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CO Sculptures Inspired by Wild Horses Installed at New Highway Construction

By Amy Hamilton of The Daily Sentenial

Soon: Only Wild Horses and Burros Left will be Remembered in Art

“As the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) continues to stampede wild equine off from the rightful ranges, pump them full of chemicals, sell them off in the quiet of the night to slaughter and now rip the wombs from mares the only way that our next generation is going to be able to see a wild horse or burro is either in a photograph, video, painting or sculpture as they will be gone, all gone, disappeared.

The actions of the BLM has the stench of extinction smeared all over it.

They must be stopped!” ~ R.T.

071316_2a_horses1_600x400Local wild horse lovers may enjoy the connection between their beloved animals and the new sculptures in the pair of new roundabouts on Horizon Drive.

Vermont-based sculptor Joseph Fichter was so inspired by a 2014 visit to the Little Bookcliffs Wild Horse Range above Cameo to see wild horses that he named three of the horse sculptures he has created after horses there — Inca, Kiowa and Renegade.  “It was so exhilarating to see the horses,” Fichter said about the experience.

Fichter created six larger-than-life-sized, steel horse sculptures that have been placed in the newly constructed roundabouts. Horizon Drive officials dedicated the sculptures to the city in a ceremony on Tuesday.

Though he was only commissioned to create five horses, Fichter created a colt that he named Viva, to go along with the small herd. Fichter’s inspiration for creating the colt came from his experience viewing a mare and colt drinking from a watering hole on the mountain range.

“It’s great to see them in place,” Fichter said about the finished work. “It worked out according to plan.”…(CONTINUED)

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  1. With all due respect to the artist, how dare they place wild horses on display considering what is being done to the real life wild ones!! Put up cattle and see how much interest will be shown by tourists.. None.. This is not to take away from those who truly love these horses and burros as they have fought a valliant fight. But considering the plight of the wild ones at the hand of the cattlemen I for one will not come to see a inanimate replica of what they once had roaming free across their lands. Of they truly want to get tourists to come they need to undo the damage that the BLM and cattle barons have to the horses


  2. I see this differently – it is a great opportunity to promote wild horses to those who may not know much about them (especially tourists) and to use as a rallying point for education. Raising awareness is essential (as we all know). Imagine these in the background as media covers any citizen actions. I think it will be important to always emphasize these represent WILD horses, not just generic horses.

    Even better they look realistic – the devil horse at the Denver airport is supposed to be a wild horse but is just bad art, a manmade nightmare perhaps appropriate for the experience travelers will find at the airport. It is also true many sculptures of cowboys/cattle are cherished in cities throughout the West, and people do come to see them.

    I’d like to see more work like this by this artist – with related opportunities for getting our citizens interested and engaged before all our wild horses are no more.


  3. Meanwhile the UK is getting rid of roundabouts and reintroducing Wild Horses
    Compare the limited space in the UK with the huge amount of Public Owned Land in the U.S.
    There is MORE than enough room for every captured Wild Horse & Burro in BLM holding facilities to be released back to the range…where they belong

    The UK is quietly replacing roundabouts with traffic lights. The US is doing the exact opposite.

    Roundabouts cause tailbacks unless the traffic on each approach road is equal
    “A roundabout doesn’t give us sufficient control of the network to control priority and demand.”

    The Wild Horses that are Rewilding Britain

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    • It’s shameful that Europe is increasing its wild horse herds to benefit the land and here we are eradicating them. Watched part of George Monbiot’s video – seems the US isn’t the only one to subsidize its livestock! In England – they have the exact same hierarchy – only its sheep – which are raised to be exported – while they import the meat they eat! I guess this makes just as much sense as how the cattle here are allowed to devastate our public lands – only to have most exported!


    • Isn’t that something. Their coats are so velvety and beautiful. I love that some farmers are turning part of their farmland back to nature and having great results! Here we’ll probably wake up one day and it will be too late. We’ll do all we can to help our treasured wild horses!


  4. In Colorado we love horses and Denver and the surrounding suburbs are full of both domestic and wild horse sculpture. To the fantastic water sculpture at the entrance to Mile High Stadium of wild horses, too Bluecifer at the air port seems every where you go you will see horses. Golden has a statue of a war chief riding his horse up a hill over a stream (at least 3 times life size) and they had the greatest statue of a miner and his burro he is holding a fist size gold nugget for his burro to see – I know that I personally enjoy seeing the many horses as I drive around – all cities should be so lucky


  5. Check out C-Span – Colorado Congressman Jared Polis (D) spoke up in support of the wild horses – Mr. Polis & Rep. Ken Calvert (Cal R) are going to work together to attempt to do something about the BLM’s latest stupid assault! Think about it – a republican and a democrat working together !!!! And in a great cause, too.


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