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Good News Sunday: Rescued foal named Valentine given care at UC Davis

Source:  abcnews.com


A baby horse that was rescued in Fremont, Calif. on Valentine’s Day is seen recovering in Davis, Calif. on Thursday, February 18, 2016. (Fremont Police Department/Facebook)

Owner of baby horse rescued in Fremont comes forward

The Fremont Police Department posted adorable photos of Valentine on their Facebook page Thursday morning. They say, “Like any true baby, he loves his stuffed animal.”

Police also confirmed that the baby foal now belongs to the City of Fremont, noting that it may be a first for their 60-year-old city.

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According to authorities, the owner came forward and after a long meeting, they came to a mutual decision that it was best for the owner to surrender him to the city.

On their Facebook page, Fremont police write, “The owner was very saddened by the circumstances of what happened and also very concerned for Valentine’s future. The fact that our community helped raised such a generous amount of money to assist with Valentine is what really made this decision possible.”

They went on to say, “Our Animal Services staff are currently working to find the best home for Valentine to be placed in, where he can receive the required care needed for his rehabilitation and ultimately live out a long and happy horse life!”

Read the rest of the story HERE.

Viewers like you helped raise thousands of dollars in less than 24 hours to save a baby horse rescued from a ravine in Fremont. Today, little Valentine was taken to UC Davis where he got some good news. Wayne Freedman has the update: http://abc7ne.ws/1Tn1Gzz


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