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Opinion: BLM Seeks Roundup of Ethical Wild Burros

“In my humble opinion” by R.T. Fitch ~ pres/co-founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“Say what…?”

Here we go again; the BLM, our federal agency with bumbling communication skills and horrific math abilities, is back at it in their continued attempt to both amaze and confuse the American public straight into numbed oblivion.



Last week they wanted us to comment on their Black Mountain Wild Burro atrocity but our comments were to follow the strict guideline of “Comments are not considered substantive that are emotional in nature or in favor or against the project.”, and we got that. We are not to give a crap nor have an opinion either way, cool. Simple logic coming from a government employee but that is not all that they mean to instruct us upon, there are more golden nuggets that they want to share.

In the BLM’s Final Black Mountain Ecosystem Management Plan and Environmental Assessment we get a little lesson on wild burros;

Burro populations appear to be relatively unaffected by drought or predation”…got it, we have been telling you for years that they are tough little rascals that will actually dig watering holes in the desert that other creatures, both wild and domestic, utilize to stay alive, yet you hunt them like they are vermin.

MORTALITY for most age classes of burros is low, however…”, however?

That’s sort of scary, kinda like ‘ You look good, but…’ or ‘We were planning to give you a substantial raise, however…’, sorta makes your blood run cold, but let’s proceed with just a little bit of a drum roll because I believe the BLM is about to address a super-important factoid for the sake of enlightening the ever stupid American public;

…however, MORALITY apparently increases dramatically for animals approaching six or seven years of age.” Holy Cow, Batman, let me riddle this one for ya!

The MORALITY of wild burros increases, they get more civil and more politically correct, as wild burros age. What the hell, that is news that puts the wild burros ahead of Homo-Sapiens as we simply become drooling dirty old men as we get older, our morality disappears into the mist of memory and is replaced by online skirmishes in the wee hours of the night. I must say, I am very, very impressed.

Armed with this new knowledge, I believe that the Wild Horse and Burro advocacy should take another approach in how we fight the BLM’s continued attempt to mismanage wild horses and burros into extinction. Instead of taking our case to politicians, who obviously don’t give a rat’s ass about what is happening, we should take our case to the clergy, the morale guardians of our souls and politically correct behavior.

I mean, REALLY, folks; these are the bumbling fools that we, with open eyes, allow to manage the national treasure that are our wild horses and burros? Their math sucks and is nothing more than obvious, contrived lies. They harass, hurt, round-up, conduct cruel experiments upon and even kill our wild ones; and between the lot of them they can’t even put together a document, that they use to justify their cruel behavior, any better than an average freshman in college. We got problems! We got BIG problems and instead of showing signs of improvement, the BLM continues to spiral out of control and into a realm where true MORTALITY and common sense no longer exist.

I know that I laugh and poke fun at the lack of decorum and scientific data but the crisis is real, and the problem is huge. The BLM needs to do what they do best, fight fires and save lives in that manner instead of playing with ovaries of wild horses and decimating our last, few remaining herds of wild horses and burros.

If it all were not so terribly sad, I would be rolling on the floor with laughter but instead, I feel the urge to lose my breakfast and bury my head into a pillow while I scream to the injustice of the entire, screwed-up situation.

We will never abandon the wild ones, nor shall we cease to speak out in their behalf. If it were not for you, the advocates, the last whinny or bray would now be a distant memory on the public lands that Congress has deemed home for the wild equines.

Please; continue to share, speak for and enlighten others on the plight of our wild horses and burros as knowledge and awareness are the most powerful weapons of defense that we wield and one thing is most obviously certain; we can make our case much better than the BLM and in the end, truth and facts will win over subversion and lies. It will happen, so let us make it so.

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  1. Key word is STUPID AMERICAN PUBLIC. HOW ABOUT ADDING COMPLACENT AMERICAN PUBLIC? We write, see call, we take to people who act like they don’t know. Some document the roundups from miles away. For what? Do guy think that it’s going to go down in history? How about the film documentaries? Why aren’t they out on DVD? At least the weird could get it to the public in small groups. I can’t tell you how many people have seen cloud the wild as I bought the series from PBS.Thank you for making it Ginger. That’s how I get the word out tho the public. I let the kids as week as adults watch it, actually recommend it. We have movie night.. This ain’t about being a money making thing. This is or should be an awareness priority. Too many mistakes have cost the freedom and lives too many horses both wild and domestic.

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  2. As if BLM knew a d#$@ thing about MORALITY! BLM would NOT be doing what they do to our wild horses and burros and public lands if THEY themselves had a drop of MORALITY. These people are some of the most IMMORAL people walking the face of the earth.
    Synonyms for “immoral”: unethical, bad, morally wrong, wrongful, wicked, evil, foul, unprincipled, unscrupulous, dishonorable, dishonest, unconscionable, iniquitous, disreputable, corrupt, depraved, vile, villainous, nefarious, base, miscreant; sinful, godless, impure, unchaste, unvirtuous, shameless, degenerate, debased, debauched, dissolute, reprobate, lewd, obscene, perverse, perverted; licentious, wanton, lowdown, crooked, sleazy.


