BLM to roundup 1,400 wild horses from Beaty Butte HMA in Oregon

BLM continues stampedes to extinction.



Photo: Vince Patton/OPB

BLM Plans Beaty Butte Wild Horse Gather

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Lakeview District has announced that it plans to gather approximately 1,500 horses associated with the Beaty Butte herd management area (HMA), in Oregon, in early October 2015.

Exact dates will be set based on the herd’s location closer to the gather period. The Beaty Butte HMA is located east of Adel, Oregon, in southeast Lake County.

Of the gathered animals, about 1,400 horses will be permanently removed from the Beaty Butte HMA and 100 horses (60 stallions and 40 mares) will be returned to the range. This is consistent with the appropriate management level of 100 to 250 horses established for the HMA.

“The herd population is currently six times the appropriate management level, which is damaging habitat and forage for wildlife, particularly sage grouse habitat,” said BLM Oregon/Washington Director Jerome Perez. “Our goal is to manage the resources and the horses to the best of our ability.”

Heavy wild horse grazing utilization can jeopardize the health of the rangelands, wetlands, wildlife habitats, and ultimately wild horse health and condition. Horses have overgrazed sagebrush and other plants to the extent that plants and soils are being lost entirely. The problem is compounded by the extensive drought, which has already stressed plants.

Once gathered, the horses will be taken to a temporary holding facility, where they will be provided hay and water. Following a veterinary assessment, the horses will be transported to an off-range BLM holding facility and made available for adoption or sale, or relocated to a permanent holding facility.

A limited number of members of the public will be allowed to view the gather activities in BLM-escorted groups. Interested parties should contact Larisa Bogardus at or 541/947-6237.

The BLM’s goal is to maintain healthy, free-roaming herds at levels that balance a thriving natural ecological existence with local habitat and other multiple uses in each area. On average, Oregon herd numbers increase annually by 20%. Decisions to gather excess animals are based on rangeland monitoring studies, availability of forage and water, and wild horse numbers compared to established population targets for each HMA.

Normally, three to five of Oregon’s herds are gathered annually to balance population numbers per the range’s sustainable capabilities.

The supporting planning documents for the upcoming gather are available online at


  1. Sounds like they believe horse slaughter is coming. Not kidding. These ploys to remove are to gear the direction if the Safe Act. Its literally the Only leverage inexpirienced horse slaughter nuts have left. They have manipulated the data everywhere they can and this wild horse explosion is the last attempt they have.


  2. It used to be that before a possible roundup, the BLM would take public opinion, after making public the EA, unless I have missed something along the way. Regardless, the roundup, is unjustified, under any circumstances

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  3. “Action to gather should be initiated before animal and land health become emergencies.”
    This sure wasn’t done in the case of the Cold Creek wild horses. BLM shot 28 instead of trying to save them.
    Thanks for the above info, Grandmagregg. Looks like another case of BLM doing whatever they want .


  4. In checking some sites I found that this department of the USDA —Animal and plant health inspection service—-are the ones the BLM gets reports about horses and range conditions, also this is the department that sends out the veterinarians when the wild horses are caught to do the field work–sounds just like the Wildlife Services to me (wildlife killing services).!ut/p/a1/04_Sj9CPykssy0xPLMnMz0vMAfGjzOK9_D2MDJ0MjDz9vT3NDDz9woIMnDxcDA2CjYEKIoEKDHAARwNC-sP1o8BKnN0dPUzMfYB6TCyMDDxdgPLmlr4GBp5mUAV4rCjIjTDIdFRUBADp5_lR/?1dmy&urile=wcm%3apath%3a%2Faphis_content_library%2Fsa_newsroom%2Fsa_news%2Fsa_by_date%2Fsa_2015%2Fsa_08%2Fct_awa_july


  5. This article was posted on Horseback Magazine but has since disappeared.

    Noted Humanitarian Dr, Ann Marini Catches BLM in Lies With Photo Evidence
    October 8, 2014

