Horse Slaughter

Up to 50,000 Horses Disappeared in European Food-Fraud Scandal – Expert


“Wherever there is money to be made – and the sums involved in food fraud are in the billions – criminals will find a way.”

EU Horsemeat MessThe horse-meat scandal that engulfed Europe in 2013 may have been responsible for up to 50,000 horses disappearing across the continent, Britain’s top food fraud expert says.

Professor Chris Elliott, addressing the recent Food Fraud Conference in Doncaster, England, warned that unless the issue was taken seriously by authorities and the police, it was likely to happen again.

Elliot said food fraud was an organised and global criminal enterprise involving gangs such as the Mafia and the Central American drug cartels.

He said up to 50,000 horses “disappeared” from Europe during the financial meltdown which started around 2008. People could no longer afford to keep them – and it was likely a lot of them ended up in the food supply system…(CONTINUED)

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  1. The article says, “Wherever there is money to be made – and the sums involved in food fraud are in the billions – criminals will find a way.”
    That sounds like some of our government bureaus/departments to me.

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    • Thank you, I loved this.

      Also, I have never been so happy that I do not eat meat and that I am not part of this corrupt industry. Yay!


    • NMLB! I read it and decided Not to post it. Theres no comments section to help people know of Drugs in meat or the American horse coverup. They state feed to the poor and lower class which again emphasizes we Need to Stop this. The USDA site is theor reference point. Its banned from Pet Food Federally but well see it sneaking in if we dont stop it. These people need to know to protect themselves from it. They are relying on the Internet for facts. SCARY!


  2. Pro horse slaughter should be sue for committing fraud. Why? If you read signs on Slaughterplants stating clearly ABSOLUTELY NO debilitated ill injured blind dangerous/unruly or lame horses accepted period then read their latest E-mail to Congress which says they need to reopen to ship all above to be Rejected horses it clearly states they Are Directly Lying and Intentionally misleading Congress. It goes on to claim Only horses going into Mexico are withheld food and water and suffer long drives. Factually they are withheld food and water to either Country…transport is long and dangerous regardless of plants locations. They always try to deceive but folks this one is a Lawsuit on a platter. It has fraud and attempt to manipulate Congress. If you show Senators the Actual plant Signs and statements the plants cannot accept these animals and that transport is horrific anywhere you would open their eyes to proslaughter letter of lies. Proslaughter falsely claims hay issues and loose horses Again. Starvation is handled by local and state Agencies and not by Congress. The issue of burial….burial of no other animal is in the hands of Congress just simply guidelines of where burial can take place. The request the keep a plant open because they want to profit instead of pay to bury is Not Congress concern. Thats simply the responsibility of the owners in the same way a dog or cat or pet lion is handled…by the owner. The manipulation of our fine Government is obvious and someone needs to physically show the sign from the plant refusing the Exact same animals they intend to slay violently for profit. And a lawsuit stopping false claims would really be a perk. The letter goes on and on….if they dont want abiusive long haul then why not support Safe act instead. NOW their most ridiculous claim comes when they claim the Industry which I have proven is Earning more this year than in the past 10 years state by state that people are losing homes and livelihoods . The fact they are Lying to Congress is manipulative and sneaky. Heres a copy of the Link sent to me by a Former proslaughter supporter who backed out when she realized that they would stoop to this. Heres what she sent me this morning.

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    • Thats scary! And theres no way you can do anything without signing! Such an official sounding letter – I’m thinking its past time for US to send a letter stating facts unlike this one that is using scare tactics – as usual!


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