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Good News for Wild Horses and Burros Overshadowed by BLM Board Murder Plan

“It is extremely disheartening, but anything the BLM touches causes pain, that the good news that the BLM called off their planned inhumane wild mare sterilization program was completely eclipsed by the decision of the special interest BLM Advisory Board to murder and destroy 45,000 wild horses in long term holding that never should have been captured from their legal, rightful homes in the first place. Please read and share the announcement we received amid the flurry of outrage, yesterday.” ~ R.T.

BLM Hines Holding Facility - Wanna Be Home of Frankenstein Sterilization Experiments ~ Photo by R.T. Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

BLM Hines Holding Facility – Wanna Be Home of Frankenstein Sterilization Experiments ~ Photo by R.T. Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

At 3 a.m. this morning, Sept 9th, in the Agency’s Washington headquarters, the BLM decided to call off the Wild Mare Sterilization project.  This was a clear legal victory for the pro se Appeal/Stay to IBLA (Interior’s Board of Land Appeals) of which Citizens Against Equine Slaughter, Oregon Wild Horse & Burro Assn., Central Oregon Wild Horse Coalition, and our Wild Equid League of CO were plaintiffs.

A huge thanks to all those working on this appeal, to Patience O Dowd the pro se attorney, and to all who dug up the research, prepared and personally delivered the pro-se legal documents and affidavits of standing, and kept the legal filings going.  And thanks galore to the organizations supporting the appeal and protests, including Wild Horse Freedom Federation, In Defense of Animals, Union for the Preservation of Wildlife, Habitat for Horses, Mobilization for Animals, and Pity Not Slaughter.  (Separate lawsuits filed by AWHPC, The Cloud Foundation and Front Range Equine Rescue no doubt contributed to the BLM’s vacate decision.)  The wild mares, foals and fillies of the Burns corral no longer have to face brutal, dangerous, secret experiments conducted by BLM in cooperation with Oregon State University and BLM contractor Dr. Leon Pielstick.  More than 50,000 citizens wrote to BLM and OSU in opposition to these mad scientist scenarios.
ibla-decisions-re-wildmaresterilizationLink to download complete document:

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  1. This is great news. No Frankenstein experiments. But now that everyone was outraged by that let’s make it even worse. Let a handful of the BLM Moran’s just kill them any way. A little deranged are they?? Just when you think it can’t get any worse…they come up with an idea that’s really out there. They are beyond nuts!! As soon as I heard I was on the phone and emailing my Legislators. I am appaulled that they think they have the right to do this. Its an election year and that may be the only saving grace. Whether you like it or not, the only thing that is going to save all of our horses and burros is legislation. If anything came out of this idiocy is the fact that what ever language is developed, it must be strong enough to override these decisions. These people can only be deranged to think that they have been given the right to decide the fate of 50,000 horses. Just think about that one!


  2. Is the euthanasia still a proposal by the board? I’ve gotten a lot of flack, as I have posted your article to multiple groups. They say I should watch what REALLY went down. I don’t doubt you, R.T. I just want to know how to defend this


    • I did finally see the last hour or so of the board meeting! Their no. 1 on the agenda was just that – they recommend that any “unadoptable” wild horses in short or long term holding (3 strikes horses?) be euthanized! I’m thinking it would be possible to find their recommendations somewhere on line?


  3. This was good news followed by the bad that they were going to euthanize ( slaughter) them.. Thanks to allergic worked so hard to make This happen. Now we have to figure out how too make the death by BLM stop..


  4. Wherever these holding facilities are, I hope they have plenty of security. I’m concerned now that one or several of these nutjobs will go on a rampage in protest.


  5. This statement of position by the advisory board-is the sort of rhetoric that sets off the nut cases among the pro slaughter contingent and results in them taking the extermination of wild horses into their own hands. Having listened to these people for a day at the advisory meeting in redmond this year, I came away shaking my head at the lack of intelligent informed discussions theories and ideas to come out of that group, as well as the ignorant wildlife biologist and loudmouth texas rancher in the audience..There is only one position to take with the BLM, and that is to fight them with everything we can muster-working with them has proved to be a disaster for the horses, and has just provided “cover” for them by advocates seeming to support the slow extinction with PZP..they can point to the advocates support of PZP as proof that we buy into their position that wild horses reproduce like rabbits..Knuckle headed thinking is not just the purview of the BLM

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  6. Educating Americans and letters and our law suits do pay off for our wild ones but the BLM and USFS have a much bigger and more evil plan, as they admitted yesterday during the board meeting but the war is not over yet – onward we must go.


  7. They lose one round and come back with something just as bad! They are determend to rid the world of our beautiful Mustangs one way or another!! What can we do?


  8. I am sending my comments to the BLM Board, Bolstad, as well as emails to Congress members. Jewell, President Obama. Am also urging everyone I know to join me. The BLM in their single-minded determination to make their ranching buddies and others happy by killing these horses have finally played their monstrous hand and we Americans will hit them with everything we have! The sheer arrogance of this group of horse-hating, slaughter-happy nitwits is really staggering. However, I do believe they have again underestimated the reactions of many Americans to the BLM’S final solution and they had better be prepared for the backlash. I am so grateful to you, all horse advocate groups for helping to spread the word, always being the voice for so many of us and always standing up for our precious wild horses and burros. Special thanks to Ginger who was the lone spokesman on this Board who was the voice for the horses and voted against this awful plan.

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