BLM gives a rare glimpse of imprisoned wild horses & burros at Indian Lakes Rd. “Corral” in Fallon, NV

On Oct. 23rd, the BLM will feign transparency and stick the public on wagons (so you can’t look too closely for too long at the many wild horses & burros without shelter), to tour the private property at the Indian Lakes Off Range “Corral” in Fallon, NV.   Be sure to ask the BLM representatives that are giving the tour when they plan to provide shelter for the wild horses & burros.  You can read about Troy Adams, the contractor who is raking in tax payer dollars on this pony prison, HERE.   –  Debbie



The Indian Lakes Off-Range Corral is located at 5676 Indian Lakes Road, Fallon, and is privately owned and operated. About a 90-minute drive east from Reno, the facility provides care for up to 3,200 wild horses or burros. The facility encompasses 320 acres containing 43 large holding pens, each pen measuring 70,000 square feet that will safely hold approximately 100 horses. The horses receive an abundance of feed tailored to their needs each day, along with a constant supply of fresh water through automatic watering troughs. Free choice mineral block supplements are also provided to the animals in each pen. A veterinarian routinely inspects the horses and provides necessary medical care as needed.

BLM strives to place horses removed from the range into good, private homes. Horses at the Indian Lakes Road facility are made available to the public for adoption or sale throughout the year at off-site adoption events and through BLM’s Adopt or Sales Program.


BLM offers periodic public tours of the Indian Lakes Off-Range Corral. The next public tour is scheduled for Friday, October 23. Two public tours will be offered — the first will begin at 10 a.m. and the second will begin at 1 p.m. Each tour will last about two hours and will accommodate up to 20 people. Spaces will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. The public can sign up to attend and get driving directions to the facility by calling BLM at (775) 475-2222.

What to Know Before You Go On a Public Tour

• Tours start promptly at the scheduled time, so be at the facility a few minutes early or the wagon may leave and we cannot come back to pick you up.
• Bring comfortable shoes and clothes. Hats and sunscreen recommended.
• Bring your own water.
• Cameras and video cameras welcome.
• There will be sanitation huts available for use.
• Visitors WILL NOT be able to walk around the facility unaccompanied. They must travel with the group in the wagon at all times.

Can I sign up for a tour right now?

Information on how to sign up to attend a public tour is provided when the next tour is announced. To sign up for one of the tours taking place on October 23, please call (775) 475-2222.




  1. Please don’t insult my intelligence! Is this like a US Safari ride?? Why can’t we look?? Perhaps we !might want to adopt one. What a joke!!! Instead of throwing them under the bus, how about throwing them under wagon!!


    • When the BLM first gave weekly tours here, the public was allowed to walk. The BLM later used the excuse that because one person supposedly had trouble walking, that everyone had to ride on the wagon.


  2. Why is the BLM even talking? They have proslaughter ranting for them. Animal welfare blah blahblah….I say e eryone bale off those wagons run towards horses scale the fences and take a REAL LOOK


    • Of course that means the killer buyers would circle they slaughter trailers and razor wire will be staked around you and a sterilization bath would be performed sort like when the Government discovers aliens and they oxygen tent the location and probe the alien and you!


  3. I don’t understand why the American people must have an appointment made to be able to view our wild horses & burros. Any blm holding facility should be open to the public daily for viewing & for adoption. We the people pay for all of these horses & burros with our tax dollars… and with over 50,000 horses behind bars, one would think the blm would open these holding pens up for the public on a daily basis & pray they would find loving homes for them…

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  4. BLM’s sweet deal (paid for with your tax dollars, of course!)
    Debbie Coffey April 17, 2011

    Troy Adams/Broken ArrowUSAhas the contract for theIndian Lakes Road(AKA Broken Arrow) short term wild horse and burro holding facility inFallon,NV. How does a guy fromCalifornia, who sold a cloned cow, get enough knowledge in wild horse behavior, and enough ability in safely handling wild horses, to win a bid to manage a facility that can hold up to 3,000 of our wild horses?