    Dear Mr. Lucero,
    Several years ago, I requested information about the rationale and sound science regarding the Calico wild horse round-up. I sent this letter to my Senator, Senator Barbara Mikulski. Senator Mikulski, in turn, sent my letter to Bob Abbey, the director of the Wild Horse and Burro program at the BLM at the time. Mr. Abbey sent me a letter stating that the reason for the round-up was because the wild horses were starving and emaciated. Unbeknownst to Mr. Abbey, I had a friend who was in close proximity to the short-term holding facility for this round-up. He took many photos of the wild horses from that cruel round-up where many horses died; two foals who were captured on video and couldn’t walk because their hooves were in the process of sloughing off also died from the helicopter-induced stampede over long distances of treacherous volcanic rock. I had all of the photos processed and blown up to 8.5 x 11 so all of the horses (about 100 in total) could be clearly seen. All of the horses were healthy and none were emaciated or starving.

    Just a short summary about my background. I received my Ph.D. degree in Medical Biochemistry from Georgetown University and received my M.D. from the same institution. I am a physician-scientist and have been conducting scientific research since the late 70’s. I do know the basic principles of sound science and I certainly know the difference between lies and the truth. To get at the truth of course, the reporter would have to do a serious investigation into the BLM propaganda and the newspaper would have to commit some serious resources to discover the truth.
    The fact is that the BLM doesn’t know how many wild horses there are on public land and because they don’t know the true number of wild horses on public land, there is no way for them to conclude that there are “excess” wild horses which is one criteria for possible round-up.

    A serious effort of acquiring a broad factual knowledge base (background and current information) would lead one to question the integrity and real intent of the Wild Horse and Burro Program at the BLM. This is an important point because the BLM will do anything and everything to dupe all of us silly Americans who don’t know anything about horses or science.

    If the New York Times believes everything they read and/or obtain from the BLM about the wild horse and burro program, the paper will be hopelessly duped. The facts are that horses are emotional animals and helicopters terrorize them and induce a huge stress response. The fact is that the BLM has consistently REMOVED public land over the years that you and I as taxpayers provide to the wild horses and burros that has amounted to over 19 million acres. There was never any explanation from the BLM. The land just disappeared from the original map where wild horses were allowed to roam free. The fact is that Congress designated that public land was given to wild horses and burros wherever wild horses were found. The BLM is continuing to remove public land, land that all Americans pay to allow the wild horses to live on with their families. The fact is that there are 100 cows to 1 wild horse despite the fact that it is only a privilege for welfare ranchers to graze their cattle on public land. So, why is it that the BLM leases public land to ranchers to graze 1 million cows but whatever number of wild horses (I seriously doubt 40,000 as there are more in long-term holding than free on the range) that are roaming free on public land is too many (Remember, Congress passed the Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971 which allowed wild horses and burros to roam free on public land and live out their lives with their families)? The fact is that the National Academy of Sciences report urged the BLM to conduct a formal and accurate count of the wild horses on public land. Has the BLM made the effort to accurately count the number of wild horses on public land? The fact is that the National Academy of Sciences indicated in their report that when you remove horses from a parcel of land, there are fewer horses and the horses will reproduce at a higher rate. Has the BLM used this sound science to manage the wild horses? No, it is business as usual….round them up and eradicate them off the face of the Earth.

