Day: June 9, 2015

Congrats, American Pharoah! Now End Horse Racing

“Last week’s win of the Belmont Stakes (Steaks) by American Pharoah left me with a felling of emptiness and and a sour taste in my mouth that I simply could not shake. The massive amount of press about the “World’s Greatest Athlete” winning the Triple Crown was both stunning and disappointing. Horse racing and those who make money whipping young horses down a dirt track was portrayed as the “Sport of Kings” while not one word was whispered about the horrific fate that befalls the bulk of the horses that are unfortunate enough to be involved in this cruel and abusive “industry”. And then out of the darkness arose a beam of light bringing with it clarity and sanity via the well chosen words of Kavitha A. Davidson. Her article on the subject, below, clears away the media hype and centers the spotlight back on the dying and smelly practice of horse racing. I formally tip my hat to Ms. Davidson for the breath of fresh air she brings back into the world of American Equine Welfare Awareness and highly recommend the reading of her thoughtful writing. With two rescued off the track TBs in the backyard, we want to thank her for her compassion and concern.” ~ R.T.

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