Four Horses Dead in First Two Days of UK Grand National Race


Four horses have died so far at this year’s Aintree meeting

Horse Curious Carlos, who didn’t die, falls in the middle of a race at Aintree (Picture: Reuters)

The animals suffered horrific deaths. Two of them – Gullinbursti and Minella Reception – somersaulted and landed on their necks on April 8, the second day of the three-day meeting.

Gullinbursti, a 10-year-old horse who had missed last season due to a tendon injury, was competing in the fiercely contested Topham Chase.

Minella Reception fell at the notorious Becher’s Brook. He was put put down because of the severity of his injuries.

On the event’s first day, Clonbanan Lad and Marasonnien were killed in the Fox Hunters’ Chase.

These tragic fatalities make this the deadliest Grand National in the last three years. Since 2000, 42 horses have died at Aintree.

Andrew Tyler, director of Animal Aid, told ‘It remains a perversely evil thing, a wicked thing to make horses do.

‘Whether or not horses die during these events, they still crash to the ground, they somersault.

‘There’s nothing remotely natural about this event. There’s a field full of people, full of noise, and there’s more whipping done at these big meetings. So you’ve got the noise, the hype… all of this anxiety is transferred to the horses.

‘There’s a law against causing animals unnecessary suffering – the Animal Welfare Act. This event causes animals unnecessary suffering.’

And an RSPCA spokesman told that they were ‘deeply saddened’ by the fatalities.

‘The death of any horse is always one too many,’ he said. ‘We, along with World Horse Welfare, will look very closely at the race footage and at what happened to see if the deaths could have been avoided or if any lessons can be learned to prevent future injuries and deaths.

‘We will share our findings with the British Horseracing Authority and if we have any recommendations, together we will do all we can to ensure that they are followed by the racing industry.’

John Baker, who runs Aintree racecourse, told ‘We’d like to express our sympathies to the connections of the horses.

‘You can’t remove all risk from any sport but we acted on evidence to make significant changes here at Aintree, including to the cores of every fence on the Grand National Course, and we’ve seen hundreds of horses compete safely since over the last few years.

‘From 90,000 runners each year British Racing has an equine loss rate of less than 0.2%. This is down by a third over the last 15 years and we must keep working to see that continue to decrease.’


  1. Big money is made off this event. It’s the very dangerousness of the race that draws in crowds and lines bookies’ pockets – while horses pay with their lives.

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  2. Where there is greed there is Evil and with Evil there is no humanity and until those who put life before profit see there is a payment to be paid for their wicked ways and it will not be a merciful one there will be no change as they don’t value life only value what that life can make in profit for them, they are the worst kind of flesh peddlers and I grieve for the loss of these Magnificent God given animals and I wish I could be there when Life returns the evil that was done to his creatures because you can’t do this to God’s creatures, the very ones we are charged to care for and not pay a price, I truly believe that what we put out into the Universe will come back to us Good or Evil and this is Evil is every way, the suffering for those who died is now over but for those who brought it on them theirs is yet to come, and even if mans law does not hold them accountable there is a greater law they will answer to and that they can not escape. God bless those who fight to end these kinds of Dangerous events for the pleasures of people at the expense of beautiful living and feeling Horses, I say shame on all of you all for what you have done and I pray that God shows you the same Mercy you have not shown his Beloved Horses.

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  3. They love to use their whips all you have to do is watch a common horse race around a track every horse in the race is being beaten with a whip to force it to run faster and faster to outrun the whips. I have always thought that if the horses were not whipped half to death and just let them run the race the true winner would win without so many deaths. The horses are deathly afraid of a whip once they have been hit with one. All you have to do is watch their eyes and their heads to see the fear.

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  4. How sad for these beautiful animals to die in just this event, sad to think we as humans drive them to their deaths, some day some one will wake up may be and see the harm in all this. we are killing them, they give us their all .


  5. I would think the horror of all these injuries and death would result in the end of this activity, or clean it up so it isn’t so dangerous. This is criminal!


  6. I am a horse owner of a retired race horse. I got him when he was 5,5 years young and I am glad he is with me since than. He is now proud to be 20 years young. I do not approve of horse racing. I am very disturb by these news.

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