  3. RT you are so right. We cannot give up or give in, and we cannot allow states to take control. What is the solution? As the people’s wild horses and burros they require federal protection. Clearly, the BLM’s multi-use mandate for our public lands and the historical coziness with ranching and mining interests makes this agency inappropriate as guardians of our national living treasures. In fact, I would say without hesitation that their decisions have been IMMORAL.

    A new agency tasked exclusively with protecting wildlife and environmental health needs to be added to the Department of Interior. This agency should have veto power over land use decisions made by the BLM. Our wild horses and burros’ welfare should be given principal consideration during land use planning on the lands that were designated to them by unanimous congressional vote in 1971. This agency will be given access to all data collected by the BLM to make their land use decisions. Furthermore, the agency must be filled with people who have a proven record of environmental awareness. The persons on this agency should have a proven background in environmental science and equine advocacy. Transparency and public input is critical to preserving our wild horses and burros. Any agency in charge of our public lands is subject to corruption. We don’t want a wild horse and burro agency set up for their protection to become an avenue to their destruction as is the case now with the BLM. There is too much at stake.

    For those of you who believe that allowing states to take control, I can only speak from our experience in Texas which does not have BLM lands. Once upon a time millions of wild horses roamed this state. They are a distant memory now since protections were never provided for them. Even on the island that is their namesake no longer has mustangs. Texas does not have BLM lands. All Ranching is a proud Texas tradition and the lands used are privately owned. Healthy range conditions are in the hands of the land owner. Our state parks manage land for state profit, This clash of environment vs profit leads to many poor decisions by Texas Parks and Wildlife who are tasked with managing our state lands. When they decided that burros were in competition with bighorn, they solved the “problem” by shooting the burros. Only our public outcry and shaming caused a ceasefire.
    Moving our public lands to state control will result in the same assault on our wild horses and burros. The lands would be divided and sold for profit and the wildlife living on these lands would be sacrificed to development. We can’t have this happen.

    Despite knowing the evils of the BLM, they are vulnerable to the public’s opinion. We need to push for a new agency to protect our wild hearts and to curb the corruption of the BLM. We can make change if we pay attention to voting records. If your representative shows a voting pattern that is positive toward animal welfare and the environment they should earn your vote no matter party affiliation. Their voting records are available to the public so that we can make informed decisions. Use the tool. Look before you vote. The lives of our wild hearts depends on informed voters.

    Texas no longer has wild horses, and our small herd of wild burros is not protected. This is what state control of wild horses and burros would look like. It is not what we want. We want our wild ones to have a future in the wild now and in the future. VOTE locally. Pay attention to their record and ask questions.

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    • Good points! However, I am extremely distrustful of the DOI because of the atrocities that they’ve committed against our wild horses and burros within three of their branches: the BLM, USFWS and NPS. And forget the USFS as they’re under the Department of Agriculture. Not to say that some other federal agency could be tasked with protecting our free-roaming equines. OR perhaps a group of individuals could get their legislators to audit the DOI and, after the whistle is blown, the Department would have to overhaul their staff and hire true public servants that are honest and conscious.

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  4. Boy oh boy … wouldn’t this please the Mojave Supervisor and the AZ welfare ranchers today:

    “In 1954 the burro once again became a popular animal in the Colorado
    River Walley – not as a beast of burden but as the main course of a barbeque.
    Bullhead City began a Memorial Day celebration featuring barbecued wild burro.
    In 1969, 43 burros and 2 beef cattle were barbecued (Malach, 1975).”

    DRAFT 1981–2ICsXaSj3_0-x4D8JdM1oMn7BGzdOoDLL0EPKUw85y1We4D_BYKXUM41UXj3OONQ2XdrBFk-04kjrDEzPZhICJ5W0W6NCHaJrrrIlLtugCtO4yLSqWTHvQbBma8oOGCYUeY792vWuN6xbmzLlmVpSdgV8wDrQ-RRZkmPXdRMDLkayvmsIxt3iVbDciDxke0j93bD_5Zet0qHOqQsVihy3cqmqe705Z8rOFPlZBCXCdDPd19ReBUF_UAKE8_kN6DM2ggXCLfyzm9Y1Fr4zwFvFnsKoP54OoBo9FJ9SOW-aPGfIA


    • I apologize for the sarcasm but sometimes the truth hurts and sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.


  5. ..bureaucratese

    Bureaucratese is an informal term for obscure speech or writing that is typically characterized by verbosity, euphemisms, jargon, and buzzwords. Also known as officialese, corporate-speak, and government-speak. Contrast with plain English.

    “the use of formal, stilted language that is unfamiliar to people who lack special training.” Often, the same information “can be expressed better with simpler terms” (Thought and Knowledge: An Introduction to Critical Thinking, 2014).


  6. bureaucratese

    “Civil Service language: ‘Sometimes one is forced to consider the possibility that affairs are being conducted in a manner which, all things being considered and making all possible allowances is, not to put too fine a point on it, perhaps not entirely straightforward.’
    Translation: ‘You are lying.'”
    (Sir Humphrey Appleby, Yes, Minister. BBC Television, 1986)


  7. re: BLM’s statement in the public notification letter that states: “Comments are not considered substantive that are emotional in nature or in favor or against the project.” Apparently whoever wrote that statement is unaware of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution – Freedom of Speech. Freedom of speech is the right to communicate one’s opinions and ideas without fear of government retaliation or censorship.


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