Twitter we are: @riseup4wldhorse

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  1. I (and maybe some of you also) signed this petition a few days ago—


    • I think this DOES have to do with horses – its the inhumane cruelty that is done to any animal that should represent a tipping point. This picture brings anyone with a heart to tears & it should!


  2. I am planning to drive up from Los Angeles to join the protest on the bridge. Can you advise where it is best to park? Thank you.


  3. Thank you Straight from the Horses Heart, you rock:)

    Please one and all.. who care about the survival and freedom of wild horses and burros.. join us this Saturday…the one thing we cannot do.. is “nothing”…the wild horses and burros are needlessly dying and together we can and must change this reality…before they are here, no more. Thank you:)


  4. Hi Jetara,
    Thanks for all you do. Can I get a ride from you or someone else from Sausalito to the GG Bridge Saturday or are you going to the event in Nevada? Or are you miraculously going to be at both? I’m a professional photographer so I can donate pics to you for publicity or anything else. Wish I had your email and didn’t have to write publicly. Mine is


  5. Here in Oregon we are just starting to plan our third National Wild Horse and burro awareness rally. There has been some confusion amongst us as to what day the national rally will be held this year? It will have more impact if we hold our rallies all on the same day so can you please set us straight on the exact day of the national rally of April 2017?
    Thank you very much


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