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Band New Found Glory Saves Horse with Same Name

Story by Jonathan Lintner as published on The Courier-Journal

new_found_glory_2014A well-timed Twitter search this week led Florida-based rock band New Found Glory to save a Thoroughbred with the same name.

Guitarist Chad Gilbert was perusing social media after New Found Glory announced a new tour and stumbled upon a photo of a yearling filly caked in mud and scheduled to go to slaughter.

“This makes me really sad,” Gilbert tweeted. “I wish I knew how to keep it.”

Thankfully, he was responding to the account Freedom4Horses, which seeks out new homes for those heading to the auction block.

The two exchanged messages, eventually leading Gilbert sending a simple $350 payment.

“Meet @newfoundglory the HORSE!” Gilbert posted to his Instagram account. “Last night at 9pm I came across a horse that was supposed to be slaughtered at 10 am this morning. Sooooo we bought it! Saved it and found her a home! She is somewhere in Texas now and I hope we get to meet her in person soon!”

the Freedom4Horses account also reported that advocates paid to rescue New Found Glory’s sister, sending her to the same farm.

Auction HorseInstagram | @xchadballx

Meet @newfoundglory the HORSE! Last night at 9pm I came across a horse that was supposed to be slaughtered at 10 am this morning. Sooooo we bought it! Saved it and found her a home! She is somewhere in Texas now and I hope we get to meet her in person soon!

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  1. Look at the condition of this horse! Heartfelt thanks to these guys for stepping in and stepping up! :*


  2. Good story – people who have the public eye, really can make a difference.

    This National Geographic show: “Brumby, horse run wild” is straight out of the BLM playbook. Even acknowledging what the horse has done for Australia does not seem to save them.


  3. Great news for the horse, “New Found Glory” and her sister. I hope someone will show us before and after photos when they become available and then write another story about them. I also hope that the band has made a commitment for the horses’ long-term forever care.


  4. I still can’t get over the condition this poor horse was left in, and then to be sent to slaughter. I hate that we are such a throwaway society, and I thank these guys for stepping in to save these poor animals.


  5. Caring young men, doing a good deed. Hopes that their attention, will be on saving more of our horses. The condition of the horse, was shocking.!! “Our heritage,” should not discarded like trash.


  6. I am so happy it happened this way. Three months ago I became involved in helping these folks pull these horses from the Kill Pen. This is the last stop NO more auctions..this is the END!!! Some have already been weighed and tagged just waiting for the truck. I remember seeing these two horses. Once their bail has been paid the new owner is not known until new pictures are posted. You can go to the website Auction horses and see the horses available. I was abso!utely shocked when I saw a group of 75 Burris show up in the Kill Pen. Then it was not more than two weeks passed when a group of 150 were to be brought there. Then I was totally OUTRAGGED!!! I had called my Legislators about the 75. It was obvious that they came from some roundup. Do these people think we are stupid?? Mustangs have been showing up there too . I called my Senators office yesterday and gave his office the info stating the number and that it definitely from a BLM roundup. I told him when asked if they send them to slaughter they say no. However, they do sell them to the Kill Buyers who in term sell for slaughter. They had a price tag of $650.00 on the horse. I told his office I thought it was deplorable!! Where is there protection and why was the horse not returned to the BLM? If not the BLM then turned over to a humane rescue. If this was a part of the agreement it might help. I told the Senator that I would buy the horse for the adoption fee like this guy did. I am waiting for a response. There are so many good horses, ponies and other equines there it is heart breaking. Corrie Stamper of Costal Arabians and Rescue has been doing her part as well with the Arabian horses. Where are all the quarter horse people and the paint people? There have been a lot of Paints and Quarter horse youngsters showing up. I made a call to the Paint Association and the Appaloosa Horse Club. These two horses in the story had a happy ending. Perhaps if this new bill is past humane societies can spend the donations on finding homes instead of bail. The passage of this cannot come soon enough for me!!


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