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Reward Grows for Florida Show Horse Killer

of News Channel 8

Reward Grows to $50,000 with help from outside Horse Industry

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PALMETTO, FL (WFLA) – Horses are still being cared for at the Imperial Farms Equestrian center in Palmetto, a week after an expensive show horse was tortured and slaughtered on the grounds in the middle of the night.

Since then, workers have been installing new night vision cameras to keep an eye on the other horses in the stables, and that’s just the beginning.

Steve Stephens the owner of Imperial Farms said, “there will be a laser light that you wont even be able to walk into a horses stall without setting an alarm, you will not be able to walk a horse out of the stall and get them out of the barn.”

The 12-year-old show horse was led from a barn and into a nearby wooded area, where it was butchered.

People in and out of the horse industry have since helped create a reward fund, that’s grown to more than 50 thousand dollars.

Stephens added, “somebody out there knows somebody that either does it, has done it, or is doing it and you get a big enough of a reward and greed is going to come into the picture and somebody is probably going to get turned in.”

It’s believed the killers targeted the larger than a normal-sized horse for its meat, not knowing its real value, more than two-hundred thousand dollars.

But it wasn’t insured.

Stephens went on to say, “in a way were are glad he wasn’t insured so that anybody could accused anybody of that that was done for insurance purposes, it was not.”

While other steps are being taken to prevent this from happening again, the owners of the equestrian center just want the culprits caught.

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  1. This is very troubling for people all over the country. I am not a discriminating person, but these actions are a result of traditions outside the US. First, the violators need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent if the law. Absolutely NO slapping on the hand without jail time. If the perpetrator(s) are found to be here on Visas, Green cards or any other type of work documents, they need to be sent back to the country of origin after serving jail time. Animal torture, killing, mutilation and scrafice should never be allowed especially under the auspices of religious ceremony. If you come to the US you must follow our laws and not bend them. NO excuses period!! And no extended continuations as often results!!

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    • This has been happening in Florida for YEARS. While the bIG Barns can afford security and cameras, smaller independent homes cannot. I pray that law enforcement finally steps up and arrests these villains. They know who they are, they just have never felt the need to go after them in the past. High value horses bring a whole different light to the problem. I hope this changes things.


  2. Actually I want them deported immediately. And permanently blocked from re-entry forever. No jail time. Why? I don’t want my tax dollars spent feeding some sleaze bag who stole a horse, butchered him and then ate him.

    Depending on age…neuter all age appropriate offspring so they can never perpetuate this behavior.

    If they come back–illegally crossing the border–they can face hanging, electric chair, whatever death penalty the judge pronounces fair. No 2/3/4 hearings.


  3. The reward information needs to be posted in Spanish all around South Florida. There needs to be an educational blitz in both languages so that folks understand that the horse meat they buy is poison. We need Cubans and Latinos to be spokesmen against slaughter, like Gloria Esteban, etc.

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  4. Stronger penalties for people who do it. Its time for extreme laws. In other countries Extreme punishment for crimes Reduces drastically the occurrance of them. The publicity that proslaughter has given to the so called cultural cuisine angle andv th Already Dark side of Horse Slaughter coupled with the forbidden aspect culminated into this horrendous act. Further the lack of respect by people who claim horses are Unwanted everywhere therefore they are meat prospects put chum in the water. The cultural aspect has Nothing to do with horses as Food. They just perpetuated this to gain momentum in any way. The underground has committed a crime against humanity and specifically against Floridas residents that has shaken all who care to the core. The ill fated campaign to slaughter horses leaves rumors and myths of Unwanted and abandoned and tossed away horses hanging in its wake. The idea is and was meant to uprrot and kill horses. The underground sucked this life away to apparently show a need and desire for horsemeat when it actually just shows the demoralization of a life full of hope love and prospect of the future relationship with its new owners. Families across Fl have suffered and lost horses they Loved doted over and had NO intention of Ever giving up. Notorious and horrifying the Slaughter industry still perpetuated crimes right under noses and lock and key. Please help capture these people and lets stomp out horse slaughter. Owning horses is a Privilege and lets get back into focus that they are NOT meat and unwanted. My condolences for the loss. On the other side of the Pearly Gates we will walk through green pastures with this lovely soul again. None to soon.


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