    Troy Adams/Broken ArrowUSAcontract with the BLM is for 5 years (1/01/2010 to 12/31/2015):

    Base year (2010 – 2011) – $2,525,000 with an option for “additional labor” for $127,920 ($24.60 per hour, per laborer) to FREEZEBRAND, RETAG, TRIM FEET, ETC. (same tasks apply to years below)
    Year 1 (2011-2012) – $3,640,875 with an option for “additional labor” for $130,468 ($25.09 per hour)
    Year 2 (2012 – 2013) – $3,759,500 with an option for “additional labor” for $133,068 ($25.59 per hour)
    Year 3 (2013 – 2014) – $3,832,500 with an option for “additional labor” for $135,720 ($26.10 per hour)
    Year 4 (2014 – 2015) – $3,905,500 with an option for “additional labor” for $138,424 ($26.62 per hour)

    So, the estimated 5 year TOTAL is $17,663,375, with optional “additional labor” adding $665,600 to that the total is ($18,328,975).

    Over 200 horses have died at this facility in less than 14 months. Descriptions seem vague, so it’s difficult to get exact counts of how many horses died of certain causes, but, just a quick estimate in general of some of the causes: it seems like about 40 from hyperlipemia/general metabolic failure (trouble adapting to hay) with about another 32 from poor condition/unable to maintain weight. About 27 died from spinal/neck injuries, of which about 8 spinal/neck injuries happened IN THE SQUEEZE CHUTE.

    About 15 euthanized because of leg/shoulder/pelvis fractures. There are about 40 “unknown” causes of death. About 9 foaling complications, about 6 gelding complications (3 of these were pulmonary hemorrhages from anesthesia) and about 5 deaths related to criptorchid (euthanized for this or after surgery for this). Why would the BLM even geld horses with criptorchid? (Criptorchid means the testacles haven’t descended and they don’t produce fertile sperm.) About 12 deaths from pneumonia and respiratory infections. About 5 were euthanized due to club foot. About 3 with sloughed hooves.

    It’s important to note that neither the BLM nor the contractor seem to keep any documentation on individual foals until they’re 4-5 months old, when the foals are given a freezemark.

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  5. BLM: Epic Mismanagement, Waste, And Corruption

    The United States government and its agencies are in no position to be wasting hard-earned taxpayer dollars. As it stands, many taxpayers are severely over-taxed as a result of reckless spending by bureaucrats without any regard for the fiduciary duty that the Government and its many agencies are bound to observe.

    The Bureau of Land Management (‘BLM’) is just one example of an autocratic government agency that seems to operate as if it answers to no one and regularly wastes money and resources as it seems to concurrently violate U.S. laws and the rights of American taxpayers (talk about biting the hand that feeds). And as a result of this pervasive attitude combined with the growing number of government agencies that act as if they were fiefdoms, America is languishing under a wave of epic waste of resources and taxpayer dollars

    According to Hope Yen at the Associated Press: “Significant amounts of natural gas on federal lands are being wasted, costing taxpayers tens of millions of dollars each year and adding to harmful greenhouse gas emissions, a congressional investigation has found. The nonpartisan Government Accountability Office also said the Bureau of Land Management failed to conduct production inspections for hundreds of high-priority oil and gas wells – roughly 1 out of 5 – to ensure full payment of royalties to the U.S.” The article goes on to say that: “The GAO report said it had been urging BLM, an agency of the Interior Department, to update guidelines for the burning or venting of natural gas since at least 2010, when it found 40 percent of it could be captured economically and sold. BLM has yet to do so, although agency officials now say they are in the process of putting together various orders and a proposed rule for comment later this year. Until then, government investigators called BLM’s management of oil and gas “high-risk” for waste and fraud.”

