Wild Horses: France TV Claims Wild Horses are Overrunning the West

Story by Carol Walker as published on Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“They were thrilled as we drove up to see at least 60 wild horses around the waterhole…”

On Tuesday morning, I took a journalist and a cameraman from France TV out to a waterhole at Sand Wash Basin, home of one of my favorite wild horse herds. The previous day, they had been driven around a herd management area near Lander by the BLM wild horse and burro expert there, and had only seen 3 wild horses. They were thrilled as we drove up to see at least 60 wild horses around the waterhole, and they kept asking me if the horses were going to leave. I explained that the horses in this area were relatively used to people, and if we approached quietly and respectfully, we should be able to get some good footage of wild horse behavior.

spent about 5 hours with them, and made certain to discuss on the range management versus removal, the use of birth control instead of roundups, the livestock outnumbering wild horses on public lands by about 100 to 1, the pressure of special interest groups such as welfare ranchers that are squeezing out the horses, the importance of maintaining genetic viability of each herd,the inhumanity and cruelty of the helicopter roundups and housing the horses in holding facilities without shelter, and the BLM’s plan to do sterilization studies on the horses, to name just a few topics. I pointed out the behaviors that are characteristic of wild horses, that make observing intact families so special.

Then they headed to Rangely to meet up with Callie Hendrickson, one of the most virulent wild horse haters that ever sat on the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board, in order to interview one of her rancher friends.

hey certainly could have interviewed some wonderful wild horse advocates in the Pisceance/West Douglas Herd Areas, and given those that fight to protect them a little more time and notice. But they did not.

If I sound bitter, it is not because I didn’t get more air time – it is because they claimed this would be a balanced piece.

News stories come and go, but I am not going anywhere.



Wild horses breed too quickly, a problem for the American West

The United States prohibits the slaughter of mustangs, but authorities still want to limit their number at 25,000, while the country already has more than 50,000 mustangsThe mustangs are no longer welcome in the American West. Federal authorities are sounding the alarm on the excessive number of wild horses on this territory. They will be 150 000 in five years if nothing is done to curb their expansion. A greater problem that these horses reproduce quickly and devour everything in their path, according to the administration, which creates conflicts with some breeders.

2,000 were collected in 2015, an insufficient number

The United States prohibits the slaughter of mustangs, but authorities still want to limit their number at 25,000, while the country already has more than 50,000 mustangs. Breeders who share the land with these wild horses no longer support not be able accessing water points in areas invaded by the mustangs. They hunt other herds.

In total, 2,000 were collected in 2015, a number insufficient to achieve the objectives fixex, but defenders of animals are the barbaric process. Different methods are launched without result, prompting federal authorities to propose a million and a half dollars of reward to find a lasting solution to the problem of wild horses.

Reporter for The Salt Lake Tribune quotes Jay Kirkpatrick as saying horses “destroy the range”

“They can leave the horses alone,” Kirkpatrick says, “and watch them destroy the range.”

“While we should all be up in arms about BLM plans for more of the Dr. Mengele type experiments by field spaying more wild mares, the    PZP debate continues as a distraction.  And now, it seems like it has digressed to a new low, as Jay Kirkpatrick (Science and Conservation Center in Montana) was quoted by The Salt Lake Tribune as saying horses “destroy the range.”

While it seems this may have been an effort/scare tactic to promote the use of PZP fertility control on wild mares, the fact is, Jay Kirkpatrick was quoted as saying horses “destroy the range” in a major newspaper in Utah (of all places, since Utah is home to the Iron County Commissioners), and this statement about horses is not only INCORRECT, it is also UNSCIENTIFIC.

I was speechless when I read this.  But I can say a few things now.   For one thing, in reading the article below, I’m not sure who the horse advocates are that “applaud the BLM.”  Keep in mind that the BLM is just as busy as ever eradicating our wild horse and burro herds.  Remember, the numbers of horses and burros you see on the BLM’s list of upcoming roundups are only some of the wild horses and burros being removed from public landsThe BLM is secretly bait trapping and removing “nuisance” wild horses and burros, and the totals on these numbers aren’t publicly noted on the BLM’s Wild Horse & Burro Program website.

The BLM also overestimates the numbers of wild horses and burros they claim are on public lands.  Most wild horse and burro herds have less than 100, so genetic variability and viability of wild horses & burros could be further endangered by use of both fertility control and sterilization. ”  –  Debbie

SOURCE:  The Salt Lake Tribune

BLM will dart horses in attempt to control fertility

By BRIAN MAFFLY | The Salt Lake Tribune

(Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune) A foal and its mother graze in the Onaqui wild horse management area near Simpson Springs. BLM will soon begin darting Onaqui mares with a contraceptive in the hopes of controlling wild horse numbers without costly and controversial roundups. Thursday, June 5, 2014.


Sometime this year, federal land managers plan to shoot a “fertility vaccine” into the haunches of wild horses in Tooele County’s Onaqui herd.

Using dart guns instead of helicopters, wranglers and biologists hope to cut horse numbers among Utah’s most photographed herd.

The Bureau of Land Management pitches the mass vaccinations, to be administered annually for the next five years, as a humane alternative to the controversial and costly roundups demanded by the state’s ranchers and rural county commissioners angry about the proliferation of wild horses across public rangelands.

But wild-horse lovers are split by the BLM’s new methodology for controlling wild horse populations in the West.

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