Call to Action: Strike Back Against Bogus Wild Horse & Burro Resource Committee

Prologue by R.T. Fitch, co-founder/president of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

idoiots“Remember that idiot, dog and pony show put on by the League of Horse Haters in DC several weeks ago? (click HERE) Well here’s your chance to both fight back and have your voice heard.

We have been told that the Committee is accepting public input until the end of business, tomorrow, July 6th.

A friend of SFTHH has taken the time to pen a rather poignant note as an example for you to use, below. It should be sent, with your personal information inserted, to the email address listed below.   Likewise, please send to your Congressional Representative (to find your Rep. click (HERE) and to your Senator.

With the celebration of our freedom showcased by the 4th of July fresh in our minds, what better way to dedicate one’s self than to lock down the liberty and freedom of our nation’s wild horses and burros.

Please, for the safety, security and future welfare of our wild equines, email or fax your letter today.

Keep the faith.” ~ R.T.

July 5, 2016
Natural Resources Committee
Attn: Tom McClintock
It is clearly visible that last week’s Natural Resources committee meeting led by Tom McClintock, was a clear example of regulatory capture of an agency – the Bureau of Land Management. The information provided to the committee was not scientifically supported and not credible – especially the populations of the public’s wild horses and wild burros both on the range and in the holding facilities. The proposed and recent wild horse captures and removals and sterilization procedures are completely politically and monetarily motivated decisions. This is not in keeping with the law or the wishes of the American people who own the land and who own the wild horses and wild burros – it is completely biased and favored toward special “favored” interest groups. This in itself is illegal and often called “Regulatory Capture”.
Regulatory capture is a form of political corruption that occurs when a regulatory agency, created to act in the public interest, instead advances the commercial or special concerns of interest groups that dominate the industry or sector it is charged with regulating. Regulatory capture is a form of government failure; it creates an opening for firms to behave in ways injurious to the public (e.g., producing negative externalities). The agencies are called “captured agencies”.
For the past 40 plus years the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and associates have been chipping away at these legal wild horse and wild burro lands and obviously the recovery and reinstatement of wild horses and wild burros would be unfavorable to any financial stakeholders, i.e. livestock permittees, mining and energy corporations, large lobbying trophy hunting “clubs” and many more. But let’s face it … the only persons that have worked for 40 plus years for the extinction of wild horses and burros are those with a financial interest. This has been and continues to be unacceptable, illegal and the American citizens including me are disgusted at the “sell-out” of our lands and resources by the agency that is responsible to protect them … the Bureau of Land Management.
I require each of the committee members and speakers admit to the public their political and financial connections to the agencies and private/corporate benefactors of the destruction of the wild horses and wild burros and the selling leasing of our public lands and resources – i.e. admit their connection to regulatory capture and then remove all committee members and speakers who have this conflict of interest which will be a big step in returning our country to the great America it truly is.
(your name)
(your email)
Receipt Requested
Response Requested


  1. Sir: As a contituent of your district in the great state of Virginia, I ask you please vote to protect our wild horses & burros & not let them be slaughtered in what can be a most inhumane way, for either dog food or transport to those countries that consume horse meat (which, as I am sure you are aware, is not cleared for consumption in the United States due to the kind of medications most horses receive). These innocent creatures are part & parcel of the American heritage, as we would not have been able to travel the length & breadth of this great land without them. Please, as an honorable Representative of my district, please have mercy on these helpless animals. Once something is extinguished it can never be reclaimed. I think the wild horses and burros should be awarded the same legal rights as that miscreant TedBundy, & you are the only voice they have right now. Sincerely, and with great respect, I am,

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  2. Now this is a great post. Thank you RT. That letter was awesome too.! Horse warriors the gloves are onavid the fight begins. Time to take up arms in any way you can..

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  3. My letters are written and sent to the resource committee and my senators and representative … who happens to be the animal-hater Tom McClintock. Puke.
    It was a sad day for true Americans to have to listen to the lies that McClintock and others spewed at the public about the wild horses and burros. That committee was fed the lies by the BLM who is a PERFECT example of what a regulatory captured agency is … corrupt to the core. Have you ever heard of a more fitting agency than the BLM to describe this? “Regulatory capture is a form of political corruption that occurs when a regulatory agency, created to act in the public interest, instead advances the commercial or special concerns of interest groups that dominate the industry or sector it is charged with regulating.” That’s the perfect description of BLM.


  4. Who are these people ? We the public that pay your wages want you out . Anyone that can stand up and lie like that needs to be remove asap . Horse advocates across the country have been fighting this battle for years and the only reason for eliminating the horses is greed coming from mining corporations and the cattle growers association. We the people want our public lands back . You the government were put in to place to manage public lands for us and you have been bought out and now we want you out .

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  5. Regulatory Capture is indeed what has happened to our nation’s wild horse and burro program and it is a terrible shame and a disgrace! We must take this program back and restore the herds!

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  6. How Are Members of a Committee in Congress Chosen?

    Selection Process

    Republicans and Democrats generally know how many seats they will receive in each committee before Congress convenes.
    Third party and independent legislators may be assigned to committees through either party.
    The parties select their desired committee appointments through a system which allows experienced legislators first choice of appointments by seniority. In most cases, legislators opt to stay on the committees they served in previous sessions of Congress.
    A drawing is held to determine the order in which new legislators may pick committee assignments. After all committee assignments are chosen within the parties, the parties’ senators and representatives vote on whether to approve the slate of appointees.
    Once each party has approved its slate of appointees, they are presented to the full House or Senate for approval. Approval votes – both within the parties and before the legislative bodies – are usually approved without significant opposition.

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  7. Here’s what I wrote (and sent copy to my US Rep – D. Wasserman Schultz as an fyi):
    July 5, 2016

    National Resources Committee
    Attn: Tom McClintock

    As a taxpaying American citizen I was disgusted by what I saw during the Natural Resources Committee hearing in June. It was a biased, pro-horse slaughter, pro-private cattleman, anti-American farce. NEVER was any scientific, unbiased information presented by Committee members. The one person present who could have given another viewpoint was belittled. This is why Americans are so angry. This is NOT representative government. The Committee was not interested in the facts – that the wild horses are allotted only 11% of public lands, that HMA’s are below viable numbers so that extinction is ensured and that livestock outnumber wild horses and burros 47-1 and eat 82% of the forage.
    Nothing was said about the NAS report from a few years ago that was based on science.
    The BLM said that there are 67,000 wild horses on public lands but never said how they arrived at that number. The FACT is it is what happened in that Committee hearing is a perfect example of why the American people feel their government doesn’t listen to them and why they want to see change in Washington.
    80% of Americans do not want the remaining Wild Horses and Burros removed, experimented on (as the BLM will do in Oregon) or sent to slaughter. We know that the “overpopulation” is a myth and when all the wild horses and burros are gone we will know that it was Washington politicians that orchestrated their demise.
    Along with other citizens, I would be interested to know the political and financial connections that each Committee member has to the special interests that are so determined to eradicate America’s Wild Horses and Burros. You should all be ashamed.

    (my signature and email)

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