How many horses are there in the European Union?


The variety of ways in which horses are used means attempts at an equine population census is tricky, a new report finds


Dartmoor ponies are one of several wild or semi-feral populations listed in the report. Photograph: Alamy


For those keen to know where wild horses roam, the members of Eurogroup for Animals’ equine working group gave the suggestions featured in the map below.


All over Europe, horses, donkeys and others in the equine family are used for labour, sport, as food – whether labelled correctly or not – and also as pets. However, that very versatility makes an equine census difficult.  Nobody is sure exactly how many horses live in the fields, meadows, paddocks and barns of the EU (despite European commission regulations requiring the identification of kept Equidae).

Argentina horse trainer, Paul Frassa, savagely beats horse under the guise of “training”

SOURCE: story by Kara O’Neill

Shocking video shows cruel animal trainer beating exhausted horse with a whip

WARNING: Distressing video content. The man is seen striking the horse several times before it appears to fall to the floor in exhaustion

A distressing video has sparked outrage online after appearing to show a man brutally beating a horse during a cruel training regime.

The horrifying clip has ignited heated debate on social media sites in Argentina after it emerged online on June 5.

In the video, which runs for just over three minutes, a man, thought to be a horse trainer, sits astride the animal and appears to repeatedly strike it with a whip.

The horse rears several times, apparently in distress, but the trainer refuses to put a stop to the brutal regime.

Moments later, the horse drops to the ground, apparently exhausted from the training

But the man refuses to leave the horse alone and continues striking the defenceless animal with his whip.

The shocking incident, thought to have taken place in Tucumán, Argentina, appears to have been filmed on a mobile phone by an onlooker stood nearby.

Disgusted animal lovers have since expressed their disgust at the footage.

Judith Monro, a welfare worker from Perth, Scotland, has created a petition through  Alongside her plea, she writes: “A horse trainer savagely beating a horse.”Spread for this abuser to be banned from having contact with any animal again!”

She adds: “I hope we can continue to build our ‘voice’ and achieve a ‘ROAR’ so that our outrage is seen, heard, noted; and action taken.”

It is not clear whether any action will be taken against the trainer.