BLM rounding up more wild burros on the brink of extinction in the U.S.

Wild Burros

The “nuisance” BLM is rounding up and removing more wild burros, with a population already at critically endangered low numbers here in the U.S.  The BLM issued another Categorical Exclusion (CX).  It seems that the BLM is doing more CXs than ever.  The GAO issued a report in 2009 stating that the BLM had been issuing excessive CXs that did not comply with the law.  The GAO needs to look into all of the CXs the BLM has been issuing to round up wild horses & burros.   –  Debbie


Goal of the Gather:

The BLM Phoenix District, Hassayampa Field Office is bait trapping up to 50 wild burros in the desert north of Phoenix and west of Interstate 17, near the Ben Avery Shooting Range. The intent is to remove animals that are creating a nuisance or endangering public safety. The field office has completed a categorical exclusion in accordance with the BLM Departmental Manual Part 516, Chapter 11.9.

Details of the Gather:

The BLM is gathering up to 50 wild burros. The gather is outside the Lake Pleasant Herd Management Area. The burros are getting on public rights-of-way, including State Route 74, Loop 303, Lake Pleasant Highway, Interstate 17, New River Road, and Castle Hot Springs Road. Animals on these heavily traveled roads are in constant danger of being hit by vehicles. Twenty-seven animals have been killed as a result of collisions with vehicles in the past eight months.

The gather is being conducted by BLM employees. Small corrals holding hay, supplement, or water are used to lure the burros through a gate, which closes behind them. The BLM will not offer public observation opportunities because the trap sites are not on Federal property.


Wild burros removed from the area will be transported to the Wild Horse and Burro Facility in Axtell, Utah, to be prepared for the BLM wild burro adoption program.

For more information on the Wild Horse and Burro Program, call 866-468-7826 or email For information about this wild burro gather, call Amanda James at 623-580-5568.


Navajo officials renegotiating wild horse agreement

th  Bill Richardson, former Gov. of New Mexico


Newly installed Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye is renegotiating a wild horse protection agreement with former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and actor/activist Robert Redford.

Richardson and Redford formed the Foundation to Protect New Mexico Wildlife in 2013 as the state considered a permit for a horse slaughter facility in Roswell. The group later worked with the former Navajo Nation president to stop the roundup of feral horses from the reservation for shipment to slaughter facilities in Mexico.

Navajo officials have said the horses are overgrazing and harming the land. The prior administration signed an agreement with Redford and Richardson to halt roundups and find other ways to reduce the horse population, such as adoptions.

Alarie Ray-Garcia of the foundation said Richardson met last week with Begaye and other Navajo officials.

Rick Abasta, a public information officer for the Navajo Nation, said Begaye wants to consult with chapter house leaders and other elders before moving forward with changes to the agreement.

Ray-Garcia said the foundation was ready to hire a company to conduct an aerial survey of the horse population. Estimates have ranged from a few thousand to 75,000 animals.