    Concurrently, with the forgoing malfeasance and waste of millions of tax dollars, we have the BLM mismanaging the federally-protected wild horses; they are spending millions more tax dollars to hold wild horses in captivity, horses that should be running free on the public range-land, according to the Federal ‘Wild Burro and Horse Protection Act’.
    On top of this, the BLM is not providing transparency into their operations, including and with respect to over 1,700 federally-protected wild horses that seem to have been illegally sold for slaughter!


      • It sounds as though the investigation was handled by the wrong agency…it should have been the FAA

        From WILD EARTH GUARDIANS (the chart is on the website)
        Federal Aerial Accidents

        Federal Aerial Accidents
        updated June 2015

        Accident and Injury Summary – New Records from the U.S. Department of Agriculture came heavily redacted and incomplete and so the fate of crew members is unknown for several accidents/incidents*


      • Just a few of the Wildlife Service aerial gunning mishaps

        From WILD EARTH GUARDIANS (the chart is on the website)
        Federal Aerial Accidents

        Federal Aerial Accidents
        updated June 2015

        USDA record: “During the first pass . . . the crewmember fired four shots at the primary target with the fourth rounding hitting the left wing lift strut.”

        USDA record: “. . . we had another incident this morning in NV. It was nothing serious but it involved another ricochet with steel shot.”

        USDA record: Gunner shot the wing strut.
        USDA record: Shotgun shell misfired in the aircraft. Pilot landed in a field and during taxiing for takeoff, the tail wheel hit a rut or object and broke off

        Pilot hit power lines while training to land to pick up gunner.

        Gunner accidentally shot strut off of one wing. Plane landed and re-attached strut.
        Aircraft “collided with the ground” while flying at low altitude

        Gunner shot propeller while behaving with “overzealous composure.”

        Gunner shot strut during multiple passes to kill a single coyote, which went unnoticed until later inspection.

        Shotgun pellet ricocheted back and hit pilot in eye, shattering eyeglass lens and cutting eyelid, plane did not land.


      • So Wildlife Services/USDA hit & killed 30 – 40 sage grouse???? These yahoos dont sound competent enough to get out of bed in the morning – much less be gainfully (or not) employed! And by US!


  6. Broken Arrow Wild Horse Holding Facility, Fallon, NV 5/20/14-5/24/14
    Animals’ Angels investigators arrived at the premises on 5/20/14 at 9:00am. This

    BLM Short-Term Holding facility is privately owned and operated and can hold up to 2,850 wild horses. According to the BLM’s website, the 320 acre property contains 36 large holding pens, each capable of holding approximately 100 horses.
    Troy Adams,
    a rancher who is also in the Angus business, obtained a 5 year contract with the BLM (1/01/2010 to 12/31/2015) to take care of these horses, which will cost the US taxpayer more than 18 Million Dollars.

    Broken Arrow is no stranger to controversy. Although hard-working American tax dollars pay for the operations of the facility, after the infamous Calico round-up of 2009/2010 and public outcry over images of emaciated foals, injured or ill animals taken during one of the few public tours, the doors were shut to the public for good.
    So what does happen to these thousands of horses, tucked away in a private facility?
    Based on our May investigation, they appear to get “fattened”. Although the facility is mostly hidden and secluded from view, investigators were able to film the horses in the back pens.

    Throughout the 4 days at the property, investigators couldn’t help but be reminded of the Bouvry feedlots in Canada, as the set-up (like a feedlot) as well as lethargic horses lying flat on their sides was remarkably similar.
    The pens were crowded, and no shelter was available in most of them.

    On the second day of documenting, investigators heard what sounded to be a series of six gunshots coming from the pen area, out of sight.


  7. I have Strong Concerns on the welfare of All these horses! From what I see these are the Concentration Camps for OUR WILD HORSES! What I see is the Taxpayers Money is being spend on INHUMANE & CRUELTY to these Beautiful Horses. When are they going to be held accountable for all the damage & Deaths they caused on these Wild Horses. They were better off before BLM (Human Contact)! Shame on you for killing them and the SPIRIT they represent!!!


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