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VIRAL VIDEO: Horse uses owner as a ‘human pillow’

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“All I can say about this Feel Good Sunday installation is ‘If you haven’t seen it, you probably should!’ enjoy.” ~ R.T.

Hilarious video of a woman’s horse, Jimmy, using her as a ‘human pillow’ is going viral.

Lisa Brown posted the video to Facebook July 24, and it’s gotten over 5.7 million views since.

She wrote in a YouTube post:

“I was out in the fields early one morning, and Jimmy lay down to snooze, which he does often. I took my cup of coffee and went to sit with him. I was scratching and stroking him, and he began to lean on me and then pushed me gently back until I was basically his human pillow! Jimmy has a very peaceful nature, but he’s also a comic genius!”

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    • Well that’s an improvement! Showing what wild horses can do AND what horses in general are doing for all of us. About time this was brought to rodeos!

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