    Let’s remember that there are 248 million acres of public land. Surely, the BLM can think “outside the box” and manage these icons of American heritage and freedom on public land, land that was designed to them by an act of Congress.
    Select publications (out of 70):
    Hu Z, Yu D, Almeida-Suhett C, Tu K, Marini A, Eiden L, Braga M, Zhu J, Li Z. 2012 Expression of miRNAs and Their Cooperative Regulation of The Pathophysiology in Traumatic Brain Injury. PLoS One 7(6):e39357
    Pan H, Hu X-z, Jacobowitz DM, Chen C, McDonough J, Van Shura K, Lyman M, Marini AM. 2012 Alpha-linolenic acid is a potent neuroprotective agent against soman-induced neuropathology. Neurotoxicology, 33:1219-1229.
    Lilja AM, Luo Y, Yu Q-s, Röjdner J, Li Y, Marini AM, Marutle A, Nordberg A, Greig NH. 2013 Neurotrophic and neuroprotective actions of (-)- and (+)-phenserine, candidate drugs for Alzheimer’s disease. PLoS One, 8(1):e54887.
    Martinez-Llordella M, Esensten JH, Bailey-Bucktrout SL, Lipsky RH, Marini A, Chen J, Mughal M, Mattson MP, Taub DD, Bluestone JA. 2013 CD28-inducible transcription factor DEC1 is required for efficient autoreactive CD4+ T cell response. J Experimental Med 210:1603-1619.
    Almeida-Suhett CP, Zheng L, Marini AM, Braga MFM, Eiden LE. 2014 Temporal course of changes in gene expression suggests a cytokine-related mechanism for long-term hippocampal alteration after controlled cortical impact. J Neurotrauma, 31(7):683-690.
    Almeida-Suhett CP, Prager E, Pidoplichko V, Figueiredo T, Marini AM, Li Z, Eiden L, Braga MFM. 2014 Reduced Gabaergic inhibition in the Basolateral Amygdala and the development of anxiety-like behavior after Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. PLoS One, 9(7):e102627
    Chen J, Pan H, Chen C, Wu W, Iskandar K, He J, Piermartiri T, Jacobowitz DM, Yu Q-S, McDonough JF, Greig NH, Marini AM. (-)-Phenserine attenuates soman-induced neuropathology. PLoS One, 9(6):e99818.
    Kind regards,
    Ann M. Marini, Ph.D., M.D

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  6. We just CANNOT allow the private/corporate welfare profiteer ranchers to get away with this massive removal of the Beaty Butte wild horses from their legally designated land!

    Keep this in mind as you read below: Under CFR 4710.5 and 4710.6, BLM has the authority to curtail or cancel livestock grazing privileges on public lands in order to ensure thriving, healthy herds of wild horses and burros on their legal lands. In Section 2 c of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act (WFHBA) of 1971, it clearly states that in the 1971 legal areas where the wild horses and burros occurred, this land shall be “devoted principally” to the welfare of the wild horses and burros, not principally to any other use. As made clear by the Wild Horse and Burro Act’s implementing regulations, the BLM “may close appropriate areas of the public lands to grazing use by all or a particular kind of livestock . . . if necessary to provide habitat for wild horses or burros, to implement herd management actions, or to protect wild horses or burros from disease, harassment or injury.” 43 C.F.R. § 4710.5(a).”

    Below are excerpts from a rancher meeting about two years ago and apparently they whined loud enough or bought enough politicians to get BLM D.C. funding to eradicate the Beaty Butte wild horses although they admit that they have 3,500 invasive domestic for-private-profit cattle out there:

    “John Kiely, who with brother Tom operates the Kiely Brothers Ranch, noted that the impacts from excessive wild horse numbers are severe.
    “It’s starting to hurt the resource out there,” he said. “It’s just too many horses out there for the resource.”
    Kiely noted that the concerns raised by the association are not directed at the local Lakeview district BLM agency, but rather at the national level.
    Kiely estimated 3,500 cows are running in the area from the 10 Adel ranching families that are a part of the association.
    The hope is to place more pressure locally as well as at the state and national levels to encourage increased management of the wild horse population.
    If the issue is not addressed soon, Kiely said HE FEARS THAT COWS MAY HAVE TO BE PULLED FROM THE AREA within the next couple of years as horse numbers continue to grow and competition issues increase.”


  7. All of this valuable information needs to go before a Congressional hearing. or the Inspector General, 20/20 or some place. How can we get this corruption exposed before all of our wild horses are extinct ?


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