Equine Rescue

Texas’ Laughing Horse Ranch not Laughing: Underwater, AGAIN

by R.T. Fitch, president/co-founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“We rescued the horses from the lower pastures before the water swallowed everything…”


IMG_587212+ inches of rain in only a few hours and our rescued horses, cats, dog, Terry and I are huddled together on top of our little hill with the water actually lapping at the doors of our barn and house.

We have been here for ten years and have never seen anything like this, it eclipses the flood of last month and the water has not stopped rising.

Our concern goes out to Marjoree Farabee and her hundreds of rescued donkeys, burros, mules and horses.

More news as time permits.

Keep the Faith


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  1. Prayers go out to you and yours and all precious horse warriors. Thank you God for all the rain…we respectfully request you save some for those who truly need it now. Thank you! Stay safe! The world needs your light!


  2. Safety first … and it sounds like you and Terry and family are safe, thank goodness. I heard about the record-breaking rain that Texas and some of the mid-west has had and depending on which weather report you listen to … rain and severe weather is predicted for this next week also. I am also very concerned for Marjorie and the TMR rescue burros and horses and would appreciate hearing news from her … especially if it is good news. I am also concerned about our thousands of wild horses stranded in Oklahoma and Kansas where there are many tornadoes happening as well as thunder storms. Please stay safe.

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  3. Many prayers for you Marjoree. I hope that everything gets better soon and that you, your family and your animals stay strong throughout this trying situation. ❤


  4. Praying for all that has been hit so hard by the horrific weather, I fear for all of the animals, domestic & wild. Hope Laughing Horse Ranch & Marjoree stay high & dry!


  5. And “they” say there is no such thing as climate change!!!! RT & Terry, I bet you have a comment or two on that one! The weather seems to be different almost everywhere. Her in the East – we had almost NO snow last winter – THAT was unusual, but we sure do have it easier than folks in the mid-west or west! I have a granddaughter living near Houston & worry about her every time this kind of mess happens – so far shes been lucky. I feel for you both & your “kids”. Be careful.


  6. TMR Rescue
    Marjorie Farabee

    We have been having more than our fair share of rain recently, and it has caused us considerable damage due to erosion….

    Posted by TMR Rescue Inc. on Sunday, May 22, 2016

    We have been having more than our fair share of rain recently, and it has caused us considerable damage due to erosion. However, on Friday the sky let loose again and this time I think we had a micro burst because damage was hard to explain but very real. We had an entire loafing shed smashed, and large covered feeders lifted out of pastures. We had trees snapped off and some split in two. This is going to be a job to clean up and we are still trying to clean up from the storms before. I am so grateful that none of our animals were harmed.

    That loafing shed would have had 30 donkeys in it when the storm came, yet miraculously no one had a mark on them. We could sure use help with clean up and now we’ll need to raise funds to buy another loafing shed for that pasture. It really needs two to accommodate everyone. Our feeders were damaged too and will need repairs. Fortunately, they weren’t destroyed like the loafing shed.


  7. 24″ total…two more inches of rising water and it would have taken out our sewage plant and auxiliary power source. Rescued one horse, one doe caught in a gate and today we have reported 3 Koi trapped in one of the creeks on our trails…busy times but the water is receding.


  8. My sincerest Prayers and Wishs are brought to ya’ll via the essence of my Magnificent Nevada Range Mustang “Free Spirit” my companion, my soul, and one of my most painful losses…may God turn his gaze upon your beautiful horses and you folks that have dedicated your everything to those amazing creatures,,my wish is that I was there to lend a helping hand…your friend..the..Texas Tornado…over-n-out ya’ll


  9. So sorry to hear this, I live in Katy and my two neighbors and I have flooded too. Glad your animals and you are ok – stay strong!


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